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Hey, Costas! PJMcK Feb 24 #1
Yeah, not a good try. Kingofalldems Feb 24 #2
I thought Bob Costas had retired. TSExile Feb 24 #3
STFU, Wiggy. Go cover a Little League game or something. CurtEastPoint Feb 24 #4
Bob who? n/t Mister Ed Feb 24 #5
Well bless his heart. bluesbassman Feb 24 #6
Thinking same Rebl2 Feb 24 #23
Don't let the door hit ya on the way out, Bob. Croney Feb 24 #7
I don't think I've ever heard the term "hubris" and Joe Biden used in the same sentence before. sop Feb 24 #8
Agree. Weve been batting around the idea that its a human nature Laura PourMeADrink Feb 24 #20
Wow. And who exactly are we coalescecing around at this late stage? NCDem47 Feb 24 #9
Screw him AND MOMFUDSKI Feb 24 #10
lol stonecutter357 Feb 24 #11
Stick to sports, Bob. Oneironaut Feb 24 #12
His Pink-Eye must have infected his brain maxrandb Feb 24 #13
and what did Maher say? What I find interesting is none of these jackasses never tell JohnSJ Feb 24 #14
If I remember, Maher said something like: "I'd take Joe Biden's head in a lab jar filled with green slime to trump." Silent Type Feb 24 #27
I am glad to hear that. Thanks JohnSJ Feb 24 #29
Old man tells other old man, old president too old in Johonny Feb 24 #15
Bob ain't no spring chicken. sop Feb 24 #22
That's actually a bit surprising. TwilightZone Feb 24 #16
Stay in your lane, Bobbie. It ain't braggin' when he's tellin' facts...nt Wounded Bear Feb 24 #17
Blow it out your ass, Costas. Same for that douchebag Maher. (nt) Paladin Feb 24 #18
Stick to sports Ritabert Feb 24 #19
I think his pink eye may have burned his brain JanMichael Feb 24 #21
Shut up, you 72 year old worthless fart. nevergiveup Feb 24 #24
Fuck you Bob Costas, you repug pushing piece of shit! lark Feb 24 #25
What a silly position... Think. Again. Feb 24 #26
hubris is as hubris does bobby IA8IT Feb 24 #28
Bob, you're a one trick pony... agingdem Feb 24 #30
How anyone can talk about hubris/politics without pointing to don trmp is unfathomable spanone Feb 24 #31
Costas OLDMDDEM Feb 24 #32
The nerve of a sitting president running for reelection... lame54 Feb 24 #33
Complete your half-formed thought, Lil' Bobby. LudwigPastorius Feb 24 #34
Who cares what a sports announcer thinks about political issues? LetMyPeopleVote Feb 24 #35
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