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Tue Feb 27, 2024, 05:12 PM Feb 27

My sit down with a Trump supporter [View all]

I'm making an effort to sit down with Trump supporters and discuss our differences and maybe get a little common ground to start some understanding. My first sit down was today over coffee. Here is my takeaway.

The positives:
The person I talked to was not aware that Trump had ever made a comment about "terminating the Constitution". I took it as a positive when the person agreed that such a comment would be un- American and against the Constitution. We agreed that I would send him a link to the quote.

The person I talked to was totally unaware that the Mueller Report found that Russia had interfered with the 2016 election, and that it was done to the benefit of Trump. He had only heard Trump's version of "total exoneration". I agreed to lend him my copy of the report with the appropriate pages marked.

The person had not listened to Trump's infamous call to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and was not aware of it's threatening nature. He agreed to listen to it with an open mind.

The person agreed that presidents should not have full immunity, and that such an idea runs opposite to what the Founding Fathers would have intended.

The person agrees that Putin is bad and should be stopped from taking Ukraine.

The negatives:
The person I talked to thinks there is a diabolical plot to groom kids through "wokeness". I couldn't get him to budge on this notion.

The person I talked to thinks Trump is "just saying things" when it comes to talk of "retribution" and comments about not protecting NATO allies. He thinks Trump is just full of harmless bluster. When asked if he would excuse such bluster from Biden, he got uncomfortable and claimed it would be different because "Trump is Trump" and coming from him "everybody knows it's just bluster".

The person I talked to thinks the fake elector scheme is just part of some legal debate.

The person I talked to thinks the border is "wide open" and criminals are just pouring in.

Worst of all the negatives: so far this person is still going to vote for Trump if he is the nominee.

For what it's worth that's how it went.

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Bravo to you for trying! Easterncedar Feb 27 #1
I do not sway without proof Ohioboy Feb 27 #4
These MAGA fuckstains are as stupid as a fucking bag of boiled owl shit. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #2
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 28 #38
Um, what? Wednesdays Feb 28 #39
Do you? Torchlight Feb 28 #40
Thank you for having the brains, the heart, and the soul to do something like this. Aristus Feb 27 #3
These folks are a waste of time and energy TheKentuckian Feb 27 #5
I don't know. I'm interested in the second installment of this. Will the guy read and view what Ohioboy sends him? Scrivener7 Feb 27 #9
Yep. They may conceed a point or two but if they haven't seen the light by now, it's too late. progressoid Feb 27 #14
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Feb 27 #6
"The person I talked to thinks Trump is 'just saying things'"... Ditto for much of the "liberal" media Silent3 Feb 27 #7
It would be good to follow up with: why do you think vanlassie Feb 27 #26
Wow DaBronx Feb 27 #8
Will you be meeting again? I want to hear how this develops. I think you might make headway here. Scrivener7 Feb 27 #10
Dumb statements from leaders are like lemons in a basket Shermann Feb 27 #11
It's pointless to try to win over Cult 45 morons Hassler Feb 27 #12
agree. the "others" are idiots nt orleans Feb 27 #13
Waste of time. These people are fucking nuts. Emile Feb 27 #15
My hat is off to you for trying. Hope22 Feb 27 #16
It's frustrating, because stupidity has nothing to do with intelligence mountain grammy Feb 27 #17
I'm in an American Legion post in rural TN. I havent tried to win over Trumpers 70sEraVet Feb 27 #18
I sometimes can make a little headway with younger people Mr.Bill Feb 27 #19
All you need to do to bust somebody's bubble is to inject a little doubt into it Warpy Feb 27 #20
Well, at least the guy was right about Putin. red dog 1 Feb 27 #21
I admire you duhneece Feb 27 #22
Magats just saying they hate brown people is so much easier than all that mental calisthenics. paleotn Feb 27 #23
Thank you, and NO WAY waste of time! elleng Feb 27 #24
And thanks to you, too. See my response #34. nt LAS14 Feb 28 #37
there IS a diabolical plot to groom kids through "wokeness" Hamlette Feb 27 #25
Yes. It's called education. Period. calimary Feb 27 #27
Can't fix stupid. Katinfl Feb 27 #28
Please ignore anyone who tells you you're wasting your time. ShazzieB Feb 27 #29
Couldn't agree more! nt LAS14 Feb 28 #36
Cheers to you for having the patience BaronChocula Feb 27 #30
Glad you tried GAJMac Feb 27 #31
At the end of the day they are still willing to vote for someone they acknowledge onecaliberal Feb 28 #32
Pointless John Shaft Feb 28 #33
Sigh.... See my respon #34. LAS14 Feb 28 #35
Thanks so much!!! LAS14 Feb 28 #34
Talk about (that persons) low information. Liberal In Texas Feb 28 #41
I have a dear friend going back 40 years that told me louis-t Feb 28 #42
Sometimes I wonder if people obsessed with the grooming lunacy are in fact telling on themselves. BannonsLiver Feb 28 #43
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