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Thu Mar 28, 2024, 05:40 AM Mar 28

Dems didn't take voters for granted, voters took Dems for granted [View all]

The Democratic party has been the party for 3 generations that has brought prosperity and freedom to Americans. It was FDR and the Democratic super majority that created Social Security and the programs of the New Deal that saved this country during the Depression years which came as the result of Republican's failed fiscal policy. It was these years that the government protected labor unions and their members.

That middle class prospered into the fifties. It was the Democrats who gave us Medicare and Medicaid under LBJ as well as the civil rights act and the voting rights act. It was a Democratic and Liberal Supreme Court that gave women control over their own bodies. It was the same Supreme Court that protected workers' rights against unfretted "right to work" laws. Affirmative action, gay rights and Obamacare, all advances in helping Americans gain additional freedoms, prosper and remain healthy.

The Democratic Party has never taken its voting constituency for granted. It's quite the opposite. Our voters have thought that all these rights could never be taken away. Well, think again. Every one of those hard-earned rights, including the Democracy our grandfathers and fathers risked or gave their lives for, can cease to exist.

If the people who have benefited the most from the over 90 years of Democratic policies hand the government over to those who have battled us, all of us, every step of the way, you will learn how hard it was to win those rights. And it just may take another 90 years to win them all back.

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Ugh, stupid voters. They're the worst. Bucky Mar 28 #1
Not stupid, uninformed. Pototan Mar 28 #4
And misled, otherwise known as "lied to". Think. Again. Mar 28 #8
If they knew their history, they wouldn't believe the lies. Pototan Mar 28 #11
No surprise that university history depts are disappearing across the country Iris Mar 28 #18
Labor history classes taught by the unions to workers disappeared long ago Captain Zero Mar 29 #52
That's a shame Iris Mar 30 #54
Both-siderism in the MSM has poisoned FalloutShelter Mar 28 #26
I dunno. I know a lot of stupid people and almost all of them are MAGAS. flying_wahini Mar 28 #35
Roe v Wade was 7 - 2 Republicans. speak easy Mar 28 #2
Pre Federalist Society Pototan Mar 28 #5
We're a coalition party RandySF Mar 28 #3
Patience might not be wise... Think. Again. Mar 28 #10
This is something we really need to remember more - we are not and will not ever be all on the same page internally Amishman Mar 28 #21
I think this sums it up perfectly & is a great message for young & new voters. CrispyQ Mar 28 #25
And even in marriage... NanaCat Mar 29 #40
Thank you. Dems-corrupt-take-for-granted-ignore-everybody BS attacks are despicable and stupid. betsuni Mar 28 #6
Thank you for your Rec. Pototan Mar 28 #7
Yes. I really HATE the BS attacks against Democrats as not "progressive." betsuni Mar 28 #9
"Hate" and division WITHIN the left is probably not a good thing right now. Think. Again. Mar 28 #12
I don't hate Democrats, don't accuse them of BS corruption or genocide or other BS. I'm a Democrat, the base. betsuni Mar 28 #13
I absolutely agree... Think. Again. Mar 28 #14
It's done far less damage NanaCat Mar 29 #41
Yeah, I agree, being more hospitable to Progressives.... Think. Again. Mar 29 #43
GREAT COMMENT!!! AverageOldGuy Mar 28 #15
I would be honored if my ideas were used in your letters. Pototan Mar 28 #16
KNR TeamProg Mar 28 #17
Amen. We're in a dangerous moment. Vote. Joinfortmill Mar 28 #19
And we... 2naSalit Mar 28 #20
We need voters to turn out and vote Dem IronLionZion Mar 28 #22
I am not "scolding" voters Pototan Mar 28 #33
Tell the unicorn wishers in the party that NanaCat Mar 29 #42
This is the post of the year Johnny2X2X Mar 28 #23
Great post. 617Blue Mar 28 #24
The founders had faith in the "genius of the people" to maintain the democracy they created Mysterian Mar 28 #27
IMHO, a combination of a false sense of security and privilege are at play. Happy Hoosier Mar 28 #28
And that is the plan appmanga Mar 28 #29
K&R Talitha Mar 28 #30
The voters owe the party *nothing* The Mouth Mar 28 #31
Disagree Pototan Mar 28 #32
That doesn't mean the Democratic party is OWED their vote The Mouth Mar 29 #38
Well, allow Trump cultists to win elections and Pototan Mar 29 #39
It's up to the voters The Mouth Mar 29 #47
No kidding Pototan Mar 29 #49
So you like democracy except when you don't? The Mouth Mar 29 #50
I love Democracy Pototan Mar 29 #51
I think it is what it is. The Mouth Mar 30 #55
As long as everyone votes with their eyes wide open Pototan Mar 30 #56
As we agree on, the genuine problem is that *everyone* has to live with the consequences The Mouth Mar 30 #57
Well, the consequences won't be the same for everyone Pototan Mar 30 #58
Well, okay, you don't owe the party anything NanaCat Mar 29 #44
I didn't say I was owed anything, either. The Mouth Mar 29 #46
K and R senseandsensibility Mar 28 #34
We can count on the Democrats to vote - it's the independents that we need to convince FakeNoose Mar 28 #36
No, we can't count on the Democrats to vote NanaCat Mar 29 #45
'Democrats fall in love Republicans fall in line" The Mouth Mar 29 #48
Both siderism Pototan Mar 29 #53
Totally agree DownriverDem Mar 28 #37
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