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149. These same people will be crying about Muslim, Arab Americans & independent this November if the Fascists win
Tue Apr 2, 2024, 02:00 PM
Apr 2
Oh, man. This is a tough one to swallow. LoisB Apr 1 #1
Working X link, DU software doesn't display x.com urls, twitter.com needs to replace x.com in them when posting here Celerity Apr 1 #53
Especially since they coordinated route with IDF & killed an American too womanofthehills Apr 2 #126
Israel, under rightwing netanyahu, has lost all integrity forever. Think. Again. Apr 1 #2
We're arming a fascist killer. orthoclad Apr 1 #14
Like 1,800 - two thousand lb bombs that can demolish an entire street womanofthehills Apr 1 #64
Isn't that more than we're sending Ukraine? orthoclad Apr 1 #69
Campaign contributions OrangeJoe Apr 2 #161
Campaign contributions OrangeJoe Apr 2 #162
'Nice work', IDF.... outstanding.... really.... DemocraticPatriot Apr 2 #145
Netanyahu DENVERPOPS Apr 2 #148
+1, this was a message and not a mistake uponit7771 Apr 2 #156
Those bastards. ratchiweenie Apr 1 #3
Jesus underpants Apr 1 #4
Horrible mzmolly Apr 1 #5
The nationalities of the workers killed by the IDF are Polish, Australian, Irish, and British ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #6
They had cleared their path with IDF reports say womanofthehills Apr 2 #131
Oh jeez. MontanaMama Apr 1 #7
Can we call IDF terrorists now? nt Brenda Apr 1 #8
Good point. So much horrific stuff attributed to them lately, it's hard to see how Israel ever regains legitimacy. TheRickles Apr 1 #10
Semantics but these would be war criminals JT45242 Apr 2 #97
Good point. Thanks. TheRickles Apr 2 #113
OhhOhh I know that one! OrangeJoe Apr 2 #142
Germany did, but it took soldierant Apr 2 #170
No TexasDem69 Apr 1 #13
This narrative is dead. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #17
It's dead to Hamas apologists TexasDem69 Apr 1 #21
No one is apologizing for Hamas. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #25
That's complete bullshit TexasDem69 Apr 1 #30
Has any progress been made to eliminate colorado_ufo Apr 1 #50
Good question. The current strategy seems to be bomb a building, kill a lot of innocent civilians Autumn Apr 2 #99
Dead increased to 7 since this video - incl an American womanofthehills Apr 2 #133
Question. Old Crank Apr 1 #52
I agree PatSeg Apr 1 #56
You are equating deaths in war TexasDem69 Apr 1 #68
No, I am not PatSeg Apr 1 #73
He can see it OrangeJoe Apr 2 #163
Yes, I believe you're right PatSeg Apr 2 #168
Dupe PatSeg Apr 1 #74
They are ALL just as DEAD MorbidButterflyTat Apr 2 #92
So Israel is fighting a war against itself? iemanja Apr 2 #172
I criticise Netanyahu all the time - yet no one has accused me of supporting Hamas Mossfern Apr 2 #104
Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of it lately PatSeg Apr 2 #107
Dupe PatSeg Apr 1 #57
Good intellgent reply. Old Crank Apr 2 #95
Whenever I'm on my laptop lately, PatSeg Apr 2 #100
Quite a few on DU have given Israel a blank check with no expiration date Orrex Apr 1 #75
That seems to be the pattern unfortunately PatSeg Apr 1 #77
Dupe PatSeg Apr 1 #78
Inlcuding in this thread obamanut2012 Apr 2 #112
Yep. Orrex Apr 2 #118
The IDF pulled the triggers. GiqueCee Apr 1 #60
Here's an idea OrangeJoe Apr 2 #143
+1, this was a message not a mistake there were too many safeguards bypassed. uponit7771 Apr 2 #158
Nah Avalon Sparks Apr 2 #152
This A million times this! Autumn Apr 2 #164
Typical false equivalency of trying to tar and feather any criticism of Israel as automatically pro Hamas/antisemitic. Celerity Apr 1 #67
These same people will be crying about Muslim, Arab Americans & independent this November if the Fascists win SunImp Apr 2 #149
AIPAC talking point OrangeJoe Apr 2 #160
When you immediately play the "you're pro-Hamas or antisemite" card, you forfeit all credibility. Orrex Apr 1 #72
So, anyone against Bibi and the IDF are pro Hamas/antisemitic obamanut2012 Apr 2 #111
This message was self-deleted by its author Avalon Sparks Apr 2 #151
Post removed Post removed Apr 1 #19
You really think IDF are the terrorists? TexasDem69 Apr 1 #22
IDF is a tool of a far right fascist regime. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #29
So Israel is to blame for Hamas' terrorism? TexasDem69 Apr 1 #33
Israel is partially to blame for the stranglehold Hamas has on Gaza. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #37
Israel has spawned generations of terrorists orthoclad Apr 1 #63
What concentration camp is that? yagotme Apr 2 #120
Do yourself a favor -- reread and ponder comment #72 Ponietz Apr 2 #154
It is absolutely a racist and fascist government. David__77 Apr 1 #40
They are both to blame. Aussie105 Apr 1 #31
One big difference OrangeJoe Apr 2 #144
Do you think that the IDF has brought horror to Gaza for the last six months? N/T Big Blue Marble Apr 1 #47
War is always horrific TexasDem69 Apr 1 #65
Israel is responsible for how they conduct the war. Big Blue Marble Apr 1 #66
War? Avalon Sparks Apr 2 #153
Go join IDF then. Get your wiggles out. BunnyMcGee Apr 2 #146
Oh the private screening 45min film... Avalon Sparks Apr 2 #155
hmmmm CatWoman Apr 1 #28
Sure. Aussie105 Apr 1 #35
so calling out the people who actually shot those workers is playing the "blame game"?? CatWoman Apr 1 #39
Keep harping that canard. This is all on Israel. Time to quit appeasing that psyco Autumn Apr 2 #98
The *response* is on Israel Mossfern Apr 2 #101
You be sure of anything you wish, I'm sure Israel is commenting war crimes. Autumn Apr 2 #108
"I am absolutely sure that there are no Israelis celebrating the deaths of these relief workers. " obamanut2012 Apr 2 #114
Well, since I can't prove a negative Mossfern Apr 2 #134
He made me do it Ms. Toad Apr 2 #119
Hamas, and others here, have used that excuse for Oct 7. yagotme Apr 2 #121
Did I suggest it was a valid response for Hamas? n/t Ms. Toad Apr 2 #122
No, but it wasn't included, so I did. nt yagotme Apr 2 #123
Your post seemed to imply the opposite - Ms. Toad Apr 2 #125
I was getting the impression that you thought that Israel's use of the excuse wasn't proper. yagotme Apr 2 #128
They would also be alive if the IDF hadn't bombed them. DemocraticPatriot Apr 2 #147
Any nation can defend themselves without turning into what they're fighting against. uponit7771 Apr 2 #157
There is absolutely no need for this. Butterflylady Apr 1 #9
The IDF trains US police forces orthoclad Apr 1 #11
I remember reading about this... Shipwack Apr 1 #76
We certainly train police as warriors, orthoclad Apr 1 #82
The 'British model' has two modes. Voltaire2 Apr 2 #102
The IDF trained and equipped Rios Montt in Guatemala. PufPuf23 Apr 1 #81
The Israeli defense industry was cozy with apartheid South Africa, too orthoclad Apr 1 #85
There is more than one flavor of Zionists in 20th century Israel. nt PufPuf23 Apr 1 #86
Very true. It's tricky orthoclad Apr 1 #88
He wasn't there, was he?? You aren't implying that he was injured, are you? Nt lostnfound Apr 1 #12
Come again? ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #15
It's an attempt to deflect from the real problem., Forgo nt Brenda Apr 1 #23
TY I didn't get what they were hinting at. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #32
Just trying to "get your back" dude cuz it's right! nt Brenda Apr 1 #38
I have seen people on the internet... sheshe2 Apr 1 #62
I've seen a lot of stupid stuff online. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 6 #175
Relieved lostnfound Apr 4 #174
See what you made me do? Iggo Apr 1 #16
Indeed. It is full on Abuser Logic. Voltaire2 Apr 2 #103
This is terrible. As WCKitchen said, aid workers should never be targets. Aaand now a confirmation. LauraInLA Apr 1 #18
Very few neutral parties are there. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #20
A piss poor reason to trust the Hamas health ministry reports. Beastly Boy Apr 1 #49
Ok Evil, the IDF apparently misread Hummus Voltaire2 Apr 2 #124
What is this nonsense supposed to even mean? Beastly Boy Apr 2 #166
Did you just call World Central Kitchen's twitter account "Hamas' press office"??? muriel_volestrangler Apr 2 #94
Yes, they did -- what the hell obamanut2012 Apr 2 #115
They quoted the Hamas press office. They don't know what happened yet -- just that it's awful. LauraInLA Apr 2 #139
No, I did not. WCKitchen said there are reports -- and those reports are from the Hamas regime press office. LauraInLA Apr 2 #140
When do we stop supporting Trumpenyahoo?Not Israel. Trumpenyahoo. Stinky The Clown Apr 1 #24
A tragedy and a malaise Apr 1 #26
Xitter sucks. Reuter's has a better story Warpy Apr 1 #27
I only posted the Twitter because it was the official WCK statement. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #34
I like WCK, it appeals to my foodie and do gooder selves Warpy Apr 1 #48
Thank you for this updated story! LauraInLA Apr 2 #141
Say their names, Bibi Seinan Sensei Apr 1 #36
This is consistent with Israel's war strategy. David__77 Apr 1 #41
When people show you who they are, believe them. RockRaven Apr 1 #42
Just plain awful democrank Apr 1 #43
Oh no! pandr32 Apr 1 #44
There is a time for MFM008 Apr 1 #45
This is what I'm afraid Trump will do if he's elected. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #46
Oh, he will. ShazzieB Apr 1 #58
Humanitarians are now considered a threat to humanity and should be murdered. Ping Tung Apr 1 #51
I know this shouldn't be necessary... Think. Again. Apr 1 #55
This is beyond tragedy... hlthe2b Apr 1 #54
It is happening in this thread obamanut2012 Apr 2 #116
I block them all. sybylla Apr 2 #138
... included citizens of Poland, Australia and Britain, as well as one Palestinian, IcyPeas Apr 1 #59
"ThEy WeRe BeInG uSeD aS hUmAn ShIeLdS!!!" regnaD kciN Apr 1 #61
We BombeD HiroshimA!! War kill peOple! Voltaire2 Apr 2 #129
Being reported here in Oz canetoad Apr 1 #70
DURec leftstreet Apr 1 #71
horrible... would like to know more info about the circumstances of this strike..... Takket Apr 1 #79
the straw... OldSWODog Apr 1 #80
To be clear, on the basis of a statement coming from Hamas without any investigation madaboutharry Apr 1 #87
Israel admitted they committed the strike. Cattledog Apr 2 #106
You completely missed my point. madaboutharry Apr 2 #109
Hamas are worst monsters in the history of mankind? Really. I disagree. Autumn Apr 2 #132
You are accusing Jose Andres of being a liar and Hamas agent obamanut2012 Apr 2 #117
Self delete, is it still broken? Voltaire2 Apr 2 #130
I've left this subject alone so far chowmama Apr 1 #83
Most moral army in the world. So they say. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 1 #84
I know it's sarcasm, but it's total BS. Most moral army? Maybe the award goes to the Salvation Army LeftInTX Apr 2 #150
We donate to WCK. Now I want to volunteer. nt wiggs Apr 1 #89
Statement from Jose Andres: ForgoTheConsequence Apr 1 #90
Thanks for posting. David__77 Apr 2 #91
Obviously Chef Andres is an agent of Hamas. Voltaire2 Apr 2 #127
This is heartbreaking MorbidButterflyTat Apr 2 #93
WCK now confiming seven of their staffers were killed hatrack Apr 2 #96
To those defending the IDF's "strategy" here, wouldn't it therefore be an appropriate response to Hamas' initial attack TheRickles Apr 2 #105
That is the logic of the assertion that Israel isn't responsible for actions of its armed forces. David__77 Apr 2 #110
This is how you make sure no one dares bring in aid of any kind TomDaisy Apr 2 #135
+1, this was a message not a mistake there were too many safeguards not adhered to uponit7771 Apr 2 #159
there is no horrific new low they will not stoop to TomDaisy Apr 2 #136
Jose Andres must be devastated. greatauntoftriplets Apr 2 #137
It's not so much of a "war" as a massacre. TeamProg Apr 2 #165
I made a donation COL Mustard Apr 2 #167
Why is Biden standing by Israel so much?? DemocratInPa Apr 2 #169
$$AIPAC$$ OrangeJoe Apr 2 #171
On October 7, 2023 TexasDem69 Apr 2 #173
Their government has lost all benefit of the doubt and goodwill. ForgoTheConsequence Apr 6 #176
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