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53. No, I am not f'in around. She deserves it if there is a mideast easing of tension.
Mon Nov 26, 2012, 04:41 AM
Nov 2012

and it would make her wiser than Solomon himself

However, when HIllary goes against head to head any challenger, she whallops them.
I think Biden is 2nd, Andew is 3rd, the others in very low single digits.

The best advantage she has is, all her dirt is long time public knowledge.

That plus the advantage she is the most competent and largest resume of any candidate
(probably her qualifications now equal the sum total of the 20 or other second tier candidates beneath her for the office of the presidency.

Trouble with one issue candidates is, they have no record on any other issue but that or they are out of the mainstream or have nothing to say they would do a better job, different job, or anything else to get above Hillary. There is no track record.
(those on the other side loved to spew about the now knwon fraud that was/is Ron Paul.
He yapped alot, but what accomplishment did he ever get ZERO. Because it takes compromise to get an accomplishment in the USA(ask Lincoln and Stevens).

It is just raw number stats. 2016 will have different needs than 2008 did, and from all the candidates already thought of (the 20 or 30 after Hillary), none presents themselves to having anything that says they would win more electoral votes than Hillary.

And like this time, the only ## I care about is 270. I actually don't even care about wedge issues or any issue but the 270.

Because 270 means we all lead a better life, than if the republican/tea/libertarian/otherkook3rdparty were to win the 270.

That is what I care about.

(as Willie Nelson sang "still is still moving to me" so even if we only stayed parallel, it is still better, however, I don't buy that. I say 10% getting something done is alot better than 100% of nothing or moving backwards.

that was the brilliance later on of President Obama using the word FORWARD. I could not think of a better word.

And I hope for another 10% now, another in a couple of years, and then another in 2017 and 2020 and 2022 and 2024.
By that time, counting the 10% up, we would have about 60% of what we want

NEVER will we get 60% at one time. America does not and never has worked like that.

(cliche- slow and steady wins the race, and yes, it does, Nate Silver would say about 91% of the time).

This should be manditory watching Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #1
I am soooo in love with her. Arctic Dave Nov 2012 #2
I have been uninsurable since 1987 Warpy Nov 2012 #3
My story is similar. kag Nov 2012 #10
I work for a company that also self-insures, with the large health insurance SheilaT Nov 2012 #13
I was just talking to a contractor whose wife is now a bonded servant Patiod Nov 2012 #16
Warpy, good luck on your health! AAO Nov 2012 #11
Does she have a link to the study and data ? former-republican Nov 2012 #4
Here you go Yavin4 Nov 2012 #39
thank you former-republican Nov 2012 #41
Wow ColumbusLib Nov 2012 #5
Ms. Warren has just described what I fear. Paper Roses Nov 2012 #6
If we had a leader who wasn't involved neck deep with insurance companies former-republican Nov 2012 #7
neck deep with insurance companies? Whisp Nov 2012 #47
As to the link there Bud , you seem like a smart guy former-republican Nov 2012 #50
Show me someone who's premium payment is going down former-republican Nov 2012 #49
Show me a Republican Obama could have gotten to go along with Single Payer. Live and Learn Nov 2012 #51
was miraculous former-republican Nov 2012 #58
My premium did NOT go up. Self employed, I pay $2960 a MONTH family graham4anything Nov 2012 #54
I'm happy for you that you are wealthy and can afford to pay $3000.00 a month for insurance former-republican Nov 2012 #57
No I am NOT rich nor can I afford it. But to have insurance I have to continue. graham4anything Nov 2012 #59
get over it , Maybe Obama should use that line also to the millions who's premiums went up former-republican Nov 2012 #60
K & R !!! WillyT Nov 2012 #8
This woman is great at explaining stuff Ligyron Nov 2012 #9
K&R redqueen Nov 2012 #12
K&R silverweb Nov 2012 #14
Is this an outtake from SICKO? radiclib Nov 2012 #15
either sicko or the scurlock one about crushing debt Doctor_J Nov 2012 #17
She was wonderful in Capitalism A Love Story. I don't remember her in sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #20
K and R nt. thanks for posting Stuart G Nov 2012 #18
2016 pcphonehome Nov 2012 #19
No Hillary. She supported Bush's wars and was okay with torture sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #21
Everytime there is a Hillary down, it puts President Obama down.W/O Obama's voters, the party is nil graham4anything Nov 2012 #27
"Especially if Hillary wins the Nobel Peace Prize" marmar Nov 2012 #32
She is the #1 best SOS of all time why wouldn't I be serious? graham4anything Nov 2012 #36
Party-line hack slogans never won a vote. JackRiddler Nov 2012 #33
voting for the Iraq war.... the POOREST JUDGEMENT ANY OFFICIAL CAN POSSIBLY HAVE! Whisp Nov 2012 #56
Drop the 'hate' garbage. I have met Hillary Clinton and as a person liked sabrina 1 Nov 2012 #42
that 76% favourability rating means absolutely nothing Whisp Nov 2012 #48
No, I am not f'in around. She deserves it if there is a mideast easing of tension. graham4anything Nov 2012 #53
Hillary Clinton will not be running for president in 2016. NYC_SKP Nov 2012 #22
Agree, but would love to see Warren run. Agschmid Nov 2012 #31
I also think Warren is top of ticket material. NYC_SKP Nov 2012 #34
I am in NY State... but I even felt the enthusiasm of her run in Mass. Agschmid Nov 2012 #35
I would to see her run too, and welcome to DU. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #23
Fuck that. Le Taz Hot Nov 2012 #38
Warren speaks with a quiet passion on the subject! sheshe2 Nov 2012 #24
I have attempted many times to explain this subject and i just get blank stares Thinkingabout Nov 2012 #25
I can't figure out why anyone thinks any CEO is worth Live and Learn Nov 2012 #52
Kick - Excellent Video cantbeserious Nov 2012 #26
Welcome to the No Bullshit Zone MannyGoldstein Nov 2012 #28
Maybe our next President. lonestarnot Nov 2012 #29
She speaks so eloquently. Agschmid Nov 2012 #30
She kicked Butt here in MA. sheshe2 Nov 2012 #43
If/When this woman ever runs for POTUS Le Taz Hot Nov 2012 #37
K&R. Yup, she's all that. Just making sure I'm on record when she runs for POTUS nt riderinthestorm Nov 2012 #40
Hear, hear! wakemewhenitsover Nov 2012 #44
KICK AND RECOMMEND 400 TIMES. trueblue2007 Nov 2012 #46
Warren is the new Obama for 2016. Whisp Nov 2012 #45
I agree with you davidpdx Nov 2012 #55
"Medical Bankruptcy" is a term almost unknown in civilized countries, bvar22 Nov 2012 #61
K&R! nt Zorra Nov 2012 #62
Great to hear from someone who knows the real world as millions of us have lived it. freshwest Nov 2012 #63
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