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Sat Mar 2, 2024, 10:52 PM Mar 2

Every woman you know has taken a longer route. [View all]



Every woman you know has taken a longer route.

Has doubled back on herself.

Has pretended to dawdle by a shop window.

Has held her keys in her hands.

Has made a fake phone call.

Has rounded a corner and run.

Every woman you know has walked home scared.

Every woman you know.

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Yup. TSExile Mar 2 #1
This! Hope22 Mar 2 #2
I'm two for two. Demobrat Mar 3 #23
Sending love to you! 💗💗💗 Hope22 Mar 3 #24
That was very smart of you. raccoon Mar 3 #32
Yep. calimary Mar 2 #3
That is what I was taught to do in NYC in 1979 BigmanPigman Mar 2 #12
I've also heard "Smile!" Diamond_Dog Mar 2 #16
I've heard it all my life. Demobrat Mar 3 #25
Oh, most definitely! Diamond_Dog Mar 3 #35
If you don't smile on command you're a bitch. Demobrat Mar 3 #50
Yep. Diamond_Dog Mar 3 #52
This. JudyM Mar 3 #57
I don't have your self control. BigmanPigman Mar 3 #69
Elevator conversation: BlueSky3 Mar 3 #60
I didn't know the thing about the keys till much later but I figured out the rest: purse worn bandolier style... Hekate Mar 3 #26
It just seemed like a good idea to me. Look like you're more trouble than you're worth. calimary Mar 3 #39
I'm glad I'm an old enough guy now COL Mustard Mar 3 #71
I never did that because I have weak arms and couldn't defend myself that way, thought more about betsuni Mar 3 #31
Consider a loop or lanyard so you can swing them nilram Mar 3 #42
All of us Hekate Mar 2 #4
That's a true statement. sinkingfeeling Mar 2 #5
Yes. KarenS Mar 2 #6
I imagine so redqueen Mar 2 #7
Like clockwork. Scrivener7 Mar 2 #10
Not every woman. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 2 #8
I have a relative who decided to become a Christian and go to church by herself at the age of five. barbaraann Mar 3 #53
I know it's true. From what I've read, more women are arming up nowadays. Can't blame them Silent Type Mar 2 #9
I carried a mace pen Give Peace A Chance Mar 3 #44
Ive been walking down the street and the man behind me has made a point of crossing to the other side Demovictory9 Mar 3 #54
Interesting. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 3 #75
I have eight stitches BlueSky3 Mar 3 #62
All of the above. Scrivener7 Mar 2 #11
driven to police station KentuckyWoman Mar 2 #13
I do this even now. Diamond_Dog Mar 3 #36
Better yet DENVERPOPS Mar 3 #49
It's certainly true of my wife; she has lots of stories along those lines. n/t. NNadir Mar 2 #14
From a couple of years ago TexasBushwhacker Mar 2 #15
I adore #10. soldierant Mar 3 #70
Number #1 is so basic TexasBushwhacker Mar 3 #74
oh yeah... bluboid Mar 3 #17
It was on Threads. Not mine. See the link at the top. applegrove Mar 3 #27
Yup. Joinfortmill Mar 3 #18
Yep. summer_in_TX Mar 3 #19
Wow that's horrifying. Glad you were aware of what was happening and were OK. Diamond_Dog Mar 3 #37
Thank you, Diamond Dog! summer_in_TX Mar 4 #77
has held her keys in her hand barbtries Mar 3 #20
I've stopped going to places I liked due to men harassing me. Oneironaut Mar 3 #21
All the above, except when I said no, they (3 different ones that I recall) stopped. fierywoman Mar 3 #22
All of the above! Mossfern Mar 3 #28
Yet the greatest danger to women isn't from attacks out of the blue out in the streets... Silent3 Mar 3 #29
Absolutely. TSExile Mar 3 #34
this Kali Mar 3 #59
I've been attacked by both. Demobrat Mar 3 #64
I'm sorry you've had to go through that Silent3 Mar 3 #67
Yes to all. niyad Mar 3 #30
I was 6 months pregnant and working second MOMFUDSKI Mar 3 #33
Wait. You pulled over for an unmarked police car? vanlassie Mar 3 #48
It was 1969 and I had the doors locked and MOMFUDSKI Mar 3 #65
100% mcar Mar 3 #38
Every woman you know has also driven scared. lark Mar 3 #40
My mom used to make frequent drives between a home in Colorado, and one in New Mexico. Crunchy Frog Mar 3 #61
You gotta do what you gotta do GenThePerservering Mar 3 #68
A guy followed my Aunt out of the mall and MOMFUDSKI Mar 3 #66
Being stalked is terrifying. I remember one leftyladyfrommo Mar 3 #41
Every. Single. One. AmBlue Mar 3 #43
And we have to teach our daughters to do those things and think like they're prey, Timeflyer Mar 3 #45
I try to live my life in peace and harmony but... dwking66 Mar 3 #46
Or ducked into a store or stopped a stranger to chat. flying_wahini Mar 3 #47
My husband didn't understand why I took a slightly phylny Mar 3 #51
A kick in the nuts works wonders nt GenThePerservering Mar 3 #55
First time when I was 14 walking home from HS senseandsensibility Mar 3 #56
Yup. When I worked downtown and had to park in ramps Ocelot II Mar 3 #58
Yep, and the Republicans are backing a rapist. PurgedVoter Mar 3 #63
Thanks to men out there like Donald tRump Blue Owl Mar 3 #72
damn. Conjuay Mar 3 #73
And has been chased, either on foot or in car or both. Sky Jewels Mar 3 #76
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