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77. My vaccinated friends had it. 70 and 60 something . She works in a college with young people.
Fri Mar 29, 2024, 04:06 PM
Mar 29

About a month ago.

Another 26 percenter here. CrispyQ Mar 29 #1
Me too nuxvomica Mar 29 #67
Ditto RockCreek Mar 29 #99
I've had it twice - Xmas 22 and Xmas 23. Neither time was particularly bad. maxsolomon Mar 29 #2
Long Covid prevalence Blues Heron Mar 29 #6
Well, I stand corrected. maxsolomon Mar 29 #13
Covid probably kills off more older people so less long Covid. CrispyQ Mar 29 #70
More women getting it which from my experience, jimfields33 Mar 29 #73
More women are in work roles that don't allow them to work from home meadowlander Mar 29 #89
Probably? Mainly. maxsolomon Mar 29 #95
I've had it twice. First time was January of '20. bluesbassman Mar 29 #92
Maybe it was all those anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers spitting on and attacking public servants in state houses Aristus Mar 29 #3
I'm with ya. 617Blue Mar 29 #4
Want like hell to see the second DUNE in a theater. Prairie_Seagull Mar 29 #5
Didn't see a single mask at the IMAX when I went. maxsolomon Mar 29 #14
If I had been able to get a ticket for the primier of U2 Prairie_Seagull Mar 29 #18
I think you should risk it. maxsolomon Mar 29 #19
What you got a problem with me? Prairie_Seagull Mar 29 #24
Yup. Happy Hoosier Mar 30 #107
I'd rather have Covid Mr.Bill Mar 29 #48
I've had good luck with weekday (late) morning movies with basically no crowds. BannonsLiver Mar 29 #79
Also don't have to go to the premiere. Wait a couple weeks and go at a quiet time. meadowlander Mar 29 #90
All of us should be feel abandoned, whether we're protecting ourselves or not, because that's what happened. WhiskeyGrinder Mar 29 #7
you are much more cautious (sensible?) than I... ret5hd Mar 29 #8
Same for me. pazzyanne Mar 29 #26
I'm very disappointed that free COVID tests are no longer available. Coventina Mar 29 #9
I haven't heard of anyone getting Covid in four months jimfields33 Mar 29 #56
I had it back in February. Coventina Mar 29 #57
Yes, bdamomma Mar 29 #82
I got it in January of this year. SergeStorms Mar 29 #61
I'm sorry you went through that. jimfields33 Mar 29 #72
I hear of people I know getting it all the time. stage left Mar 29 #69
Thousands still dying? jimfields33 Mar 29 #74
US COVID death data from the CDC, weekly since last December Blues Heron Mar 29 #97
Wow. Definitely newsworthy jimfields33 Mar 29 #98
Over 5.8 young Americans are suffering from Long Covid... Pluvious Mar 30 #106
My vaccinated friends had it. 70 and 60 something . She works in a college with young people. Maggiemayhem Mar 29 #77
Hopefully we time goes, it will be less and less. jimfields33 Mar 29 #80
There's a strain going around now. meadowlander Mar 29 #91
I hope it's very weak for them and they will recover in jimfields33 Mar 29 #93
A colleague of mine received his last rites. Wednesdays Mar 30 #105
'like we can go back to normal when we can't.' NutmegYankee Mar 29 #10
Don't say that out loud. maxsolomon Mar 29 #15
I agree. SergeStorms Mar 29 #63
you sound like you're mocking those who are "worried" / concerned / extra cautious about covid orleans Mar 29 #85
I'm mocking the poll's "somewhat worried", which is amorphous and ill-definied. maxsolomon Mar 29 #86
pretty much verifies what we already know Skittles Mar 29 #101
Same up here in Canada. EllieBC Mar 29 #17
This might help explain the current guidelines from the CDC Chakaconcarne Mar 29 #11
I wear masks still... 2naSalit Mar 29 #12
That's where it makes sense. That's where I still wear one. maxsolomon Mar 29 #20
I bought into the bs XanaDUer2 Mar 29 #16
The CDC didn't say that vaccines would stop you from contracting it. maxsolomon Mar 29 #21
I misunderstood XanaDUer2 Mar 29 #23
I had all the vaccines and boosters without any problems, but young_at_heart Mar 29 #30
Sorry to hear that. maxsolomon Mar 29 #35
Yes....I should have mentioned that! young_at_heart Mar 29 #46
I rarely see masks here in TX anymore, and folks will look away if you mention "pandemic" TBF Mar 29 #22
still cautious, still haven't caught it paulkienitz Mar 29 #25
For it to be as high as 26%, I'd have to conclude not just masking, but avoiding being in public at all... Silent3 Mar 29 #27
That's my approach. WestMichRad Mar 29 #34
I don't avoid going into public at all meadowlander Mar 29 #94
OG COVID and post Omicron COVID are not the same disease. speak easy Mar 29 #28
Very few masks PennRalphie Mar 29 #29
I respect what other people choose to do. Happy Hoosier Mar 29 #31
For the most part, the only folks I see wearing masks in public places are the ones my age * Oopsie Daisy Mar 29 #32
mandatory in hospital/lab or dr's office? what state are you in? it sounds great! nt orleans Mar 29 #60
MD/DC * Oopsie Daisy Mar 29 #71
that's great. i wish the places around here (chgo burbs) would do that. they do not. nt orleans Mar 29 #87
I still wear masks everywhere dlk Mar 29 #33
We can mask if we want to IronLionZion Mar 29 #36
Not sure DENVERPOPS Mar 29 #37
Actually, the COVID death toll was 383 last week. speak easy Mar 29 #38
The story says the week ending March 2, which is accurate according to your own source Prairie Gates Mar 29 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author speak easy Mar 29 #43
But the death toll for the week of March 2nd thucythucy Mar 29 #44
On an article posted 27 March. speak easy Mar 29 #45
So it was written maybe a week or two earlier? thucythucy Mar 29 #49
I am not taking COVID lightly. speak easy Mar 29 #96
I wear masks out in public. thucythucy Mar 29 #39
"Trivial inconvenience"? maxsolomon Mar 29 #62
Not everyone is a shut-in Sympthsical Mar 29 #40
Really, all those people with cancer thucythucy Mar 29 #47
People not masking isn't an American only thing. Ace Rothstein Mar 29 #52
Most people hate paying taxes thucythucy Mar 29 #54
It's just like the flu Sympthsical Mar 29 #55
Oh I "accept the reality." thucythucy Mar 29 #100
Agree 100% beaglelover Mar 29 #78
I haven't a business or a customer's home unmasked since the pandemic began Orrex Mar 29 #41
I had it before they knew what it was, although they'd isolated the virus. Warpy Mar 29 #50
Just to let you know newdayneeded Mar 29 #102
Still mask indoors outside of my own apt. Unmask outdoors, but avoid big crowds, or mask when passing modest groups... electric_blue68 Mar 29 #51
I've never stopped masking indoors EnergizedLib Mar 29 #53
I am still pretty hermitized since the COVID 19 hit the scene SouthernDem4ever Mar 29 #58
I still always mask. Got laughed at in a checkout at Target in Huntsville, AL. sybylla Mar 29 #59
Some of the cashiers at the supermarkets here wear masks... IcyPeas Mar 29 #64
I take precautions, but I would be surprised if I didn't get it at some point over the past few years. Gore1FL Mar 29 #65
We have masked since the beginning. Never MOMFUDSKI Mar 29 #66
I agree stage left Mar 29 #75
I don't mask up anymore, but I am compulsive about washing my hands. I wash my hands catbyte Mar 29 #68
I'm with you! Hope22 Mar 29 #76
Since my daughter's disability is the result of a brain injury (cerebral palsy), we are still doing deurbano Mar 29 #81
I was one of few masked passengers on recent flights ClickClack Mar 29 #83
The CDC isn't there to keep any individual person safe Mountainguy Mar 29 #84
The goal was never stop everyone from ever getting Covid. It was always focused on not overwhelming the medical system. meadowlander Mar 29 #88
I also mask at the supermarket LetMyPeopleVote Mar 29 #103
k&r n/t area51 Mar 30 #104
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