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Tue Feb 27, 2024, 06:10 AM Feb 27

Last night, I'm eating dinner at a truck stop in NW Montana. [View all]

I have never been in this part of Montana before yesterday, had a stop in a small town south of here. Roads were pretty slippery after a small but moderate snowfall, I came back to truck stop for the night.

I’m setting at the counter and just began to eat, when a guy walked in and sat a couple of seats down. I usually don’t have a conversation with anyone just in case they want to talk about Trump, guns or the GOBers. But what a shocker, this guy started in about how the GOBers and Trump were tearing down the country and ruining our democracy. He was a former republican, but now he’s views have changed. I ended up talking with him for about an half hour. He was very sensible and I could see he still was a bit conservative, yet he didn’t have anything good to say about the Republican Party. He finishes with, “Trump will never be the president that Joe Biden is or any other president was”.

I walked out of there with a smile on my face.

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Brave of you to broach the topic with a stranger. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #1
Did you miss the part about the other guy broached the subject? niyad Feb 27 #18
I saw it. Still have to choose to engage. I ignore political bait all the fucking time. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #44
That isn't what your post said, though. niyad Feb 27 #45
That is what the post said. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #47
You need to reread the post. The other guy started off. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #55
My thoughts exactly. SoFlaBro Feb 27 #70
Difference of Opinion. Beowulf42 Feb 27 #49
That's exactly right Beowulf42 montanacowboy Feb 27 #66
Yes. It's so bad that it drove the publisher of Wonkette soldierant Feb 27 #76
Thanks for sharing StayAheadOTheWeather Feb 27 #2
Hey, glad you braved the cold and started posting! Hope to see more niyad Feb 27 #22
You an over the road truck driver like MarineCombatEngineer? KS Toronado Feb 27 #3
Just got done parking in a truck stop in Seattle, WA. and saw this thread MarineCombatEngineer Feb 27 #79
You're very brave. I don't talk to strangers any more than necessary for obvious reasons * Oopsie Daisy Feb 27 #4
Since the other trucker broached the subject, it was a fairly safe bet. niyad Feb 27 #23
Yes it was. Strange some did not see that. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #56
Dear god, people. krkaufman Feb 27 #67
Now we're smiling, too, imanamerican63!! Leghorn21 Feb 27 #5
Conservativism is respectable. Take-no-prisoners maga connedservatives are utterly deplorable Bernardo de La Paz Feb 27 #6
I've always said that there's nothing wrong with real, actual, traditional conservatism. Aristus Feb 27 #35
Nice ying-yang meme on Liberal/Conservative. Reminds me of Bernardo de La Paz Feb 27 #38
I'm fifty-five. Liberal until I DIE! Aristus Feb 27 #39
Older than you but ALSO Liberal til I die! calimary Feb 27 #52
... Aristus Feb 27 #53
I would add that the foundations of liberalism / conservatism are the same Bernardo de La Paz Feb 27 #42
Condensed from the time of McGovern - Goldwater... Hermit-The-Prog Feb 27 #51
I agree. We should label Social Security and Medicare as being conservative. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #57
"Take-no-prisoners maga connedservatives are utterly deplorable"...totally agree. nt mitch96 Feb 27 #62
Thanks for sharing this! BlueMTexpat Feb 27 #7
They do seem to like their senator whose democratic. jimfields33 Feb 27 #8
From what I hear, people BlueMTexpat Feb 27 #16
Lived in MT when Tester was running AKwannabe Feb 27 #24
He could use BlueSky3 Feb 27 #48
Thompson Falls jayschool2013 Feb 27 #9
Wishing her all possible success. niyad Feb 27 #21
Sometimes, working people realize from whose ranks Biden comes, and from whose ranks Trump doesn't come. DFW Feb 27 #10
That is a point that needs to be stressed more. Trump was never part of the ranks. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #59
Great story! True Dough Feb 27 #11
That's a big deal right there. Maybe it will start a fire of reason. We can only hope. BradBo Feb 27 #12
that's refreshing to hear. Thanks. nt ecstatic Feb 27 #13
There is hope. Thanks for sharing. How was dinner? twodogsbarking Feb 27 #14
K&R spanone Feb 27 #15
Thanks for that PatSeg Feb 27 #17
Wow, thanks for sharing that very encouraging news! niyad Feb 27 #19
Meanwhile, the rest are mired in delusions. czarjak Feb 27 #20
25% of the party now agrees w him. the ground has shifted. mopinko Feb 27 #25
He woke up! patphil Feb 27 #26
See? 2naSalit Feb 27 #27
As I noted below, this is very encouraging. MontanaMama Feb 27 #33
True. 2naSalit Feb 27 #36
Just a dusting MontanaMama Feb 27 #37
The same... 2naSalit Feb 27 #40
I know. Seems that we pay now MontanaMama Feb 27 #41
Pretty soon... 2naSalit Feb 27 #58
It sounds like you lucked out on that one. It could have been quite trying. Firestorm49 Feb 27 #28
Thanks for sharing. It's good to know this is happening. Martin68 Feb 27 #29
My folks are done with Trump too underpants Feb 27 #30
Stories like the post and yours need to be more out in public. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #60
Wow. In NW Montana to boot. MontanaMama Feb 27 #31
Northern MT here. There are quite a few vocal Dems around here GusBob Feb 27 #32
This gives me hope Ohioboy Feb 27 #34
The media will be going to truck stops & talking to folks like him, right? CaptainTruth Feb 27 #43
When the media doesn't go to those places. The people need to put it out in the public. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #61
encouraging. Thanks for sharing it. Evolve Dammit Feb 27 #46
This is good. mountain grammy Feb 27 #50
There will be plenty more like him. LiberalFighter Feb 27 #54
Good to hear!! PortTack Feb 27 #63
That would be better with a meal than dessert appleannie1 Feb 27 #64
shades of 24 hours from tulsa lol nt msongs Feb 27 #65
Did he say anything about Taylor Swift? flying_wahini Feb 27 #68
his primary results and the size of his incessant rallies barbtries Feb 27 #69
Sounds like the Montana I was familiar with, in the western part of the state Attilatheblond Feb 27 #71
Stoey ended differently than i expected Demovictory9 Feb 27 #72
My question: Where was the guy from? Montana or passing through? NT SayItLoud Feb 27 #73
what is a GOBers. ? NGeorgian Feb 27 #74
Biden got 40% in Montana. TwilightZone Feb 27 #75
Could it be bdamomma Feb 27 #77
Hey there fellow road warrior, MarineCombatEngineer Feb 27 #78
I live in a condo community cannabis_flower Feb 28 #80
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