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I don't disagree Sympthsical Mar 5 #1
Because he lost DC? FBaggins Mar 5 #2
Brokered conventions happen redqueen Mar 5 #15
He changed the rules for this convention... getagrip_already Mar 5 #29
They happen when someone doesn't have a majority of delegates FBaggins Mar 5 #38
It's not that cut and dry redqueen Mar 5 #44
It is in every way that matters for this conversation FBaggins Mar 5 #48
I hope you're right, though I won't believe it until it happens. And I disagree that we need to stop talking about tsf. Scrivener7 Mar 5 #3
Good point redqueen Mar 5 #17
I agree PatSeg Mar 5 #30
Respectfully beg to differ. no_hypocrisy Mar 5 #4
"TSF will be the nominee but his election in November is highly questionable." sop Mar 5 #9
Yup..such a stark difference in the media reporting...after the last 4 primaries the story was tfg wins primaries PortTack Mar 5 #57
Plus he is out of campaign funds INdemo Mar 5 #26
And his small-time donors are tapped out. His big-time donors only bet on a sure thing. no_hypocrisy Mar 5 #28
Trump lost DC? How many people voted in DC? The only way Trump isn't the nominee doc03 Mar 5 #5
IIRC, only a few thousand voted in the Rethug primary. nt yagotme Mar 5 #7
Fewer than 10k getagrip_already Mar 5 #31
I was hoping it would be a loaded diaper wardrobe malfunction on live TV. rubbersole Mar 5 #64
Only 2,000 people voted in DC. TwilightZone Mar 5 #6
I think his lock on the R apparatus is so complete he will be the nominee Bernardo de La Paz Mar 5 #8
Are you counting between the RNC and Nov 5? ancianita Mar 5 #45
You are right. I misread a blurb and mixed the dates Bernardo de La Paz Mar 5 #46
You're still right about the regret! ancianita Mar 5 #47
What does tsf stand for? Pototan Mar 5 #10
The Stinky Fart ? Emile Mar 5 #12
That Stupid F*ck? Zambero Mar 5 #13
Close. It's The Sick F*** TSExile Mar 5 #18
the sick fuck Blues Heron Mar 5 #19
The sick fuck is how I read it. redqueen Mar 5 #20
He will be MistakenLamb Mar 5 #11
i'll b swallowing hard and watching korncki tonight. mopinko Mar 5 #14
I definitely agree markodochartaigh Mar 5 #16
I agree, very strongly agree, with everything you just said redqueen Mar 5 #21
Any other republican candidate would beat president Biden, I strongly disagree PortTack Mar 5 #60
It'll be Romney/Haley in a stunning loss to Biden/Harris. marble falls Mar 5 #22
Thanks! redqueen Mar 5 #23
What? DownriverDem Mar 5 #36
The only way he's not the nominee is if he makes a deal to endorse a different candidate in wiggs Mar 5 #24
This makes a lot of sense ... the hard part is convincing Chump FakeNoose Mar 5 #54
yep good questions. Add to it the question that even if he does win, a 'self-pardon' is questionable. nt wiggs Mar 5 #63
Unless he'd dead ITAL Mar 5 #25
Been saying that for ages malaise Mar 5 #27
Unless his cholesterol catches up with him, he will be the nominee. 100%. We need to accept that. themaguffin Mar 5 #32
I will be elated if he is redqueen Mar 5 #35
He won't be ousted. Demsrule86 Mar 5 #41
I think that it's possible he won't be the nominee Renew Deal Mar 5 #33
Huh? DownriverDem Mar 5 #34
His base doesn't care about 91 indictments and a half billion dollars in judgments. progressoid Mar 5 #37
He will...too late for someone else and his hardcore supporters are big primary voters. Demsrule86 Mar 5 #39
I think it's possible he will lose the nomination William Seger Mar 5 #40
If they pull the rug out from under Trump at this point... jcgoldie Mar 5 #42
Drumpf is their candidate, period lonely bird Mar 5 #43
Don't give up hope for a physical or mental breakdown before then William Seger Mar 5 #49
Now, that would be something else lonely bird Mar 5 #58
Actually, the best scenario might be if they nominated him anyway William Seger Mar 5 #62
Not sure I agree berksdem Mar 5 #50
I think you may be correct. n/t LuckyCharms Mar 5 #51
If it's not it only because he's dead TexasDem69 Mar 5 #52
You could be right. I've been having the same feeling. MineralMan Mar 5 #53
Huh? trump has some 243 delegates to Haley's 43. And that's before Super Tuesday results... brush Mar 5 #55
Trump not being the candidate doesn't mean Haley will be the nominee... liberalla Mar 5 #59
I hope that happens, but if it doesn't, he'll be the nominee. brush Mar 5 #61
Zero chance he's not the nominee awesomerwb1 Mar 5 #56
That one didn't age quite so well! Polybius Mar 7 #65
Lol did you honestly think I meant he wouldn't win the most delegates? redqueen Mar 7 #66
I was referring to Haley dropping out Polybius Mar 7 #67
My suspicion about this is not based on Haley redqueen Mar 7 #68
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