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33. I got the market cap from
Tue Mar 26, 2024, 04:55 PM
Mar 26

the Yahoo Finance summary page for DJT. It now shows total market cap at 2.15B. Morningstar page shows it at 1.86B. That's why I was wondering how his shares could be valued at 3 billion.

The value obviously goes way down Johonny Mar 26 #1
Like the presidency & his constituents RevBrotherThomas Mar 26 #15
Not necessarily. CincyDem Mar 26 #17
Its up big today so far Johonny Mar 26 #24
oh yeah - on that we agree. CincyDem Mar 26 #25
You made a good argument why Trump "may not" get 3 billion, gab13by13 Mar 26 #2
True. But the use of the SPAC is done specifically so the SEC WON'T be keeping an eye on it. Scrivener7 Mar 26 #3
Yes edhopper Mar 26 #6
Not till the merger goes through, and not till he has enough collateral on paper that Deutsch Bank or Scrivener7 Mar 26 #7
The merger already went through. TwilightZone Mar 26 #9
The collateral is his stake in the stock on paper. Which is now at $73 per share. Scrivener7 Mar 26 #11
also d45 could ask et tu Mar 26 #16
With the way his board is MAGA stuffed... CincyDem Mar 26 #26
A president in debt to foreign entities, you say? Diamond_Dog Mar 26 #4
The Securities Exchange Commission(SEC) does not mess around. ProudMNDemocrat Mar 26 #5
The price is inflated, it is losing money, gab13by13 Mar 26 #10
They're not going to shut it down just because the valuation is high. TwilightZone Mar 26 #13
If he's able to walk off into the sunset with 3 billion dollars ecstatic Mar 26 #8
Smart investors aren't going to invest in DJT, gab13by13 Mar 26 #12
don't be so sure buying a share could be viewed as a patriotic gesture dembotoz Mar 26 #23
The price this morning is $73. If that holds, he'll get a lot more than $3 billion. Scrivener7 Mar 26 #14
How ridiculous. Just goes to show how great is to have my retirement dependent on a market of nonsense. SouthernDem4ever Mar 26 #21
So how does that work? dumbcat Mar 26 #29
In Feb, when the stock worth was estimated at $48, the estimate of the value of his personal stake was $3.8 billion. Scrivener7 Mar 26 #30
I got the market cap from dumbcat Mar 26 #33
If it were $10,000 it would be over-priced. SouthernDem4ever Mar 26 #36
So I wonder which is correct. Morningstar and Marketwatch are both decent sources. Scrivener7 Mar 26 #37
Wu Han ??!! DoBW Mar 26 #18
Thanks for this post that clearly breaks down the truth social stock situation. n/t iluvtennis Mar 26 #19
Does it really? gab13by13 Mar 26 #28
Yes, it does for me. It says there is no immediate $3 Billion windfall for trump. He has to wait 6 months iluvtennis Mar 26 #32
Gee-Whiz... czarjak Mar 26 #20
Like Mark Cuban said the other day... WarGamer Mar 26 #22
Trumpers will say it's made up Democratic propaganda that he's in debt to foreign leaders BlueKota Mar 26 #27
Can you say "pump and dump"? I knew that you could ... Straw Man Mar 26 #31
It's just another NFT Emrys Mar 26 #34
DJT is a meme stock that relies on the greater fool/idiot theory LetMyPeopleVote Mar 26 #35
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