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Fri Feb 23, 2024, 10:17 AM Feb 23

woman diagnosed with rupturing ectopic pregnancy. TX hospital told her to go home and wait [View all]

An ectopic pregnancy put her life at risk. A Texas hospital refused to treat her.
The 25-year-old woman and her mother blame the state’s abortion ban for a delay in care that doctors say put her “in extreme danger of losing her life”

The law that has prohibited abortions in Texas since Roe v. Wade was overturned now explicitly allows doctors to treat ectopic pregnancies. But when doctors at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital evaluated Norris-De La Cruz last week, they refused to terminate the pregnancy, saying there was some chance the pregnancy was still viable, Norris-De La Cruz recalled. Instead, they advised her and her mother to go home and wait, according to medical records reviewed by The Washington Post.

Norris-De La Cruz ultimately received emergency surgery about 24 hours later at a different hospital in the area, at which point her ectopic pregnancy had already started to rupture. The OB/GYN who performed the procedure said that, if Norris-De La Cruz had waited much longer, she would have been “in extreme danger of losing her life.”

“I was scared I was going to ... lose my entire reproductive system if they waited too long,” Norris-De La Cruz said in an interview two days after her surgery. “I knew it could happen at any moment.”

Her case highlights a chilling reality of post-Roe America: Medical exceptions to abortion bans have not stopped doctors from turning away patients with significant pregnancy complications, often with harrowing consequences. Their stories underscore the messy collision between abortion laws and medical diagnoses — and the struggles of doctors and hospitals to navigate what many say are inadequate legal protections to treat women with life-threatening conditions.

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Oh my God. That is a fucking death sentence. Scrivener7 Feb 23 #1
Any so-called doctor liberalhistorian Feb 23 #82
What a fucking idiot! With my ectopic they couldn't even find the embryo! It was so weird Maraya1969 Feb 23 #85
Repugs don't care Ohio Joe Feb 23 #2
100% Johnny2X2X Feb 23 #5
Even if it Rebl2 Feb 23 #27
Aside from the obvious exceptions Grokenstein Feb 23 #67
Well of course Rebl2 Feb 23 #77
Ah, c'mon. It's not gonna happen to republican women. Texin Feb 23 #78
That is painful and pure torture and if anyone survives........................... Lovie777 Feb 23 #3
They love to make women and girls suffer nt Wicked Blue Feb 23 #4
'The Handmaid's Tale'.... SergeStorms Feb 23 #12
Not long to this: AZ8theist Feb 23 #76
They'll invade Brazil.... SergeStorms Feb 24 #90
They need to sue the hospital and doctor for malpractice. Ray Bruns Feb 23 #6
No they need to sue the state! Freddie Feb 23 #52
I'd like to see a study on the % multigraincracker Feb 23 #7
I've asked my in-laws about who has the best batting average at their prayer circles. Probatim Feb 23 #11
Republicans like to kill Americans. dalton99a Feb 23 #8
Especially women. niyad Feb 23 #42
It's like they watched the scene in Alien limbicnuminousity Feb 23 #9
Brought to you by the party of I DON'T CARE. Ferrets are Cool Feb 23 #10
It's abundantly clear: Republicans delight in abusing women dlk Feb 23 #13
Repukians'/talibangelists' entire.... brakester Feb 23 #53
The Christian Taliban dlk Feb 23 #56
I have been saying for nearly thirty years that it is the religious nut jobs niyad Feb 23 #86
Same here, niyad. Silver Gaia Feb 24 #92
EXACTLY!!! niyad Feb 24 #93
I think many of us are stunned about where we are dlk Feb 24 #104
Sounds like attempted murder by Texas SouthernDem4ever Feb 23 #14
In a past life. Over a four year period. I could only guess how many times I and others were alerted to get ready for... usaf-vet Feb 23 #15
I can't believe the doctors thought an ectopic pregnancy "might be viable." yardwork Feb 23 #28
I SAW NOT ONE IN FOUR YEARS that was a viable pregnancy. usaf-vet Feb 23 #46
Exactly. Ectopic pregnancies are never viable. yardwork Feb 23 #47
That's insane! Tree Lady Feb 23 #16
The New Death Panels NotHardly Feb 23 #17
Project 2025, Heritage Foundation's plan ... brakester Feb 23 #55
The REAL Death Panels. calimary Feb 24 #99
First consideration of a business bucolic_frolic Feb 23 #18
Sue the fuck out of them. Happy Hoosier Feb 23 #19
That's all they care about ArkansasDemocrat1 Feb 23 #75
They believe women are expendable and StarryNite Feb 23 #20
this must be actionable. barbtries Feb 23 #21
sue the fucking hospital and the doctors moonshinegnomie Feb 23 #22
Let's get our priorities straight. What's important here, anyway? jaxexpat Feb 23 #23
Ectopic pregnancies are not viable. niyad Feb 23 #24
So they lied to get the dying woman out of the hospital. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #35
Yes. niyad Feb 23 #36
Lovely country we live in. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #40
Amazing, is it not? back to the Dark Ages. niyad Feb 23 #44
It is like we have been thrown into a time machine. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #59
worse mercuryblues Feb 23 #63
So we are going back to before 1880. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #64
It's not viable, it never was, and never will be. But just wait, and the woman will be non-viable too. Hekate Feb 23 #25
Twenty Century Underground Railroad- transferring women out of state question everything Feb 23 #26
The trouble with a life threatening emergency is there's no time at all. Other than that, yes... Hekate Feb 23 #74
I don't understand why a TX GYN wouldn't no_hypocrisy Feb 23 #29
It's against Texas law to help a woman get an abortion. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #37
It is cost prohibitive to help in Texas whopis01 Feb 23 #49
With ectopic pregnancies, brakester Feb 23 #57
Not enough time with a rupturing ectopic pregnancy bleeding out. diane in sf Feb 23 #69
Women in Texas need to rise up and vote,out all repukes in Texas because something like this kimbutgar Feb 23 #30
ectopic pregnancy lapfog_1 Feb 23 #31
The American Medical Association must come out of their box.... FarPoint Feb 23 #32
The American Medical Association must come out of their box.... FarPoint Feb 23 #33
Doctors also have to follow state laws. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #39
I understand their need to comply with the law... FarPoint Feb 23 #45
Yes professional ethical guidelines tell us to obey the laws of the state. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #60
An ectopic pregnancy mercuryblues Feb 23 #61
The doctor is forced to follow the law, or let a patient die. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #62
This is the world the GOP wants. Torturing, killing, terrorizing women. Irish_Dem Feb 23 #34
Guess a 'hale & hearty' Thank you is due to solara Feb 23 #38
Please always give Mitch McConnell a prominent mention, as more than anyone else this Court is his creation Hekate Feb 23 #70
There was a man in line in front of her tavernier Feb 23 #41
Oh dear. I hope this Vagina-American's silly little complaint didn't delay his very important surgery! Sky Jewels Feb 23 #48
It was never viable. But wait a few days, and the woman won't be viable either... Hekate Feb 23 #43
That's batshit crazy - an ectopic pregnancy can never be viable. If the doctors actually Vinca Feb 23 #50
We knew something like this would happen sakabatou Feb 23 #51
Yes we did, and said it loudly & often Hekate Feb 23 #71
"Republican governor diagnosed with cardiac arrest. TX hospital told him to go home and wait" DBoon Feb 23 #54
If only Hekate Feb 23 #72
"...saying there was some chance the pregnancy was still viable." 3catwoman3 Feb 23 #58
Ted Haggard & Jimmy Swaggart Bible College, where they pray the gay away Hekate Feb 23 #73
I learned this fact way back in my 5th grade slightlv Feb 23 #79
That is terrifying, that poor woman wendyb-NC Feb 23 #65
Those women who can... FeelingBlue Feb 23 #66
She should sue those quack docs for malpractice and file complaints with the state medical board to revoke licenses. Liberty Belle Feb 23 #68
Sickening bdamomma Feb 23 #80
Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital: "Don't ask for our help until you're actually dying" struggle4progress Feb 23 #81
Sick fucks. Martin68 Feb 23 #83
These fucking people are sick. bottomofthehill Feb 23 #84
Ectopic pregnancy AverageOldGuy Feb 23 #87
the GOP is withdrawing modern medicine from women BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 24 #95
What fresh hell the GOP has unleashed upon its own citizens Blue Owl Feb 23 #88
There's a mama who looks like she's ready to eat some Rethuglicans stage left Feb 23 #89
she is ANGRY BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 24 #94
I don't blame her stage left Feb 29 #105
They think they're the good guys. Iggo Feb 24 #91
SHE. SHOULD. SUE !!!!!! Trueblue1968 Feb 24 #96
Insanity! róisín_dubh Feb 24 #97
Pro-Death Republicans DFW Feb 24 #98
And Texas retains... GiqueCee Feb 24 #100
As an ED physician, I would be sued if i missed an ectopic elias7 Feb 24 #101
When do witch trials make their way to the Texas Legislature and Abbot's desk for signature? Bristlecone Feb 24 #102
Sex in red states. Turbineguy Feb 24 #103
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