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19. No its not, why can't so many people not understand it? And I bet that no one who owns a business
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 02:25 PM
Mar 1

would hire anyone with the buffoons resume full of criminality, but some want to have him in power of the USA...Amazing!

About 45% of our fellow Americans suck. TwilightZone Mar 1 #1
They DO suck... Think. Again. Mar 1 #10
Many polls survey all adults. TwilightZone Mar 1 #11
Thanks for this reminder! ShazzieB Mar 1 #21
45% have been heavily brainwashed by a steady diet of Fox, AM radio, and megachurch bullshit. Initech Mar 1 #18
The polarization long precedes Fox News. TwilightZone Mar 1 #20
I blame the genesis of The Great Divide on Lee Atwater. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2 #31
The pulse of White Supremacy hasn't and won't change. Period. czarjak Mar 2 #33
And so many more "outlets." Evolve Dammit Mar 1 #24
Forty years of Limpbaugh cannot be overestimated Evolve Dammit Mar 1 #26
"And I need to come up with $454 million, stat!" CrispyQ Mar 1 #2
The RNC doesn't have anything. TwilightZone Mar 1 #3
If he gets in the White House again there won't be any penalty & he'll take everything. CrispyQ Mar 1 #5
He has to post the bonds within 30 days. TwilightZone Mar 1 #7
hope the wh rx dispensary et tu Mar 1 #8
Instant classic. TeamProg Mar 1 #4
Stealing underpants Mar 1 #6
Hahahahaha! mahina Mar 1 #29
Excellent job, EarlG!! Niagara Mar 1 #9
K&R LetMyPeopleVote Mar 1 #12
I want him to run for office from a prison cell IronLionZion Mar 1 #13
It's totally insane but most Tree Lady Mar 1 #14
For many Trump is simply the means to an end. hadEnuf Mar 1 #17
Effing Covid Killer samplegirl Mar 1 #15
Oh, LOOK! He caught one already! DemocraticPatriot Mar 1 #16
Lol, first big laugh today. :D Dave Bowman Mar 1 #22
"I moved on her like a b*tch" Otterdaemmerung Mar 1 #25
No its not, why can't so many people not understand it? And I bet that no one who owns a business Escurumbele Mar 1 #19
I wouldn't hire him to clean latrines. Dave Bowman Mar 1 #23
He has never held down a REAL job in his life FakeNoose Mar 1 #27
One for the ages! mahina Mar 1 #28
K&R spanone Mar 1 #30
K&R uponit7771 Mar 2 #32
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