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32. good for your pastor
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 03:02 PM
Feb 23

I spent about 15 years working in the UMC from choir director to Certified Lay Minister to Co-Pastor in the conference I was in for first 12 years at annual conference there was alway a huge fight on ordaining lgbtq pastors. The final yar I was in charge of the Church and Society board of the conference, the haters figured out they lost on that question and there was no issue brought up about it. But the hatrers being haters found a new issue to gripe about: being able to bring your guns into church.

Very powerful message! GreenWave Feb 23 #1
Good for him! Delphinus Feb 23 #2
i used that "line" on my very catholic MIL... ret5hd Feb 23 #3
love thy neighbor tends to confound them. so does not reacting to them. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #16
My M-I-L is very Catholic, too DFW Feb 23 #23
I would say less worrying about the invisible cloud being liking us, and more.. NoRethugFriends Feb 23 #4
But for those who value the opinion of the invisible cloud being, this approach could be effective with some of them. ShazzieB Feb 23 #17
Good for your pastor!!! So far we have had none of that in my church yellowdogintexas Feb 23 #5
We too have had no need to vote and are definitely staying with The United Methodist Church. summer_in_TX Feb 23 #11
We have already had a vote, changed the name of our church and will be leaving the UMC. SlimJimmy Feb 23 #24
We are getting a number of people who's church have left ripcord Feb 23 #28
I imagine you're not the only ones Random Boomer Feb 23 #40
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 23 #6
I'm bad with names too sometimes after 50 years JoseBalow Feb 23 #8
I suspect that H2O Man Feb 23 #19
wth! Celerity Feb 23 #20
I humored them. H2O Man Feb 23 #29
Recommended and thank you for sharing. Your pastor is one of the good ones, and I'll remember him... Hekate Feb 23 #7
Our church just broke away. Very disappointed. marble falls Feb 23 #9
Hopefully you can find a new one that is actually following the doctrine of love and tolerance. Celerity Feb 23 #21
We interviewed three local churches, two Lutheran, one Presbyterian ... marble falls Feb 23 #25
In my rural Virginia county . . . AverageOldGuy Feb 23 #10
Dont hide your light under a basket. The nature of ones soul is what counts, not Karadeniz Feb 23 #12
I like the esoteric tenor of your post. So many have died as a result of exoteric Christianity (and other religions) PatrickforB Feb 23 #30
Thanks for the suggestions !!! Karadeniz Feb 23 #35
As a lapsed Methodist, it's good to hear of your pastor. fierywoman Feb 23 #13
Fellow lapsed Methodist here. Aristus Feb 23 #34
ding . love thy neighbor . no exceptions !!!!!!. your pastor does the walk. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #14
time for renewlal of baptismal vows too also. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #15
I've been there, too RainCaster Feb 23 #18
That's some inspiration, right there. JudyM Feb 23 #22
Good for your pastor! Joinfortmill Feb 23 #26
Now that's taking names and kicking butt. Kudos. NoMoreRepugs Feb 23 #27
My Mother in laws attends a Lutheran church in Sun City West Arizona and the choir director was a gay man and the newer kimbutgar Feb 23 #31
good for your pastor gopiscrap Feb 23 #32
Thank you for posting and for being human BaronChocula Feb 23 #33
Well said. Duppers Feb 24 #49
I certainly agree with everything you said and want your church said. chouchou Feb 23 #36
Good for your pastor Clash City Rocker Feb 23 #37
Love that meme Demovictory9 Feb 23 #38
My church choir has a straight director, SleeplessinSoCal Feb 23 #39
My local church and 85% of my AC is staying inclusive and welcoming. The rest left with the Bishop. Marcuse Feb 23 #41
Good for your pastor. appleannie1 Feb 23 #42
Intense Ripcord Duncanpup Feb 23 #43
Putin must be giddy watching even religious institutions fractured in the US. Evolve Dammit Feb 23 #44
MAN, what a GREAT message! WORLD-CLASS. calimary Feb 23 #45
That is so wonderfully different from the fire and brimstone limbicnuminousity Feb 23 #46
K&R spanone Feb 23 #47
the evolution of religious belief is about 2000 to 4000 years behind scientific discovery Layzeebeaver Feb 23 #48
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