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29. This is great! Sorry I missed this in the holiday hullabaloo
Fri Nov 23, 2012, 10:58 AM
Nov 2012

Bookmarking for future discussion with people who keep asking me "What do you think of this fiscal cliff?" And I don't work in finance...people ARE talking about this.

The “Fiscal Cliff” Hoax [View all] Time for change Nov 2012 OP
over the cliff is good for democrats instead of selling out to republicans...again nt msongs Nov 2012 #1
Over the "cliff", and then... Time for change Nov 2012 #14
That's the exact strategy that will win us House seats in 2014! grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #60
Keep it simple. Fantastic Anarchist Nov 2012 #48
To paraphrase Krugman, this is a political crisis, not a fiscal crisis. Huge K&R nt riderinthestorm Nov 2012 #2
Yes, Krugman is a national treasure Time for change Nov 2012 #3
Good read as always ... Happy thanks Giving ... rtassi Nov 2012 #4
Thanks - Happy Thanksgiving Time for change Nov 2012 #9
Paul Krugman Fire Walk With Me Nov 2012 #5
"... never really about the deficit... about using deficit fears to shred the social safety net..." Scuba Nov 2012 #6
AS importantly, chervilant Nov 2012 #18
Great quote. rudycantfail Nov 2012 #45
The following also expire Morganfleeman Nov 2012 #7
Yes, there are good things that will expire at the end of the year too Time for change Nov 2012 #8
Thanks for pointing that out customerserviceguy Nov 2012 #24
It does John2 Nov 2012 #37
Yes, but it's far better for us to reinstate those as individual bills, grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #62
K&R myrna minx Nov 2012 #10
K&R for jumping. 99Forever Nov 2012 #11
You and I wish ... Fantastic Anarchist Nov 2012 #42
Species of Disaster Capitalism. DirkGently Nov 2012 #12
Thanks for this concise info (nt) hexola Nov 2012 #13
Textbook Disaster Capitalism. Faryn Balyncd Nov 2012 #15
K&R. Well said. Until we have a tiny transaction tax on Wall Street trades, or seriously reduce the Overseas Nov 2012 #16
Excellent concise points Time for change Nov 2012 #30
Thank you. Bugs me that getting revenue from the wealthy is seen as a Concession by GOP. Overseas Nov 2012 #38
Plus, because I wanted to spell it out. Fantastic Anarchist Nov 2012 #43
I kinda stole your words. RC Nov 2012 #54
K&R. and saving to read more later BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2012 #17
Thank you very much Blanche Time for change Nov 2012 #19
Ooooh! please let us know BlancheSplanchnik Nov 2012 #34
Thank you. Time for change Nov 2012 #39
. Ghost Dog Nov 2012 #46
Great post! Poiuyt Nov 2012 #20
May I make a correction? Why don't more GOP'ers look... because the truth hurts them! nightscanner59 Nov 2012 #21
Let's Go Over the Cliff mckara Nov 2012 #22
Thanks for a most important post. Faryn Balyncd Nov 2012 #23
Not only is the "fiscal cliff" a hoax, the Tea Party solution would create an economic disaster. AdHocSolver Nov 2012 #25
I think that bottom line is that Time for change Nov 2012 #36
These are the policies that are now required (parsing Borosage): Ghost Dog Nov 2012 #26
How tall is this "cliff" underoath Nov 2012 #27
Somewhere the Democratic Party is going to have to make a stand. kentuck Nov 2012 #28
This is great! Sorry I missed this in the holiday hullabaloo AllyCat Nov 2012 #29
That's because chervilant Nov 2012 #33
Awesome OP. Will be bookmarking and reading it again. freshwest Nov 2012 #31
The Disaster Capitalists chervilant Nov 2012 #32
What I John2 Nov 2012 #35
yep! NoMoreWarNow Nov 2012 #41
this cannot be emphasized enough and NoMoreWarNow Nov 2012 #40
I don't normally rec posts ... Fantastic Anarchist Nov 2012 #44
This is like saying the Titanic can't sink davidn3600 Nov 2012 #47
Uh.. sendero Nov 2012 #49
I pretty much agree with all that Time for change Nov 2012 #50
Need jobs? RC Nov 2012 #51
Yep over the fiscal speed bump......... socialist_n_TN Nov 2012 #52
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Nov 2012 #53
Unfortunately the WH has adopted (another) right wing meme Doctor_J Nov 2012 #55
The tax cuts for the wealthy have been in effect for 10 years & the jobs have hemorraged (been lost judesedit Nov 2012 #56
Keeping it kicked. nt woo me with science Nov 2012 #57
Awesome OP blackspade Nov 2012 #58
Certainly I agree, but the White House is screwing US again. Savannahmann Nov 2012 #59
We need to reframe it as the "Fiscal Bluff", or similar. grahamhgreen Nov 2012 #61
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