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Thu Mar 14, 2024, 05:16 PM Mar 14

We must face reality. Trump is not a stupid man. Far from it. [View all]

Trump is not an educated man, not an intellectual, not intellectually curious in the least.

However he is a cunning, street smart, ruthless sociopath.
He is very very dangerous, and not to be underestimated.

ETA He has no shame, no morals, no concern for anyone else but himself.
He will destroy as much of this country as necessary to get what he wants.

Trump has aligned himself with other evil, powerful and smart leaders who mean us harm.

Trump has conned his huge adoring cult, the GOP congress, and is doing rope a dope with the US court system.
And has the US Supreme Court in his pocket.

The US media is his propaganda arm.

He has other people pay all of his court costs, fines, and attorney fees.

The US courts are afraid of him.
The GOP congress is afraid of him.
Anyone who crosses him soon becomes afraid of him.

He was installed into the most powerful position on the planet, POTUS.
And has a good chance of stealing the next election as well.

A stupid man could have not done all of this.

ETA He has an animal cunning, and knows how to work the system to his advantage.
This is one of his talents.

As long as we continue to underestimate Trump, he will always be one step ahead of us.

Trump is very slimy, slippery, devious. And knows how to play all the angles.
Last time was a dry run.
Now he knows how and when to press the levers of power.

(My credentials to make comments about intellectual functioning: PhD from a large public university.
Ph.D. in a mental health field with specialty area in the intellectual and personalty assessment of adults
and children. Retired as a mental health professional with 40 years clinical practice conducting extensive
individual psych evaluations for courts, police, schools, employers, etc.)

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No. He's dumb. All Mixed Up Mar 14 #1
This man is very dangerous. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #7
No. He's dumb. All Mixed Up Mar 14 #10
"...people like you ..." dchill Mar 14 #76
Because I think Trump is dumb? All Mixed Up Mar 14 #102
I think Trump is dumb too...you mistake cunnine for brains. Demsrule86 Mar 15 #169
I just think his survival instinct is remarkable. dchill Mar 15 #170
I went to High School and college in Connecticut... Trump is an absolute pig. and Demsrule86 Mar 15 #178
Agree Woodwizard Mar 15 #150
No, they'd more likely blow the money and have to start over. Trump IS different. oldsoftie Mar 15 #181
"The problem with people like you." You know that poster well enough that you can tell them their problems? Scrivener7 Mar 17 #251
DOTURD IS AN IMBECILE AZ8theist Mar 14 #41
His cult members think he COL Mustard Mar 14 #80
Exactly: AZ8theist Mar 15 #116
I agree that he is stupid. ShazzieB Mar 14 #83
He most certainly is not an "imbecile." Irish_Dem Mar 15 #118
Cunning does not require intelligence NanaCat Mar 15 #146
Yeah, cuz most intelligent people suggest drinking bleach.... AZ8theist Mar 15 #163
Or sticking a light down into your lungs........... Bengus81 Mar 16 #223
Down your lungs??! Don't be ridiculous. AZ8theist Mar 16 #225
Dumb as a rock Ray Bruns Mar 14 #53
He is a rich child man who used money and lawyers to bully pwb Mar 14 #2
Someone stupid does not rise to his high position of power. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #4
He has people for everything. pwb Mar 14 #11
Michael Cohen says Trump is IN CHARGE. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #120
Despotic behavior with no shame, with advice from Putin may get one far at first MadameButterfly Mar 14 #15
Yeah! And George W. Bush was a regular Alfred Einstein! ECL213 Mar 15 #162
He's a narcissist with money. forgotmylogin Mar 15 #192
Every single one of the issues he is being charged on were caused by HIM. I JohnSJ Mar 14 #3
and it's about DAMN time he pays for it all a kennedy Mar 14 #5
ABSOLUTELY JohnSJ Mar 14 #16
And it looks like he's going to delay all the criminal cases until after the election 0rganism Mar 15 #148
Oh, he's stupid all right as he's a criminal defendant out on bail on multiple felony charges... brush Mar 14 #6
Someone stupid would have been in jail a long time ago. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #12
Let Me Fix That For You ProfessorGAC Mar 14 #25
Yep MorbidButterflyTat Mar 14 #28
This right here. nt Tree-Hugger Mar 14 #34
Liberty and Justice orangecrush Mar 14 #71
Bullseye. Thank you, ProfessorGAC. (nt) Paladin Mar 15 #157
That is not a fact hurple Mar 14 #73
It is a fact that most of us would be in jail right now Irish_Dem Mar 15 #121
Thank you for that badly-needed comment. (nt) Paladin Mar 15 #174
He's not smart, but he's shrewd. TSExile Mar 14 #8
Yes this is my point. He has an animal cunning. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #13
All he knows how to do is sic sycophants and attorneys on problems he himself has created. brush Mar 14 #17
That maybe true to an extent whopis01 Mar 14 #35
Absolutely. TSExile Mar 14 #49
Manipulating people into taking care of him is one of his talents. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #66
+1 Auggie Mar 15 #159
K&R spanone Mar 14 #9
the man has a thoroughly mediocre record stopdiggin Mar 14 #14
Becoming President of the United States is NOT mediocre. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #134
George W., Ronald Reagan stopdiggin Mar 15 #165
Being elected POTUS is no small feat. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #215
and yet I just listed a number of definatively mediocre intellects that did -(nt)- stopdiggin Mar 15 #219
Trump never won MFM008 Mar 15 #201
Of course a stupid man could have done this... appmanga Mar 14 #18
A stupid man would have been in jail by now. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #94
The people who have worked for him disagree Kaleva Mar 14 #19
+1. I'm convinced trump ran in 2016 strictly for publicity. He was surprised as anyone we gave Silent Type Mar 14 #23
Trump's transition efforts were sloppy Kaleva Mar 14 #30
I think so to but once he had the power Tree Lady Mar 14 #50
Totally agree. Silent Type Mar 14 #58
The people who worked for Trump were stupid enough to fall for the con job. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #103
Many didn't commit crimes and go to jail Kaleva Mar 14 #114
The point is that Trump is clever enough to get others to commit crimes for him. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #137
If he was smart, he wouldn't be doing that Kaleva Mar 15 #198
He is just smart enough to hire people who will tell him what he wants to hear. crim son Mar 14 #20
I agree with some of your points. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #104
He's stupid. Lots of Americans love outrageously confident bullshitters and he's the best, totally mindless. That's all. betsuni Mar 14 #21
And... MorbidButterflyTat Mar 14 #29
Daddy trump (Fred) had his lawyer Roy Cohn mentor widdle Donnie. magicarpet Mar 14 #40
Underestimating Trump is dangerous, because he is dangerous. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #119
He's stupid and dangerous. Up to the American people if they want stupid and dangerous. betsuni Mar 15 #171
He is a reactionary transactionalist with years cachukis Mar 14 #22
Trump is a typical sociopath in some ways. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #123
What did you expect? He's Roy Cohn's foster son. no_hypocrisy Mar 14 #24
Yes Trump was raised by two clever sociopaths. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #122
IN the Country of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King ThoughtCriminal Mar 14 #26
Even smart people are stymied by him. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #92
Right, ruthless sociopath. elleng Mar 14 #27
Yes a very dangerous, ruthless sociopath who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #93
Right, his 'daddy' told him to do so. elleng Mar 14 #96
Yes the family dynamics point to his father being a sociopath too. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #98
along with roy cohn. elleng Mar 14 #99
Yes another sociopath. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #101
Trump has been doing this his entire life. He more than likely learned a simple lesson walkingman Mar 14 #31
Yes I know. I used to do jail evaluations for the courts. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #100
He learned these lessons from Roy Cohn too AdamGG Mar 15 #193
One must also consider Mr.Bill Mar 14 #32
It takes some intelligence to identify those easily manipulated. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #124
Anybody that aligns themselves with Trump Mr.Bill Mar 15 #172
Obviously all the Ivy League attorneys who work for Trump Irish_Dem Mar 15 #217
First off, i'll say he's a DUMB fucking bastard. bluestarone Mar 14 #33
He's not a deep thinker. limbicnuminousity Mar 14 #36
Yes he is not a deep thinker, in fact in many ways he is a LAZY thinker. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #125
He stays within his comfort zone. Which books are cachukis Mar 15 #144
Trump is the greasiest of pigs SomedayKindaLove Mar 14 #37
Trump, Bush I, Bush II, Clinton, Obama, Biden markodochartaigh Mar 14 #38
Our leaders are not just blank canvasses. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #126
Unfortunately America has a habit of being kind to its ex-leaders. Aussie105 Mar 14 #39
Good point. The US is far too kind to criminal presidents. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #210
He's brilliant! JoseBalow Mar 14 #42
He is a buffoon at times. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #211
He is a Mafia Con Man. LiberalFighter Mar 14 #43
Yes exactly. He is a mob boss who controls many in the US government. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #132
His success was largely happenstance anamnua Mar 14 #44
A life of crime is not all happenstance. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #130
I agree that he is street smart and intellectually stupid. LoisB Mar 14 #45
He's got money and no moral compass whatsoever - that's dangerous. NoMoreRepugs Mar 14 #46
Trump has POWER. That is the most dangerous part of the equation. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #131
He is an poorly educated, uncaring, very successful conman. TNNurse Mar 14 #47
Successful? Mr.Bill Mar 15 #173
Fred Trump was worth considerably less though Polybius Mar 15 #187
By not paying his bills and lying and cheating in every way he could. Mr.Bill Mar 15 #199
Don't forget fraud! MorbidButterflyTat Mar 16 #226
Well, he sort of got elected and managed to stay out of jail TNNurse Mar 15 #196
He's a loser bdamomma Mar 16 #233
Good assessment Evolve Dammit Mar 14 #48
Everyone that I have known to Bully their way to the top ItsjustMe Mar 14 #51
exactly et tu Mar 14 #63
If he loses the election, he will deny and call his "shock troops" to action. A rat backed Evolve Dammit Mar 14 #52
Yes, very good observation. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #136
I do think they will (try to burn US to the ground). Putin and the useful idiot have been very effective, so far. Evolve Dammit Mar 15 #191
Yes and it was much cheaper than a military operation. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #213
I truly believe that is what they want. Vlad showed them the way. He is their role model for total control of Evolve Dammit Mar 16 #237
Yes I know. Irish_Dem Mar 16 #238
I knew you know. Just gotta say the truth to someone! Evolve Dammit Mar 16 #239
Yes we have to say it out loud. The GOP has run out of options. Irish_Dem Mar 16 #240
"...cook out and eat borscht." Vodka run?? Evolve Dammit Mar 17 #245
Sure, the time honored 4th of July picnic in Moscow, drinking vodka. Irish_Dem Mar 17 #246
nothing would surprise me at this point! Evolve Dammit Mar 17 #248
I agree, nothing would come as a surprise when it comes to Trump and the GOP. Irish_Dem Mar 17 #250
It's a numbing; The "I Love Chaos" orange guy has normalized the Nazi-talk. 8 years in the making. Evolve Dammit Mar 17 #255
He doesn't have that many people Mr.Bill Mar 15 #200
Not sure. Project 2025 claims 35,000 lawyers and 20,000 fed workers are on board? Evolve Dammit Mar 16 #236
Stupidity and inabilities Nasruddin Mar 14 #54
He is late for jail is what I would call him. Emile Mar 14 #55
I've always ForgedCrank Mar 14 #56
Yes Trump is a superb manipulator and con artist. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #140
I've thought that for a long time. Being dumb leftyladyfrommo Mar 14 #57
The fact he is self destructing makes him more dangerous. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #141
Hopefully bdamomma Mar 16 #234
Trump is symptom and the idiot bastard front of those that benefit from his evil. PufPuf23 Mar 14 #59
Oligarchs and media usually align with autocrats. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #214
What's frightening are Americans who won't vote for Democrats for whatever stupid reason. betsuni Mar 14 #60
Please don't confuse being completely unprincipled with being intelligent Warpy Mar 14 #61
Do not confuse mental illness and intellectual functioning. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #143
He might have seemed clever in his youth, when he had better legal representation Warpy Mar 15 #184
He is as dumb as a ventriloquist dummy... JT45242 Mar 14 #62
Irish_Dem bdamomma Mar 14 #64
I think it is a complicated problem obviously. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #204
Education bdamomma Mar 15 #218
That is why propaganda inoculation is important. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #220
He may hire smart people... surfered Mar 14 #65
Define cost him? gab13by13 Mar 14 #77
Smart, even street smarts, have nothing to do with Ms. Toad Mar 14 #81
He is a smart man, someone else is paying all his legal bills. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #212
I couldn't agree more. Don't underestimate him. Look what he has done so far. twodogsbarking Mar 14 #67
He is significantly more dangerous now. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #91
Never underestimate ...."Evil." Stuart G Mar 15 #186
Obama's book struggle4progress Mar 14 #68
Hilarious. And true. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #89
Exactly orangecrush Mar 14 #69
Bullies don't stop until they are stopped. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #88
As someone mentioned above, he is an idiot savant. Gary 50 Mar 14 #70
Yes it is the single biggest con job in American history. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #86
Finally, someone says it all. colorado_ufo Mar 14 #72
Yes he has no shame, no scruples, no concern for others. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #74
Trump is an evil genius gab13by13 Mar 14 #75
You nailed it. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #79
I think Donald Trump is normally intelligent but dyslexic. raging moderate Mar 14 #85
You are very invested in that meme Ohio Joe Mar 15 #168
Excerpts from Laugh Riot, Fintan O'Toole, NYRB Mme. Defarge Mar 14 #78
Yes one reason Trump is so dangerous, he makes hatred and violence funny and exciting. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #82
Avec plaisir! Mme. Defarge Mar 14 #87
He's a predator and knows how to use fear to his advantage... MiHale Mar 14 #84
It's your field and not mine but being an imbecile is not inconsistent with being a sociopath TomSlick Mar 14 #90
He is a clever sociopath. Irish_Dem Mar 14 #95
I think we agree. TomSlick Mar 14 #105
I think you actually pointed out what he has which is cunning TheKentuckian Mar 14 #97
This would be considered part of intellect. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #138
he's a fucking idiot jcgoldie Mar 14 #106
He is so stupid gab13by13 Mar 14 #107
Yes... Mike Nelson Mar 14 #108
Blackmail Metaphorical Mar 14 #109
Come on now... he's fucking dumb as dirt Goodheart Mar 14 #110
No. He's stupid as shit. budkin Mar 14 #111
Democrats underestimate him at their peril. dalton99a Mar 14 #112
He's a goddamned sociopath. n/t CousinIT Mar 14 #113
Yes Trump is a cunning, ruthless, dangerous sociopath. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #129
Do you think he'll win in November? flamingdem Mar 15 #115
Of course Trump can get himself installed again. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #128
Vote for Joe Biden! DC77 Mar 15 #117
Yes, he is claudette Mar 15 #127
I have no credentials other than common sense Joinfortmill Mar 15 #133
Good assessment. He is emboldened, but in cognitive decline. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #135
He's a useful idiot propped up by people smarter and more dangerous than he. Shermann Mar 15 #139
Yes. Decades ago, a right-wing operative said we don't need a smart President. raging moderate Mar 16 #222
He is very cunning and a moron ........both at the same time. nt GuppyGal Mar 15 #142
There's a reason it's called low cunning NanaCat Mar 15 #145
I agree. He is far from smart. He looks at the sun redqueen Mar 15 #155
There is a difference between smart and stupid sociopaths. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #216
He is Evil. spanone Mar 15 #147
Trump is dumb but he's not stupid dlk Mar 15 #149
Yes & no... RevBrotherThomas Mar 15 #151
Very well said. mzmolly Mar 15 #152
When you are not smart enough to do things right birdographer Mar 15 #153
You knew I was a snake OMGWTF Mar 15 #154
👇👇👇👁️👁️ Goonch Mar 15 #156
I see whatever intellectual acumen he is perceived to have as yet another form of savantism. BobTheSubgenius Mar 15 #158
It depends on your definition of stupid. According to Merriam and Webster "Stupid is an adjective that means slow of Martin68 Mar 15 #160
Trump is "smart" in the same way that Bernie Madoff and Charles Ponzi were. Ping Tung Mar 15 #161
He has the instincts of a predator. And the backing and resources of a super-predator, Putin. 58Sunliner Mar 15 #164
He isn't stupid Marthe48 Mar 15 #166
I don't know why the GOP is afraid of him sueh Mar 15 #167
This song from WWII sums up my feelings about Trump perfectly nikatnyte Mar 15 #175
categorically disagree. He IS stupid. Brainstormy Mar 15 #176
He is not dumb, but he is evil Roc2020 Mar 15 #177
And shrewd no_hypocrisy Mar 15 #179
He is dumb but berksdem Mar 15 #180
he's probably of average or marginally higher intelligence .....but he is ignorant as fuck prodigitalson Mar 15 #182
Many of history's most evil tyrants may have been crazy but they were also smart. totodeinhere Mar 15 #183
I disagree -misanthroptimist Mar 15 #185
He's ignorant but shrewd; the modern-day mob boss incarnate. And that's probably always what he allegorical oracle Mar 15 #188
If Trump was really ..."STUPID,".... he would be in prison right now. Yes, "RIGHT NOW " Stuart G Mar 15 #189
This OP is as chilling as it gets bucolic_frolic Mar 15 #190
Traditionally, stupid meant slow-witted, Trump mostly hates facts Model35mech Mar 15 #194
Yes he can read a room and situation quickly and manipulate to his advantage. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #208
He is not dumb Owens Mar 15 #195
Yes he is a narcissistic ruthless sociopath. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #207
I agree with you. We think he and his followers are stupid and are somewhat arrogant about it NorthCountryLib Mar 15 #197
Yes this is what makes him dangerous. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #206
Too many supporters are willing to give all his lying crap a pass to get what they want. RoeVWade Mar 15 #202
One of Trump's former aides says Trump will be much more dangerous this time. Irish_Dem Mar 15 #205
"Man....woman...camera... MorbidButterflyTat Mar 16 #227
You are not entirely incorrect. I would point out however... Caliman73 Mar 15 #203
Depends of the definition of stupid Maeve Mar 15 #209
he speak moron. pansypoo53219 Mar 16 #221
I would call him two things: 1. Loser 2. Late for jail Emile Mar 16 #224
Yup, I've been saying this since 2015. RandomNumbers Mar 16 #228
All we can do is keep warning people. Irish_Dem Mar 16 #229
But as you can see in this thread, even after all this time, even after all his destruction, people are STILL Scrivener7 Mar 17 #256
He understands power and public opinion. David__77 Mar 16 #230
Soulless predator. moondust Mar 16 #231
Trump is as stupid as they come. Watch what he does listen to what he says. He is stupid. Handler Mar 16 #232
The smartest sociopaths don't break the law, they make the law. Irish_Dem Mar 16 #242
No, Trump isn't cunning OR smart GenThePerservering Mar 16 #235
I assure you I am not mixing up the two. Irish_Dem Mar 16 #244
Oh, he is stupid. Straw Man Mar 16 #241
He is intellectually ignorant and shows it - that he has no formal education. GoodRaisin Mar 17 #247
He's a narcissist who unwittingly has an ability to manipulate stupid people. It's no deeper than that. nt Quixote1818 Mar 16 #243
It is much deeper than that. He is also a ruthless, dangerous sociopath. Irish_Dem Mar 17 #252
This is what happens when we just look at the obvious GenThePerservering Mar 17 #249
Trump himself is quite dangerous as are his minders. Irish_Dem Mar 17 #253
You're taking a lot of heat for saying this, and a lot of creepy condescension, but obviously he has something. Scrivener7 Mar 17 #254
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