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Beastly Boy

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Sat Mar 16, 2024, 11:50 AM Mar 16

'Zone of Interest' producer says he 'fundamentally disagrees' with Jonathan Glazer's Oscars speech on Israel-Hamas war [View all]

A “Zone of Interest” producer is pushing back on director Jonathan Glazer’s comments at the Oscars in which he condemned the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

“The war and the continuation of the war is the responsibility of Hamas,” Danny Cohen, the executive producer of “Zone of Interest,” said in an interview on the episode of the “Unholy” podcast released Thursday.

Calling Hamas a “genocidal terrorist organization,” Cohen said, “I think the war is tragic and awful, and the loss of civilian life is awful, but I blame Hamas for that.”

While accepting the Academy Award for best international feature film on Sunday, Glazer spoke out about the conflict in Gaza.


“I just fundamentally disagree with Jonathan on this,” Cohen said, while discussing Glazer’s remarks.

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So dehumanization only concerns him when it's applied to Jewish/Israeli people. Sky Jewels Mar 16 #1
How in the world would you reach this conclusion? Beastly Boy Mar 16 #2
It's sad you came to that ludicrous conclusion BannonsLiver Mar 16 #5
You just made that up, full cloth. Ace Rothstein Mar 16 #9
. sarisataka Mar 16 #10
Danny Cohen is Exactly Correct! Cha Mar 16 #26
A glorious pile of malarkey NoRethugFriends Mar 16 #29
Sadly, this seems to be the case for so many Israli's and rabid far rightwingers worldwide NYC2ATL Mar 16 #31
Oh yeah.. and what's the Butchers of HAMAS' Fucking "reputation"? Cha Mar 16 #35
Whenever you find yourself comparing a government of a Western nation to a terrorist group NYC2ATL Mar 16 #36
I'm not "comparing" anything .. The Distraction Cha Mar 16 #37
Post removed Post removed Mar 16 #38
Still Not working. Cha Mar 16 #39
I didn't lose. Cha Mar 17 #44
A lot of that going around nowadays ZonkerHarris Mar 18 #49
Accusing Jews of only caring about other Jews and madaboutharry Mar 18 #51
Lol. Sky Jewels Mar 19 #55
So my rhetorical question is: PCIntern Mar 16 #3
Israel will defend itself BannonsLiver Mar 16 #6
Yes...well it's a good thing that PCIntern Mar 16 #8
There is a big difference, and it's not "Jews" per se 0rganism Mar 16 #11
Cohen "....I blame Hamas for that." Ping Tung Mar 16 #4
This simply demands "one side" absorb all of the deaths of the innocents TheKentuckian Mar 16 #13
Strawman (nt) muriel_volestrangler Mar 16 #14
In what way? Totally on topic. TheKentuckian Mar 19 #73
A strawman is not something "off topic"; it's claiming something has happened when it hasn't muriel_volestrangler Mar 20 #78
Does you mean hat no dead Palistinians are innocents? Ping Tung Mar 16 #20
Some dead Palestinians are innocents. TheKentuckian Mar 18 #45
Collateral damage? Unfortunate circumstances? Ping Tung Mar 18 #50
Obviously collateral damage. TheKentuckian Mar 19 #69
Killing the many to kill the few? Ping Tung Mar 19 #70
The attacks must be stopped. Unconditional surrender ends wars. TheKentuckian Mar 19 #72
I'm with you on the attacks must be stopped. But I doubt that too many Ping Tung Mar 20 #76
Do you blame both sides for the attack on the Israeli civilians that started the war? Beastly Boy Mar 16 #18
When Israel had Intel of a potential attack a year in advance but dismissed it as big talk, elocs Mar 16 #32
I asked you whether you blame both sudes for the Hamas attacks on the Israeli civilians that started the war. Beastly Boy Mar 16 #34
I blame the killers on both sides for the deaths or maiming they do. Ping Tung Mar 16 #40
Next question: identify the killers on both sides who attacked Israeli civilians that started the war. Beastly Boy Mar 16 #41
If HAMAS hadn't ATTACKED Israel on Oct 7.. None of this would be Happening! Cha Mar 16 #28
K&R betsuni Mar 16 #7
Glazer's remarks were disgusting, disappointing, but oh so fucking predictable. Behind the Aegis Mar 16 #12
He condemned the Hamas attack muriel_volestrangler Mar 16 #15
Strawman (nt) Behind the Aegis Mar 16 #16
I asked you a question. So it's not a "strawman". muriel_volestrangler Mar 16 #17
Questions can be a Strawman. As well as the "loaded question" and the "accusatory question". Behind the Aegis Mar 16 #19
What were you calling "disgusting"? And, again, why was it "predictable"? How well did you know Glazer? (nt) muriel_volestrangler Mar 16 #21
His need to make that speech. Conflating. We had breakfast earlier. Behind the Aegis Mar 16 #22
What did he say at breakfast? muriel_volestrangler Mar 16 #23
I never kiss and tell. Behind the Aegis Mar 16 #24
Yeah, so it's just that you know that most Jews outside Israel think the Israeli attack has gone too far muriel_volestrangler Mar 16 #25
What color am I thinking of now? Behind the Aegis Mar 16 #27
You said you were able to know what Glazer was thinking before he said anything muriel_volestrangler Mar 16 #30
Disproportionate to what objective? Hamas is still there TheKentuckian Mar 18 #46
TY and Danny Cohen.. I agree with his statements. Cha Mar 16 #33
"the loss of civilian life is awful.." Ping Tung Mar 16 #42
None of this wold be Happening without the Fucking Butchers Cha Mar 16 #43
It was going on long before Hamas (who Netanyahu propped up to play 'divide et impera' games) existed. Celerity Mar 18 #54
And before that: Mosby Mar 19 #58
Tit for tat, back & forth, w/ Israel doing the vast amount of the killing & land taking over the sweep of last century. Celerity Mar 19 #65
If you have a better methodology for eliminating the threat TheKentuckian Mar 18 #47
I think an immediate cease fire should be called and arbitrators Ping Tung Mar 18 #52
A don't see the connection between a ceasefire and eliminating Hamas TheKentuckian Mar 19 #71
It's pretty hard to negotiate a peace and settlement while shooting at each other. Ping Tung Mar 20 #77
What "eye for an eye" method? Mosby Mar 19 #57
Hamas seems to be using the eye-for-eye method. Ping Tung Mar 19 #59
I took your advice and looked up eye for an eye. Ping Tung Mar 19 #60
Jews interpret and analyze the Torah for meanings. Mosby Mar 19 #61
If that's the case the Qu'ran and Bible say the same thing. Ping Tung Mar 19 #62
Ghandi was an antisemite who evinced the same lame colonial, imperial view as british amtisemites Mosby Mar 19 #63
Russian Marxist lies? Ping Tung Mar 19 #64
Einstein was a staunch Zionist, even befor WWII. Mosby Mar 19 #67
I'm not willing for anyone to die for anyone's beliefs. Ping Tung Mar 19 #68
You are free to have a personal suicide pact all you want TheKentuckian Mar 19 #74
You seem to be "intractable" and not a "better angel". Ping Tung Mar 20 #75
I don't disagree with Glazer. I thought it was a concise, nuanced speech. maxsolomon Mar 18 #48
It was very pretentious of him to claim his Jewishness to be hijacked. Beastly Boy Mar 18 #53
Curious if you've seen the film. maxsolomon Mar 19 #56
Glazer's speech was ridiculous. Elessar Zappa Mar 19 #66
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