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Absolutely true lisa58 Mar 22 #1
So do the internet nutjob sleuths on Twitter. BannonsLiver Mar 22 #2
with all due respect CatWoman Mar 22 #19
Yeah the palace made people spend hours upon hours having online CT orgies over a woman's health. BannonsLiver Mar 22 #31
1. what is " CT"? CatWoman Mar 22 #37
It was never any of the people's business ripcord Mar 22 #38
i think it became the people's business when she and the palace went on the attack against her sister in law's myriad of CatWoman Mar 22 #40
The difference is that she has 3 young children lapfog_1 Mar 23 #51
I really feel for her. Diamond_Dog Mar 22 #3
She's seems so young, but according to wikipedia, she's 42. LeftInTX Mar 22 #5
I was 49. Huge shock. It is for everyone, I think. shrike3 Mar 22 #6
My wife was 49 when she had the first round with cancer. DFW Mar 22 #43
Definitely luck plays a role. shrike3 Mar 23 #54
I would be totally useless without her DFW Mar 23 #56
I was 47. Nt xmas74 Mar 22 #25
My brother was 31 when he got a diagnosis NanaCat Mar 22 #34
All the accusations against her and William are a disgrace. Irish_Dem Mar 22 #4
She never should have had to make a statement ripcord Mar 22 #12
She had no choice at this point. Irish_Dem Mar 22 #13
Yes, and staff at the hospitals illegally accessed her medical records and were selling them to the tabloids meadowlander Mar 22 #15
Yes it appears that the records were going to be released. Irish_Dem Mar 22 #16
The royals created the public attention beast NanaCat Mar 22 #35
Wishing her all the best. 🙏🌹nt Raine Mar 22 #7
No, her husband and PR people owe her the apology obamanut2012 Mar 22 #8
I agree. mainer Mar 22 #14
+1 leftstreet Mar 22 #22
and they are the one's who created this hornet's nest with all the lies and leaking they did on the Sussexes CatWoman Mar 22 #24
another one . AllaN01Bear Mar 22 #9
So, maybe the media, etc. will leave her alone. MineralMan Mar 22 #10
IMHO, William "married up." lindysalsagal Mar 22 #11
actually, he did not CatWoman Mar 22 #20
Well, TBF, his father technically married down NanaCat Mar 22 #41
Diana was more blue blood than Charles CatWoman Mar 22 #44
Just going to C&P what I said the other day Sympthsical Mar 22 #17
Princess Kate Ladythatvotesblue Mar 22 #18
Healing energy and vibes, Kate! Niagara Mar 22 #21
Her statement was really well done. beaglelover Mar 22 #23
Maybe xmas74 Mar 22 #27
Very true. And who knows what her abdominal surgery was for. I'm hoping that they just discovered the cancer beaglelover Mar 22 #28
That's how Congressman Castro found out about his cancer. He got in a accident while in Spain. LeftInTX Mar 22 #36
Ok! Now,everyone leave her alone!! Lunabell Mar 22 #26
So why wait so long to reveal this? PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 22 #29
they can't get the truth (or lies) straight CatWoman Mar 22 #30
You know that date of that headline was Jan 17th, don't you? muriel_volestrangler Mar 23 #50
Because maybe it was no one's fucking business? MerryBlooms Mar 22 #33
She is an extremely public figure. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 23 #52
Maybe because it wasn't anyone else's business? ripcord Mar 22 #39
They were picking the right moment to tell the kids and waited for the Easter school holidays meadowlander Mar 22 #46
My abdominal surgery was scheduled a few weeks before it happened xmas74 Mar 23 #48
Kate's surgery was supposedly planned ahead, PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 23 #53
It could also have been planned as an outpatient xmas74 Mar 23 #58
She has young children pinkstarburst Mar 23 #55
Meghan and Harry stans out in full force BannonsLiver Mar 22 #32
Meow Sympthsical Mar 22 #42
..... CatWoman Mar 22 #45
you were saying? CatWoman Mar 22 #47
I like Meghan and Harry xmas74 Mar 23 #49
Cancer and treatment is NO fun. ProudMNDemocrat Mar 23 #57
Yes, you are so right. Butterflylady Mar 23 #59
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