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Thu Mar 28, 2024, 11:04 PM Mar 2024

I'd like to thank all the Gaza protesters... [View all]

…who apparently contributed $5-10,000 to the Biden-Harris campaign to buy tickets for the “Three Presidents” event so they could interrupt President Biden talking about Israel-Gaza to rant incoherently..

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Be interesting to see just where that money came from. Republican or Russian ratfucking attempt? Lancero Mar 2024 #1
Putin-loving, Uyghur-genocide-denying, maoist billionaire tech bro Neville Roy Singham lapucelle Mar 2024 #11
+1 dalton99a Mar 2024 #14
+1 betsuni Mar 2024 #15
Mahalo for the Receipts, Lapucelle! Cha Mar 2024 #70
Wow, that's the real story. "Anti-Biden" "anti-Israel" Nixie Mar 2024 #116
Always seems that there are a faction of people who cannot continence Democratic policy because it's not left enough, OAITW r.2.0 Mar 2024 #2
At the risk of being piled on... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #3
The Pro-Gaza protest movement is not part of the "intra-Party". brooklynite Mar 2024 #4
I do not know (and I doubt you do)... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #5
Left-leaning does not equale to pro-Democratic brooklynite Mar 2024 #6
You probably do know... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #7
We're never going to get the votes from those who like to shout others down. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2024 #8
Probably not a good strategy either. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #9
Not just about being seen SocialDemocrat61 Mar 2024 #10
But then, far left voices never supported Democrats meow2u3 Mar 2024 #18
That's an interesting take on things... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #20
Far left types are anti democratic. These shitty people support the Houthis that are starving their own people JI7 Mar 2024 #21
These folks are not "left". They're performative asshats who plopped their butts down lapucelle Mar 2024 #117
Strong DU Rec. yardwork Mar 2024 #13
At risk of H2O Man Mar 2024 #45
Pro-Yemen "protestors" support a right wing theocracy engaged in ethnic cleansing. lapucelle Mar 2024 #22
Interesting.... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #23
Netanyahu doesn't call to remove Muslims from Israel JI7 Mar 2024 #25
That's true, he has never spoken out loud about that. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #28
He has never done anything to force them out the way all the Muslim nations did with the Jews JI7 Mar 2024 #33
What are you talking about? There are 1,900,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel. lapucelle Mar 2024 #31
... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #35
So you concede that the protestors have nothing to do with a "left leaning mindset". lapucelle Mar 2024 #43
Wow, are you having 2 conversations at once? Think. Again. Mar 2024 #47
Sorry, that doesn't work on me. lapucelle Mar 2024 #61
Yeah, the "Deflection" isn't WORKING. Cha Mar 2024 #75
They have their own presidential candidate from the Party of Socialism and Liberation LeftInTX Mar 2024 #50
i didn't realize that those protesters were actually.... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #54
At Biden events? LeftInTX Mar 2024 #56
But you just said they were all from a different political party. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #58
They infiltrate Democratic party events too. They're sneaky. LeftInTX Mar 2024 #60
Well then they aren't really a threat to Biden... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #63
They are though. They get Democrats to turn against Biden. LeftInTX Mar 2024 #71
I guess the same argument could be made about republicans. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #74
That is a false statement. Voltaire2 Mar 2024 #112
Please feel free to suggest that to the anti-Biden protesters. yardwork Mar 2024 #12
I don't know or speak to any.... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #16
Wait...what? The anti-Biden, anti-Israel, pro-Yemen protestors are Democrats? lapucelle Mar 2024 #17
I don't know who else they protest... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #19
They also protest AOC. lapucelle Mar 2024 #27
I've seen plenty of AOC (and Progressives in general) smearing... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #29
Where? AZSkiffyGeek Mar 2024 #37
Here, on DU. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #40
Nope AZSkiffyGeek Mar 2024 #42
No one here has ever called AOC a "genocide booster". lapucelle Mar 2024 #38
Rec! Cha Mar 2024 #76
"I know a lot of people here on DU are against both the left the right" -- what does that mean? betsuni Mar 2024 #30
That I have read different posts from the same posters.... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #32
As this is a forum for supporters of the Democratic Party, any baseless accusations against betsuni Mar 2024 #111
Apparently, it doesn't pay as well... AmericanMan1958 Mar 2024 #104
These people don't want cooling lmao All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #24
I wasn't defending them.... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #26
These are not our friends. Your continued defending of them is weird. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #34
How can I continue to defend them when I never started? Think. Again. Mar 2024 #36
Keep defending them. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #39
I've never said anything critical about you either... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #41
If a post was specifically attacking me and you said what you said the exact same way? Yes. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #44
I don't think you read, or understood, my post. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #48
I did. You don't think we should criticize those who attack Biden supporters on the streets. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #51
My post didn't say that... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #57
There was nothing divisive about the OP's post. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #85
I think you might be mixing up what the OP says and my posts say, with something else. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #86
Think.Again. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #88
First... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #89
Nothing divisive about calling out protesters who call Biden Genocide Joe... All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #92
You're getting abusive to me at this point. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #94
No one is forcing you to reply. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #95
So they get to assault people and the goddamn cops just stand there watching?!? SoFlaBro Mar 2024 #102
I know. It's insane. All Mixed Up Mar 2024 #110
I, for one, will not "cool" sarisataka Mar 2024 #46
Okay, but I was suggesting we "cool" our rhetoric toward anti-war protesters. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #49
When did anti-war protests become a bad thing? Big Blue Marble Mar 2024 #52
When they are staged by candidates in other political parties LeftInTX Mar 2024 #59
I remember my 2004 County Democratic caucus was crashed by the Lyndon LaRouche clowns Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2024 #62
Your agreement contradicts the First Amendment. . Big Blue Marble Mar 2024 #91
The purpose of Democratic Underground is to support and elect Democrats LeftInTX Mar 2024 #96
I support the Constitution Big Blue Marble Mar 2024 #101
When did endless ranting rather than dialogue become a good thing? brooklynite Mar 2024 #98
As I recall there was not any dialogue at the '68 protests Big Blue Marble Mar 2024 #99
It turns many many people away from their cause. At first I was willing to listen, now, I am not. SoFlaBro Mar 2024 #103
When you listened, what exactly did you hear? Big Blue Marble Mar 2024 #107
I heard about oppression and pain and struggle. Then I heard about black women being assaulted and the N-word. SoFlaBro Mar 2024 #109
1968 for one. tirebiter Mar 2024 #105
Actually, the anti-war protests of the 60' changed changed history Big Blue Marble Mar 2024 #108
If the antiwar protestors are not any of the things I listed sarisataka Mar 2024 #53
They're not "anti-war protestors". They're pro-Houthi, anti-AOC, anti-Biden protestors. lapucelle Mar 2024 #64
The OP I responded to says... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #66
You were not responding to the OP. lapucelle Mar 2024 #67
you do realize that responses are directly... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #68
Indeed I am. lapucelle Mar 2024 #69
I consider your attempt to take a response of mine to another post...... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #73
Sorry, that's not going to work. lapucelle Mar 2024 #78
No.. The fucking Protesters Need to "Cool theirr Rhetoric" Cha Mar 2024 #77
As you probably know... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #79
Fuck All the GD "protesters". Cha Mar 2024 #80
If the Democratic party presents itself as anti-protester... Think. Again. Mar 2024 #82
Fucking Evil Protesters Attacking Jewish Students Cha Mar 2024 #83
they aren't Democrats so they are fair game MistakenLamb Mar 2024 #113
I believe there are quite a few voting Democrats that oppose the situation in Gaza. Think. Again. Mar 2024 #114
and they aren't the ones using anti semitic slurs and wishing Trump back into power like these pro Hamas supporters are MistakenLamb Mar 2024 #115
Where would they get that kind of money? shrike3 Mar 2024 #55
From Neville Roy Singham and Jodie Evans. lapucelle Mar 2024 #65
Aha. Knew there had to be money behind this. Thanks. shrike3 Mar 2024 #81
Speaker Emerita Pelosi has their number. lapucelle Mar 2024 #84
They can keep their shitty money. 5 or 10k doesn't TheKentuckian Mar 2024 #72
Over half of Americans now oppose Deminpenn Mar 2024 #87
Barely over half Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2024 #90
The recent Gallop Poll tallied 65% Big Blue Marble Mar 2024 #93
Nope, Biden just sent over billions of dollars of weapons yesterday. LeftInTX Mar 2024 #97
Don't thank them... Beast From Venus Mar 2024 #100
What are you talking about? SoFlaBro Mar 2024 #106
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