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28. Death and sickness can occur at any age.
Wed Mar 27, 2024, 11:36 AM
Mar 27

My son never was sick and he was in good health until he died of glioblastma multiform brain tumor. He was at work and had his first seizures ever. He died 18 months later at age 26. My Husband was diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma 3 months after our son was diagnosed. He died 18 months after our son died. He was age 54.. My grandfather died at 86 of a heart attack while he was getting dressed for work. They all had sound minds and no health problems until their end.

Biden has a sound and sane mind. I am 76. He is in better shape than me. America has prospered under Biden.

I say Trump is old too and keep repeating it. gab13by13 Mar 27 #1
t... is falling apart b4 our eyes . AllaN01Bear Mar 27 #17
Ageism at its finest. nt Phoenix61 Mar 27 #2
Old man vs. Crazy old man who wants to kill you, rape your daughters, and burn your house down for shits and giggles dalton99a Mar 27 #3
I am like this.. DemocratInPa Mar 27 #4
Because there are other voters on the fence edhopper Mar 27 #7
Correct Cosmocat Mar 27 #19
Big fan of BHO ... Joe has been just as good as he was Cosmocat Mar 27 #18
I wasn't a fan in 2020 IbogaProject Mar 27 #25
Joe Biden is a better president Envirogal Mar 27 #27
Biden is better at Bettie Mar 28 #61
Sorry DENVERPOPS Mar 27 #47
RSO rso Mar 27 #5
We hope. edhopper Mar 27 #8
Exactly this Random Boomer Mar 27 #30
Media doesn't help. As long as they vote. Joinfortmill Mar 27 #6
Hell at least they're not vilifying him about rent, grocery prices, etc. redqueen Mar 27 #9
We need major campaign finance reform & we should include clearly defined campaign seasons, too. CrispyQ Mar 27 #14
Sorry but I agree. We desperately need younger people in leadership roles. Voltaire2 Mar 27 #10
So's Harrison Ford, Mick Jagger, and Paul McCartney. sinkingfeeling Mar 27 #11
Darwinism. usonian Mar 27 #12
Please keep reminding them to vote. mucifer Mar 27 #13
They told edhopper they would vote for Biden. Mariana Mar 28 #64
GOTV is a very important tool. Reminding people on election day is what mucifer Mar 28 #65
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 27 #15
If "Joe Biden is doing a good job" isn't breaking through, try this? EarlG Mar 27 #16
Better yet, stop arguing with people who are going to vote for Biden! Mariana Mar 27 #33
I have the exact same feeling. Joe Biden is the best even in his older years. camartinwv Mar 27 #20
Two things are true... orwell Mar 27 #21
It's all about the back bench jmbar2 Mar 27 #22
I've stopped justifying it NanaCat Mar 27 #23
If they're going to vote Biden, who really cares if they're not 100% happy with him? All Mixed Up Mar 27 #24
As long as they vote for Joe, who cares if they think he's too old? intheflow Mar 27 #26
She is capable. riverbendviewgal Mar 27 #31
Death and sickness can occur at any age. riverbendviewgal Mar 27 #28
I guess everyone hates their Grandparents nowforever Mar 27 #29
Them: I will vote for Biden. Mariana Mar 27 #32
But will they go out of their way to vote? honest.abe Mar 27 #37
And Jimmy Carter was helping build houses at 90. Age doesn't mean everything. Lonestarblue Mar 27 #34
If they are voting for Biden, I'm OK with people who have a few minor complaints. Silent Type Mar 27 #35
So your next line should be: how do you feel about the VP justaprogressive Mar 27 #36
The "too old" crowd has died down for me Johnny2X2X Mar 27 #38
You consider people who buy into and spread rightwing talking points... Think. Again. Mar 27 #39
The media made his age an issue. StarryNite Mar 27 #40
Tell them their real problem, then, seems to be Kamala Harris Reader Rabbit Mar 27 #41
Ageism it is giving the Fascists an inroad to disparage and utimately try to destroy Biden. magicarpet Mar 27 #42
I tell them to vote for the party, not the person. Basic LA Mar 27 #43
People are whiners. They'll find something to bitch about. Weather. Prices. Doesn't matter. lindysalsagal Mar 27 #44
What I find to be most important Mblaze Mar 27 #45
Democratic administrations do not follow supply-side trickle down unregulated economic policies, why betsuni Mar 27 #51
Take the win Sympthsical Mar 27 #46
So Is Trump! live love laugh Mar 27 #48
They had other options. W_HAMILTON Mar 27 #49
They said they would vote for him. So it's good. He is old. That's a fact. I also wish we had younger exciting Nanjeanne Mar 27 #50
Do you think they are unique? edhopper Mar 28 #58
I don't know if they are unique or not. I do know lots of people that wish we had choices that were younger Nanjeanne Mar 28 #62
I am not worried aboout my friends Mariana Mar 28 #63
"I wish we had other choices" sounds like they're shopping, being picky about just the right brand. betsuni Mar 27 #52
I would say "OK, and IF he dies or is incapacitated we would then get our FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT." CTyankee Mar 27 #53
Hell, I'M old! Jilly_in_VA Mar 27 #54
Joe Biden is ........."OUR ONLY HOPE" !! Stuart G Mar 27 #55
Thanks Princess Leah. edhopper Mar 28 #59
I'd just listen to the "I will vote for Biden" part and call it a win. Scrivener7 Mar 27 #56
And if he dies or becomes incapacitated, we get Kamala. Win win. elias7 Mar 27 #57
Post removed Post removed Mar 28 #60
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