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Sun Mar 31, 2024, 06:54 PM Mar 31

The Rude Pundit: It's Not Just the Pandemic. We're Traumatized Because of Trump and the MAGA Movement. [View all]


The Rude Pundit
Proudly lowering the level of political discourse
It's Not Just the Pandemic. We're Traumatized Because of Trump and the MAGA Movement.

Look, I'm not disagreeing with the pair of doctors who wrote in The Atlantic that everyone is grappling with at least residual emotional detritus from the Covid pandemic that fucked us up 4 years ago and that's why shit just seems so weird. I mean, how can you disagree with "In our lifetime, COVID posed an unprecedented threat in both its overwhelming scope and severity; it left most Americans unable to protect themselves and, at times, at a loss to comprehend what was happening. That meets the clinical definition of trauma: an overwhelming experience in which you are threatened with serious physical or psychological harm." Yeah, no shit.


When we say that the pandemic has brain-raped us, we're letting the real rapists off the hook, and one of them is an actual and not metaphorical rapist. We don't definitely know if the start of the pandemic would have gone differently if literally anyone else had been president other than Donald Trump, but, c'mon, we know. We all fucking know. We all fucking watched as Trump played the raging dickhole with a panicked public, as if he could bully everyone into relaxing and just taking it. We watched him brag about the high ratings for his daily briefings in March and April as he moronically performed the part of an authority figure, suggesting that the pandemic would be over in a couple of weeks, that shit that didn't work or was outright dangerous would get rid of Covid, and then berating anyone in the media who tried to get him to acknowledge that people were dying in large numbers. That was fucking traumatic, too. Jesus, we were so traumatized by Trump's utter failure that we turned to Andrew Cuomo for comfort, and that led to a lot of us making walks of shame afterwards.


And the anxiety and panic attack existence of the majority of Americans who are not Trumpist drones didn't come out of just the pandemic. No, no, no, we had already been through nearly 5 years of the rise of Donald Trump and the mainstreaming of open extremism in the form of the MAGA movement (Republicans had at least pretended to hide it pre-Trump). We had been through 3 years of the Trump presidency, with the threat of nuclear war with North Korea and the attempts to gut health care repeatedly and one goddamned impeachment investigation and vote. And then, going into 2021, we had January 6, election denialism, and anti-vax insanity, and then the eternal 2024 election and the multiple indictments of Trump and the rise in MAGA violence and what the fucking fuck? How the hell are we supposed to process all of this? And I haven't even mentioned the conservative cockmites on the Supreme Court gutting precedents like abortion rights, something that was semi-stable for nearly 50 years, undermining confidence in the federal government to protect even the most basic right, to bodily autonomy. And let's not even get started on the wars around the world now and the United States's diminished position as a global power that nations can fully trust.


We are stuck in this fucking doom loop, like a cosmic algorithm of despair is keeping our content chaotic. If it's the "era of bad feelings," as some have called it, it's not just the pandemic. It's because it's the Trump era. It's the MAGA era. It's the era of fucking around and not finding out so far for the fuck-arounds. Sure, though, the rest of us are finding out because it's making us feel like everything's a house of cards that's one breath from collapsing, from violence, from explosion, literal and figurative.

And it's why we so desperately need Trump convicted and not just defeated at the polls. We need to say that someone is to fucking blame and punish them for it. It won't solve the trauma, but at least we know he won't be able to inflict more. Maybe then we can get to work restoring our feeling of safety in this America.
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It is narcissistic abuse! Psychological trauma! bucolic_frolic Mar 31 #1
I know how I felt seeing those big trucks NEAR ME parading with the Trump flags Maraya1969 Mar 31 #2
Yes, it does feel like a house of cards without any stability. Biophilic Mar 31 #3
I don't feel safe putting up my Biden for Pres sign The Blue Flower Mar 31 #6
Neither do I. Biophilic Mar 31 #11
Maybe not - Not if you lived in the probable 2nd City Target after Washington DC in the Cold War years... electric_blue68 Apr 1 #31
My step father was a Trump. I ran away at 16. onecaliberal Mar 31 #4
Oh, geeze, what an awful feeling for you. Biophilic Mar 31 #12
I've been on the struggle bus since 2016. onecaliberal Mar 31 #21
Hang in there. We all resounding victory. Biophilic Mar 31 #25
Thank you. onecaliberal Mar 31 #27
None of us can run away. calimary Mar 31 #13
i used to be on twitter barbtries Mar 31 #5
We've cut ties to both sides. onecaliberal Mar 31 #23
Yeah Dealing with TSF's Russan Shit and the Cha Mar 31 #7
Enough with the pictures already screamcheese Mar 31 #8
Agreed. progressoid Mar 31 #18
If he was dead, birdographer Mar 31 #22
Enough already with the pictures screamcheese Mar 31 #9
babylonsister Upthevibe Mar 31 #10
Wow, I hadn't realized that. Biophilic Mar 31 #14
Biophilic...... Upthevibe Mar 31 #29
I had no idea we'd be babylonsister Mar 31 #15
You can hope for the wheels of justice, birdographer Mar 31 #26
It's A LOT MORE than a decade for me....... AZ8theist Apr 1 #38
Every single day Trump verbally abuses the citizens of the USA. blue neen Mar 31 #16
Rude is correct... as usual. mountain grammy Mar 31 #17
We want karma, not justice. hay rick Mar 31 #19
I don't want karma, justice, or even revenge. DinahMoeHum Mar 31 #20
He has such a way with words. StarryNite Mar 31 #24
My daily prayer: Isn't it past your jail time? Wild blueberry Mar 31 #28
Wild blueberry......... Upthevibe Apr 1 #40
BUCK up DU'ers... democratsruletheday Mar 31 #30
You just described samplegirl Apr 1 #32
Nailed it Pachamama Apr 1 #33
Justice matters, for EVERYONE, not just us. Bluethroughu Apr 1 #34
Just What Putin Has Been Praying and Paying For! The Roux Comes First Apr 1 #35
I can with certainty say, I am not the same person I was in 2019. Hugin Apr 1 #36
Trump took an already horrifying situation and made it that much worse. Initech Apr 1 #37
We need to defeat the oligarchs / plutocrats who use tools like the GOP and traitortrump. Hermit-The-Prog Apr 1 #39
Not just him but also his rabid followers - TBF Apr 1 #41
I really like the Rude Pundit. Not only for telling it like it is slightlv Apr 1 #42
"...conservative cockmites on the Supreme Court..." calimary Apr 1 #43
I think our country should start a class-action lawsuit against Dump due to pain and suffering SouthernDem4ever Apr 1 #44
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