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Thu Feb 29, 2024, 08:38 PM Feb 29

News from my friend in the Texas panhandle [View all]

I have been worried about her since I first heard about the fires. She lives with her husband on a ranch a few miles from Pampa. Her parents also live there in their own house. I messaged her as soon as I heard about it. I finally heard from her today. Here's what she said in part:

"The fires burned about 80% of our place, including everything all around the houses. But our houses are still standing. We lost nearly
all our cattle. But saved all the horses
...We can start from here."

What she doesn't say but I know is that her dad had to pretty much retire from the hard work of ranching during Covid after he had a second heart attack and her mom is battling multiple myeloma. Her husband, who like mine is, or was, a geek for a living, lost his job during the pandemic, so he took over the hard work of the ranch from her dad.

I know we all have negative feelings about Texas, and some have even expressed them here (including "they deserved it&quot , but before we go too far, let's remember that there are real people there, and some of us know them, who are badly affected by these fires. If you are so moved, say a prayer to the universe or to God or whatever for them. They're hurting right now.

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So sorry! We've lived near fires & have been lucky but I have much sympathy for those whose luck ran out catrose Feb 29 #1
We do paint with a broad brush sometimes . Permanut Feb 29 #2
I get it DoBW Feb 29 #3
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 29 #4
Land doesn't vote. CrispyQ Feb 29 #5
That's why I think that the Senate should be abolished. RipVanWinkle Feb 29 #36
I take the opposite view. Prof. Toru Tanaka Mar 1 #43
It is NOT "very democratic" when the side representing many fewer voters DemocraticPatriot Mar 1 #72
I agree with you on the abolishment of the Electoral College RipVanWinkle Mar 3 #83
I feel terrible about all these climate catastrophes, but Pototan Feb 29 #6
That went right over your head & left a sonic boom in its wake, didn't it? Hekate Feb 29 #10
What about the people who are affected by these catastrophic events MontanaMama Mar 1 #69
Hence, the phrase... Pototan Mar 2 #81
i had a police scanner radio and a ham radio license for that very purpose. AllaN01Bear Feb 29 #7
It's easy to lose sight of humanity. limbicnuminousity Feb 29 #8
I am so sorry for your friends -- and every other Texan in the path of fires... Hekate Feb 29 #9
Thank you. Glad your friends are safe though their life is changed. kr PufPuf23 Feb 29 #11
Heaps of Praise on our Firefighter Heroes! Nictuku Feb 29 #21
Unlike the GOP... surfered Feb 29 #12
I agree. I want the worse to happen to Texas. But there are good people there too. LiberalFighter Feb 29 #13
What's the worse you're hoping for Texas? Wow! How much MerryBlooms Feb 29 #23
Did you read the full comment? LiberalFighter Mar 1 #52
I agree with Merry. yagotme Mar 1 #50
Your comment is sociopathic. TheProle Mar 1 #80
I've lived outside of Austin for 36 years and seen our climate change quite a lot. walkingman Feb 29 #14
If you don't mind my asking, what's the story with San Angelo? padah513 Feb 29 #16
The fire is closest to Amarillo TexasBushwhacker Feb 29 #20
I think that markodochartaigh Feb 29 #32
Thank you. padah513 Feb 29 #34
Exacly - San Angelo has very few trees and much more desert like than Austin. I walkingman Feb 29 #40
It is frightening markodochartaigh Mar 1 #41
I've lost 8 mature oaks on my Hill Country property since 2020 herding cats Mar 1 #56
I have two mature pecans which probably will need cutting down. LeftInTX Mar 1 #57
Your probably correct about the excessive heat. herding cats Mar 1 #58
I read something about heat and transpiration, which was unique to pecans. LeftInTX Mar 1 #63
Live oaks seem to be tough as nails! herding cats Mar 1 #66
Seeing that I grew up in Live Oak County, I'll verify your statement. nt TexasTowelie Mar 1 #78
Here's to celebrating the toughness of all things Live Oak! herding cats Mar 2 #82
great fire track app: Watch Duty TeamProg Feb 29 #15
I love that app Nictuku Feb 29 #24
Know some very good Democrats in Texas. Heck, I even know a few in Mississippi. Silent Type Feb 29 #17
I lived in Mississippi for 18 years. There are many good Democrats there, Glorfindel Feb 29 #26
Truly angrychair Feb 29 #18
I grew up gay a half century ago in Amarillo markodochartaigh Feb 29 #33
i grew up in NE texas gay texan Mar 1 #51
There are a lot of Good People in Texas Nictuku Feb 29 #19
During the Waldo Canyon fire, personnel and equipment were stationed less niyad Feb 29 #22
Rec. The loss of animal life is always huge. Both domestic and wild. MerryBlooms Feb 29 #27
It is always heartbreaking to think of the animal lives lost. Years before the niyad Feb 29 #31
When the almeda fire hit our area, we lost two thirds of the manufactured homes, MerryBlooms Feb 29 #38
Forgot to say, rec. 🥰 MerryBlooms Feb 29 #39
I'm glad your folks are safe. I'm sorry for the livestock suffering and loss. 😢 MerryBlooms Feb 29 #25
I'm confused. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 29 #28
Texas Panhandle with is basically most on the area from near Lubbock to the Oklahoma border LetMyPeopleVote Feb 29 #30
I understand the confusion blogslug Feb 29 #37
Thanks! SleeplessinSoCal Mar 1 #73
Thank you for the update LetMyPeopleVote Feb 29 #29
I know because I was one of those people. mountain grammy Feb 29 #35
I have family in Hereford. Texasgal Mar 1 #42
Man the snow didn't put a damper on this? Oh my! I heard the dry air and wind is back. (Well, it's the panhandle) LeftInTX Mar 1 #54
Texas is not a bad state. beemerphill Mar 1 #44
"But, but they deserved it. It was the will of God." SlimJimmy Mar 1 #47
Weather doesn't discriminate LeftInTX Mar 1 #55
Any human suffering at the hands of nature is painful to see purr-rat beauty Mar 1 #45
Exactly LeftInTX Mar 1 #64
Done and done. SlimJimmy Mar 1 #46
Great OP malaise Mar 1 #48
Aw. How awful. Can't even imagine. nt leftyladyfrommo Mar 1 #49
Link for donations? DBoon Mar 1 #53
Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) Paladin Mar 1 #59
like this? DBoon Mar 1 #60
Bullseye. Many thanks. (nt) Paladin Mar 1 #61
Let's also not forget that many of us here on DU are native Texans and still live here. Trueblue Texan Mar 1 #62
Anything I say at DU about Texas is directed at Abbott and the repuke crew wolfie001 Mar 1 #65
I see no end in sight to this fire. It's very scary. The weather is not cooperating. LeftInTX Mar 1 #67
Texas fires Jean Genie Mar 1 #68
I won't pray to the idiot allegedly in the sky but I do wish the best for your friend CousinIT Mar 1 #70
I Feel for the People of the Panhandle kooth Mar 1 #71
They are hurting but never do anything to change the situation created by Republicans so how much ZonkerHarris Mar 1 #74
You do what you can Jilly_in_VA Mar 1 #77
Anyone who berates and belittles everyone from a state or region, TNNurse Mar 1 #75
I do pray for them ................................ Lovie777 Mar 1 #76
... Demovictory9 Mar 1 #79
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