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So I take it Nathan will be gone, right? Sounds like a good and fair decision to me. n/t SheilaAnn Mar 15 #1
self-delete... Updated info above. hlthe2b Mar 15 #3
This message was self-deleted by its author Sympthsical Mar 15 #8
Actually, it is Maeve Mar 15 #9
You are INCORRECT. This is under Breaking News on MSNBC. There is no projection going on here. Trump Ga case can JohnSJ Mar 15 #11
I already posted my error to you and apologized. My mistake. Take the apology hlthe2b Mar 15 #13
Just saw it. No need for an apology. The legal analyst is still interpreting the decision as critical of Willis, and JohnSJ Mar 15 #14
Self-delete hlthe2b Mar 15 #2
No, this is NOT an opinion, they are talking about the ruling now on MSNBC. It is under Breaking News on MSNBC JohnSJ Mar 15 #5
Never mind... My SO had rewound the segment a few minutes to catch a prior segment. Sorry. hlthe2b Mar 15 #7
No problem JohnSJ Mar 15 #12
Called it Sympthsical Mar 15 #4
I'm not worried about appeals. A conviction on anything screws him underpants Mar 15 #16
I'd be surprised if this happens before November Sympthsical Mar 15 #17
Yeah this case especially is ripe for delays underpants Mar 15 #26
Willis always predicted it would be tried in 2025 happy feet Mar 15 #44
She was trying to get it going by August Sympthsical Mar 15 #50
I want to believe that your Republican folks decision will be the decision of lots of republicans at this point. But I CTyankee Mar 15 #62
Yes it is getting closer underpants Mar 15 #65
Can someone from her office take it if she recuses? karynnj Mar 15 #18
No, if she goes, her whole office goes Sympthsical Mar 15 #21
As a non lawyer, I misunderstood your post karynnj Mar 15 #32
I think the relationship began years ago Sympthsical Mar 15 #38
Fani needs to stay. Wade goes. onetexan Mar 15 #43
I expect that is precisely what will happen Sympthsical Mar 15 #51
Yes!!! underpants Mar 15 #6
I kinda thought that this would be his decision. MarineCombatEngineer Mar 15 #10
Easy solution.... Wade resigns. Happy Hoosier Mar 15 #15
+100. nt MarineCombatEngineer Mar 15 #19
I've mentioned the appearance of impropiety ripcord Mar 15 #59
I'll take Nathan for $500... Layzeebeaver Mar 15 #20
A meaty paragraph Sympthsical Mar 15 #22
Whew TexasDem69 Mar 15 #29
Check out this paragraph - it's a doozy Sympthsical Mar 15 #40
So, now other GQP led panels will remove her. sinkingfeeling Mar 15 #31
I'd honestly be more worried about the state bar Sympthsical Mar 15 #36
His downfall is money DVRacer Mar 15 #70
Yep Sympthsical Mar 15 #71
Yea, i see this coming for sure! bluestarone Mar 15 #37
Let's get this trial going a s a p Tribetime Mar 15 #23
What A Screw Up OhioTim Mar 15 #24
Actually she could remove herself and remove Wade, and have the case taken over by another district attorney. In that JohnSJ Mar 15 #28
That would be Zeitghost Mar 15 #52
Tell me how she could lose her law license over this Mysterian Mar 15 #34
Here OhioTim Mar 15 #39
That has nothing to do with disbarment Mysterian Mar 15 #56
She is not going to lose her law license over this obamanut2012 Mar 15 #49
Like I said yesterday, i wouldn't want to be in their shoes. I read something somewhere once about a woman scorned... padah513 Mar 15 #25
Happy 7th DUnniversary. niyad Mar 15 #73
This is why these "rules" exist angrychair Mar 15 #27
I'm so disappointed in Willis Random Boomer Mar 15 #60
Untrue for white men. triron Mar 15 #66
Other salient passages from the ruling Sympthsical Mar 15 #30
This is still bullsh*t. Now prosecutors private lives are more important than the law. sinkingfeeling Mar 15 #33
Not at all. The jusge isn't saying who Willis can be a sexual/amorous partner with... SYFROYH Mar 15 #64
It ceased being a private matter Zeitghost Mar 15 #72
This is good news Mysterian Mar 15 #35
That is what Trump wants. Maggiemayhem Mar 15 #45
What are you talking about? Mysterian Mar 15 #57
This ill-advised office romance has NOTHING to do with the Trump crimes Thunderbeast Mar 15 #41
Reading the findings by this Judge McAfee gives me renewed faith in the Law. rgbecker Mar 15 #42
Just finished reading the ruling - he did an amazing job Sympthsical Mar 15 #48
A very smart, Solomon decision imo obamanut2012 Mar 15 #46
It was the best decision possible. sop Mar 15 #58
Fani botched this one by allowing Wade on the case onetexan Mar 15 #47
In other breaking news: Clarence Thomas must divorce Ginni to avoid any future appearance of impropriety. sop Mar 15 #53
Good one. triron Mar 15 #67
Now they have to find someone else who will put up with the death threats. louis-t Mar 15 #54
Case likely won't happen before 2025, if then. I don't know why we keep canonizing prosecuters. Silent Type Mar 15 #55
Which is why we must win in 2024. Elessar Zappa Mar 15 #74
Wade didn't have RICO experience anyway, if I recall. Nixie Mar 15 #61
"Odor of mendacity" said the judge. It was bad judgment by Willis. elocs Mar 15 #63
And so-called Standards, republianmushroom Mar 15 #68
Double standards that is JohnSJ Mar 15 #69
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