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12. Yeah, the usual....
Sun Feb 25, 2024, 12:53 PM
Feb 2024

"I don't want it, but I'll de damned if I'm going to let you have it," bullshit. 🙄

I really don't blame Malaria from not wanting to move into the White House with His Assholiness, but you can't have it both ways.

I remember when the MAGAts were crowing, "Finally, someone with some class as First Lady again." They detested Michelle Obama, for obvious reasons, but to say Malaria has class? It just goes to show how easily those rubes can be fooled.

Just a pile of embarrassment, that family. marble falls Feb 2024 #1
This is what happens when you put soap operas on in prime time underpants Feb 2024 #2
Really don't care, do you? AllyCat Feb 2024 #3
What sick fucks. Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #4
Stayed behind to continue dalliances with boy friend. gibraltar72 Feb 2024 #5
So Melania only wanted it to keep Ivanka from it? eShirl Feb 2024 #6
Yeah, the usual.... SergeStorms Feb 2024 #12
This family is like something out of PatSeg Feb 2024 #7
Or as rich mercuryblues Feb 2024 #13
Ha, ha! PatSeg Feb 2024 #15
Touched by trump Turbineguy Feb 2024 #8
Another reality show? "Daughter Wives"? Midnight Writer Feb 2024 #9
And Trump loved every second of it. tanyev Feb 2024 #10
In the New York Post? SergeStorms Feb 2024 #11
Who here will be surprised if we eventually find out that Ivana was offed by Trump's goons? Sky Jewels Feb 2024 #14
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