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Cute. I like cute Easterncedar Mar 29 #1
3 good presidents. Rational, adult leadership. I'm proud to be a Dem. 617Blue Mar 29 #2
Vote Biden, he's not insane alfredo Mar 29 #4
I'll take 81 years over 88 felonies Kennah Mar 29 #18
Compare and contrast to the last three GOOPs: Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and Trump Kennah Mar 29 #17
I am, too! Voted for all three of those guys -and PROUDLY so. calimary Mar 29 #22
Me too - and two of them twice - soldierant Mar 29 #31
awesome image et tu Mar 29 #3
One of the differences between Dems and GOPers... llmart Mar 29 #5
Reagan was funny Polybius Mar 29 #6
I didn't think there was anything funny about Reagan. llmart Mar 29 #7
This was funny: Polybius Mar 29 #10
He was an actor and that script was most probably written by someone else. llmart Mar 29 #26
Yup. He was. Ĝotta give the devil his due. Joinfortmill Mar 29 #9
yeah, Conjuay Mar 29 #11
yeah, Conjuay Mar 29 #12
He could be funny, yes. shrike3 Mar 29 #20
"Tragedy plus time equals comedy" JoseBalow Mar 29 #23
Only to bigots and sadists was that monster funny NanaCat Mar 29 #27
Well I'm neither nt Polybius Mar 30 #33
The cruelty is the fun part for them. czarjak Mar 29 #16
Indeed NanaCat Mar 29 #28
So damn cool. A classy way to give Trump the middle finger. Joinfortmill Mar 29 #8
highplainsdem.......... Upthevibe Mar 29 #13
Interesting that all four look so good in Aviators. A lot of facial shapes don't (mine included)... hlthe2b Mar 29 #14
I love how the Big Dawg has his half down his nose ms liberty Mar 29 #15
Even though younger than Joe, Bill does have that Alpha Dawg feel about him. ProudMNDemocrat Mar 29 #21
YES!!!!! Tarheel_Dem Mar 29 #19
I LOVE IT! liberalla Mar 29 #24
How Cool is that! Cha Mar 29 #25
... littlemissmartypants Mar 29 #29
They're the Secret Service for the People, Ray-Bans and all. KY_EnviroGuy Mar 29 #30
Mole toe Benny! dchill Mar 29 #32
I wished that it was aired. RickHworth Mar 30 #34
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