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30. Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do.
Tue Feb 27, 2024, 12:23 AM
Feb 27

Take some time.

Catch your breath.

Get some rest.

Just know we’re still here for whenever you need somebody to talk to, and certainly for when you decide you can come back and join us again.

Sending you the best strength vibes I’ve got!

Holding you in love and light. niyad Feb 26 #1
A BIG hug 💕🥰 Raine Feb 26 #2
Enjoy your time out. You always add to this community. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 26 #3
Get yourself straight and know we will MOMFUDSKI Feb 26 #4
Take bdamomma Feb 26 #5
Hang in there. Come back when you can. Ocelot II Feb 26 #6
I hope your time away is short thinkingagain Feb 26 #7
Take care of yourself and come back when you are ready. brer cat Feb 26 #8
Best to you, sprinkleeninow.. whathehell Feb 26 #9
dang it. never like to hear this sort of thing. but you must certainly stopdiggin Feb 26 #10
I get it, but I'd far rather hear this soldierant Feb 27 #50
Take care... 2naSalit Feb 26 #11
((sprinkle)) blm Feb 26 #12
Peace, safe journey and good health wishes for you, too. ((hugs)) Deuxcents Feb 26 #13
💖 we can do it Feb 26 #14
This message was self-deleted by its author MerryBlooms Feb 26 #15
... spanone Feb 26 #16
Wishing you strength and serenity. 3catwoman3 Feb 26 #17
Please take all the time you need. Come back when you're ready. LoisB Feb 26 #18
Just know that you will be greatly missed! nocoincidences Feb 26 #19
Take good care of yourself and come back soon. We'll have your back till then! Backseat Driver Feb 26 #20
A big hug! Come back soon. Demsrule86 Feb 26 #21
Take good care of you, sprinkleeninow!! pazzyanne Feb 26 #22
... Aristus Feb 26 #23
I know what that feels like peggysue2 Feb 27 #24
Take care of yourself MustLoveBeagles Feb 27 #25
We remain with you. pandr32 Feb 27 #26
Sending hugs and wonderful, positive energy to you, sprinkleeninow! MLAA Feb 27 #27
Good luck. May your situation resolve well. electric_blue68 Feb 27 #28
Love + light + peace to you -- and a warm hug. fierywoman Feb 27 #29
Sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do. calimary Feb 27 #30
❤️ Be well, pe at peace, and take care of yourself Hekate Feb 27 #31
We all need time away to do some reflection and self care. MontanaMama Feb 27 #32
Sending you a big hug! summer_in_TX Feb 27 #33
Alll the best malaise Feb 27 #34
See you when you feel better then. pwb Feb 27 #35
I will miss you. murielm99 Feb 27 #36
I will miss you, but hope that life will ease and you can come back! lark Feb 27 #37
You'll handle this with peace and strength, knowing that everything works to the good. ancianita Feb 27 #38
Will be thinking about you. mgardener Feb 27 #39
I can't wait till you come back. marble falls Feb 27 #40
Hang in there and best wishes, ED Evolve Dammit Feb 27 #41
Wrap yourself in the music 🎶 and let it heal you. catrose Feb 27 #42
There is no reason to apologize. OldBaldy1701E Feb 27 #43
Warm Peaceful vibes. We ❤️ you. onecaliberal Feb 27 #44
Take care of yourself and come back when you livetohike Feb 27 #45
Best wishes, of course 💕 AbnerBunny Feb 27 #46
Echoing what others are posting. ChazII Feb 27 #47
May you find peace, dear friend No Vested Interest Feb 27 #48
Strength and honor. WheelWalker Feb 27 #49
Good idea💯 MFM008 Feb 27 #51
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