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Mr. Ected

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29. Expect the media to exacerbate the issue when Biden wins and Trump and the GOP disputes
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 07:25 PM
Feb 25

Though all of us know that it simply a dangerous game of cosplay, the media will present Trump's case as bona-fide and won't offer any rebuttal or fact-check. The ultimate "both sides" game that may end up costing us a democracy.

true elleng Feb 25 #1
It is why I try to tell people the election outcome will NOT be the last word if the traitor loses. Eliot Rosewater Feb 25 #2
This time around, I hope the National Guard is empowered and the Capitol Police are out in force Hekate Feb 25 #3
I would expect... 2naSalit Feb 25 #6
This time they will be prepared DENVERPOPS Feb 25 #33
You hit the nail on the head: AllyCat Feb 25 #42
I keep thinking about how Hitler had to kill off the SA first... Bucky Feb 25 #9
Fortunately... ShazzieB Feb 25 #27
I think Biden is prepared and has a FAFO warning for whoever wants to start some serious shit. CTyankee Feb 25 #46
Pres Biden will be in Charge So Cha Feb 25 #54
I feel the same way... Think. Again. Feb 25 #4
Yep. Scrivener7 Feb 25 #5
Those thinking otherwise have their heads in the sand. durablend Feb 25 #7
I'm getting nervous about election day. Trump's people are planning a takeover of voting in key states. I am certain CTyankee Feb 25 #8
I hope the various law enforcement agencies Blue Idaho Feb 25 #10
Yeah, that's a pretty bad idea Bucky Feb 25 #11
Disagree Blue Idaho Feb 25 #47
It's the hallmark of a shithole country Turbineguy Feb 25 #12
Of course not. Bucky Feb 25 #19
I fear you are right...nt Wounded Bear Feb 25 #13
Just a suggestion orangecrush Feb 25 #14
Um... Bucky Feb 25 #15
... orangecrush Feb 25 #17
This time shoot on site. edisdead Feb 25 #16
Or watch them get slapped on the wrists again ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 25 #41
Big difference - Biden's in charge onetexan Feb 25 #18
That's why I think the "showdown" won't be in DC Bucky Feb 25 #24
Maybe a couple of states, but not New Mexico; that blue island of the West doesn't put up with that shit. ancianita Feb 25 #35
I'm glad to read New Mexico is ready Bucky Feb 25 #36
I agree... Think. Again. Feb 25 #53
Those are Dems controlled states onetexan Feb 26 #59
Do you mean like the massive Mme. Defarge Feb 25 #20
Garland won't let it get that far. He'll have Trump locked up Emile Feb 25 #21
i'm just the opposite et tu Feb 25 #22
Wars are not won by generals counting on the enemy collapsing Bucky Feb 25 #25
time will tell et tu Feb 25 #28
Me too. Straw Man Feb 26 #57
exactly, et tu Feb 26 #61
Maybe not Wednesday. Mail-in ballot processing. RandomNumbers Feb 25 #23
If Trump gets back in office the worst violence will occur after January 20, 2025. And it won't Gaugamela Feb 25 #26
Expect the media to exacerbate the issue when Biden wins and Trump and the GOP disputes Mr. Ected Feb 25 #29
What they seem to forget is that Republicans are not the only ones who own firearms * Oopsie Daisy Feb 25 #30
A fair point, but I'm not talking about a civil war Bucky Feb 25 #32
This touches on the point I came here to make Gimble Feb 26 #56
yep indeed Evolve Dammit Feb 25 #31
I hope the Navy and Air Force at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling are prepared. cab67 Feb 25 #34
I can't see how they'd be involved Bucky Feb 25 #50
I've thought that for quite a while canetoad Feb 25 #37
And then there's the GOP State Legislators who ready to overturn the results BadGimp Feb 25 #38
Yep Cosmocat Feb 25 #43
Yep - The Astrology Chart for the 2024 Election Shows Great Potential for Lying, Cheating and Mob Violence. panfluteman Feb 25 #39
Lol Bucky Feb 25 #49
Letting150 Big Lie-ars remain in Congress practically guarantees some nasty bidniss for the foreseeable future! PTL_Mancuso Feb 25 #40
Have we ever had like a big violent event at voting places? If that is what you are thinking BootinUp Feb 25 #44
That was my original idea. On reflection I'm refining my take Bucky Feb 25 #48
There is no doubt that these things are possible, but I also believe BootinUp Feb 25 #51
You are way more optimistic than me. Tribetime Feb 25 #45
The alternative is unacceptable. Fact. czarjak Feb 25 #55
What if he wins? Polybius Feb 25 #52
His messaging depends on bullying, and bullying always leads to violence Bucky Feb 26 #60
Speaking of which, a friend sent me this screenshot from the trump team ecstatic Feb 26 #58
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