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Thu Feb 29, 2024, 02:40 PM Feb 29

I Have a Suggestion: [View all]

Let's not reinforce the idea that Trump will win if he runs in 2024. It seems to me that too many people, both here on DU and out there in what passes for the real world, have simply given up on a Democratic victory in November.

I suggest we stop making that assumption and get back to campaigning for Democrats and strongly supporting every freaky last Democrat who is running for any office.

I'll start with President Biden. He has not solved all of our problems, thanks to a Republican majority in the House. However, he has done a great deal to improve the lot for most people. So, let's champion the guy and start backing him up.

Next, let's look at Congress. We're only a few votes away from a House majority, and a few more to increase our Senate majority. So, let's identify all seats that are even remotely flippable and put as much energy as possible into flipping them, for goodness sake.

States? Well we can do better in our states as well. We made some gains, but there's more that can be done. Whatever state you live in, find seats and offices that can be flipped and work to flip them. Your state. Work there, rather than fuss about states where you have no vote. There's plenty enough to do in your own state, I'm quite certain.

But, above all, let's stop assuming that all is lost and stop whining that there is nothing we can do. It is not all lost, and there's plenty we can do. Be positive, not negative. Campaign for good and against bad. Let's get to work. I know that's old school crap, but it still works.

Thanks for listening.

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I Have a Suggestion: [View all] MineralMan Feb 29 OP
Yes. The election matters much more than the trials. Ocelot II Feb 29 #1
Yes and it always has, that is why people need to engage and get involved with their Bev54 Feb 29 #62
It makes me cringe. Nobody should be calling him "President" either. vanlassie Feb 29 #2
"zombie appocalypse?" rampartc Feb 29 #78
Hahaha. vanlassie Mar 1 #95
I approve this message. Qutzupalotl Feb 29 #3
You know, I was noticing that too, yesterday Nictuku Feb 29 #4
"Convicted" means "Found guilty of a crime." soldierant Feb 29 #82
Thank you for the clarification Nictuku Mar 1 #96
He is going down malaise Feb 29 #5
Yes! MineralMan Feb 29 #7
He might just crack up MadameButterfly Feb 29 #9
He's stressed out. He's lost weight: his face is thinner. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 29 #87
He's going down both ways: courts and election. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 29 #86
You know what I's like to see malaise Mar 1 #98
You are correct! Sogo Feb 29 #6
Kick, rec, and thanks. Think. Again. Feb 29 #8
I'm generally upbeat about America JustAnotherGen Feb 29 #10
With that attitude, you should probably leave now. MineralMan Feb 29 #20
That "advice" is totally tone-deaf. You must be white and in a good position to weather authoritarianism? Evolve Dammit Feb 29 #53
There are two choices. MineralMan Feb 29 #58
You know that and I know that but millions don't know that Evolve Dammit Feb 29 #73
Tell them. MineralMan Feb 29 #74
Go for it. "Reach out" to brain-washed MAGAts. Have fun Evolve Dammit Mar 1 #109
Democrats can continue to out-perform the predictions of the pundits. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 29 #11
No give up here, I still think we're gonna wipe the floor with them in November Cheezoholic Feb 29 #12
Thank you RussBLib Feb 29 #13
Trump will not win hurple Feb 29 #14
This👆 vanlassie Feb 29 #67
True hurple Feb 29 #75
I have a question. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 29 #15
Some leading liberal and progressive think tanks are: pazzyanne Feb 29 #88
You should probably re-post this weekly until November... Wounded Bear Feb 29 #16
Simple questions to be asked of those voting against Biden - what have republicans done to improve your life? Probatim Feb 29 #17
"Do More, Worry Less" DinahMoeHum Feb 29 #18
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 29 #19
Some of that weakness is simply discouragement. MineralMan Feb 29 #21
True. H2O Man Feb 29 #40
329 fights True Dough Feb 29 #80
True, True Dough! H2O Man Feb 29 #81
But I bet True Dough Feb 29 #85
Never tried it. H2O Man Feb 29 #89
That wasn't you True Dough Feb 29 #90
No, but H2O Man Feb 29 #91
No, but H2O Man Feb 29 #92
TY! I feel like a broken record but BaronChocula Feb 29 #22
me too et tu Feb 29 #25
et tu too? BaronChocula Feb 29 #30
that's fine bc! nt et tu Feb 29 #50
I love mail-in voting too and wish the entire country was on that system. OMGWTF Feb 29 #38
my big incentive et tu Feb 29 #51
The election was always going to be the only sure-fire way to keep Trump out of office. TwilightZone Feb 29 #23
I have no problem with people like me who "freak out" gab13by13 Feb 29 #24
ah a john oliver tactic- et tu Feb 29 #28
Thank you! Elessar Zappa Feb 29 #26
Yes. We can help by showing people the good things MineralMan Feb 29 #27
The opposite assumption, which many here are making, is much more dangerous. Ms. Toad Feb 29 #29
The answer for both things is the same. MineralMan Feb 29 #31
Even simpler to stop insisting Trump cannot possibly win. Ms. Toad Feb 29 #46
I'm not saying that. I'm saying we can win. MineralMan Feb 29 #48
Like a moth to a flame... MineralMan Feb 29 #71
More like the canary in the coal mine. n/t Ms. Toad Feb 29 #72
Lol yeah DU has a real over confidence problem BannonsLiver Feb 29 #44
I take it you don't remember 2016. Ms. Toad Feb 29 #45
We all remember 2016. MineralMan Feb 29 #61
Incorrect - Ms. Toad Feb 29 #66
Nope. MineralMan Feb 29 #69
Many were over confident BannonsLiver Mar 1 #100
I've never thought Trump or any Republican, for that matter, can win in 2024. They burned their Vinca Feb 29 #32
Nevertheless, turnout is the issue. MineralMan Feb 29 #33
Excellent. I would just add this. SarahD Feb 29 #34
Yessir! Hekate Feb 29 #35
Yes, thank you! It's been driving me crazy all day relayerbob Feb 29 #36
I'm not giving up but I want to know what will turn this around and how to do it Tribetime Feb 29 #37
Contact your local Democratic Party organization. MineralMan Feb 29 #47
👍🏼...K&R...👍🏼 spanone Feb 29 #39
I have voted and dropped my ballot off in my neighborhood precinct. The results will be known this coming Tuesday msfiddlestix Feb 29 #41
It's imperative that we GOTV. Niagara Feb 29 #42
Democrats need to hammer how dangerous to democracy and criminal Trump is MistakenLamb Feb 29 #43
I regret that I can only upvote this post once. GoneOffShore Feb 29 #49
Fetterman nailed it on Morning Joe. CrispyQ Feb 29 #52
I, too, have a suggestion. AverageOldGuy Feb 29 #54
When I see those posts, I wonder if they're MAGAs Clash City Rocker Feb 29 #55
Give me a break iemanja Feb 29 #57
There's being worried and then there's "Trump will win, don't bother voting" Clash City Rocker Feb 29 #64
Please do link to any posts that say anything about not voting. I'm interested. Scrivener7 Feb 29 #76
Not allowed, right? SarahD Mar 1 #101
Well one poster graciously deleted his after getting called on it AZSkiffyGeek Mar 1 #105
. Scrivener7 Mar 1 #107
AFAIC Donny never won the popular vote RocRizzo55 Feb 29 #56
I hear you but at the same time, moniss Feb 29 #59
I did something to save Democracy today. greatauntoftriplets Feb 29 #60
Agreed. Anyone with the support of the GOP will have a chance, but as a betting man I don't like Trump's odds. nt Shermann Feb 29 #63
There are many other races. MineralMan Feb 29 #65
Did we remove the election deniers from office? ecstatic Feb 29 #68
Did they steal the 2020 election? MineralMan Feb 29 #70
They can't steal the election. Elessar Zappa Mar 1 #106
Not only a few away in the senate quakerboy Feb 29 #77
The Lincoln Project- The only solution to Trump is the ballot box. LetMyPeopleVote Feb 29 #79
Agree with your post - but always have a plan B and never underestimate your enemy dwayneb Feb 29 #83
VOTE BLUE NewLarry Feb 29 #84
Feelings of a setback GAJMac Feb 29 #93
I'm not aware of anyone who's given up... brooklynite Feb 29 #94
Agree...on DU there's always a few, sometimes more talking doom...STOP! PortTack Mar 1 #97
I the courts fail us, would it be possible for Haggard Celine Mar 1 #99
I keep saying this BlueKota Mar 1 #102
Sage and timely advice. BobTheSubgenius Mar 1 #103
Agree. I have a friend who kept saying he's going to do this and that, and i said you are talking as if it's a foregone Amaryllis Mar 1 #104
This is why I go ballistic when I hear "Joe Biden is too old..."" judy Mar 1 #108
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