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76. Your "under oath" question is irrelevant.
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 09:59 AM
Feb 23

Knowingly lieing to Congress is a felony weather you are "under oath" or not. That myth that not being under oath will absolve anyone from legal cuplability seems to have been planted in the media as a way of discrediting testimony. Of course, actually prosecuting anyone for this requires an actual justice system that would hold people with wealth and power accountable, which we don't have.

Because I can't stand it any more [View all] Stinky The Clown Feb 22 OP
It seems the parliament or the people in Israel support Netanyahu. What do we do about that? Walleye Feb 22 #1
I think support for Netanyahu is shallow TheKentuckian Feb 22 #5
That's THE very good question... Think. Again. Feb 22 #7
Cut off the money! flashman13 Feb 22 #30
Short answer yes. Ferrets are Cool Feb 22 #2
Very difficult to understand how some of us can ignore this. marble falls Feb 22 #3
I reject any organization that murders civilians. Voltaire2 Feb 22 #4
Going by the UN Genocide Convention: scipan Feb 22 #6
Israel has already committed the first three, and the definition calls for any one, not all five. Lonestarblue Feb 22 #10
Well thought out. Good piece but from 12/21/23 scipan Feb 22 #38
The definition of genocide contains two necessary conditions, the first of which is specific intent. lapucelle Feb 22 #59
About a third druidity33 Feb 23 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author lapucelle Feb 23 #74
It is the specific intent to annihalate "the group as such" that must be shown. lapucelle Feb 23 #79
Well... druidity33 Feb 23 #96
Those are the elements of the crime as set out in the Geneva Convention. lapucelle Feb 23 #97
The ICJ ruling was not druidity33 Feb 23 #98
The elements of the crime are the elements of the crime. That is not an argument. It is a fact. lapucelle Feb 23 #99
What is happening in Gaza is horrific! Richard58 Feb 22 #8
With you all the way. You don't bulldoze cemeteries if you louis-t Feb 22 #9
Netanyahu says regularly Bettie Feb 22 #23
Very little regard for Israeli hostages, either. Bibi is Little Putin. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #25
Big picture it is far more important to eliminate the risk TheKentuckian Feb 22 #50
Why is it always right wing I_UndergroundPanther Feb 22 #29
As Obama said there is blood on both sides leftyladyfrommo Feb 22 #11
I want innocent people to be able to live in peace and not be killed at random. twodogsbarking Feb 22 #12
It's dividing Dems & Independents. Could mean the difference between Biden winning & losing Dark n Stormy Knight Feb 23 #91
Thanks. I don't like DUers taking sides and being nasty. twodogsbarking Feb 23 #92
Here's Sen Sanders on what he thinks about "genocide" in Gaza.. Cha Feb 22 #13
You've got to remember, Bernie is a politician. He has to walk very carefully to not upset the cart. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #20
Sanders is stating Facts.. Cha Feb 22 #26
Huh? "Mr. Sanders said people should be careful about using the word genocide". That's not a fact, that is an TeamProg Feb 22 #34
The FACT is.. It's WAR that Fucking HAMAS WANTED So Cha Feb 22 #49
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 23 #78
"We have to do everything we can to stop the killing of innocent men, women and children" is pretty popular muriel_volestrangler Feb 23 #66
I'm watching a goal post moved while it's happening! Torchlight Feb 22 #37
I'm not sure that you actually know what that phrase means.. TeamProg Feb 22 #39
Another assertion of irony Torchlight Feb 22 #40
See, I was right. You could not answer or come up with an example. Here is something for you: TeamProg Feb 22 #41
No question asked, Torchlight Feb 22 #44
Facts not opinions. sheshe2 Feb 24 #101
This is what I cannot stand Richard D Feb 22 #14
None of us can or should - if that is even true. Was she under oath? My point being that I don't think that anyone TeamProg Feb 22 #36
The fact that . . . Richard D Feb 22 #53
"(not that there are real innocents in Gaza)" ??? DemocraticPatriot Feb 23 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author redqueen Feb 23 #70
You are correct. Richard D Feb 23 #80
Thank you. redqueen Feb 23 #82
Thank you for understanding Richard D Feb 23 #86
I'm agnostic leaning towards atheist redqueen Feb 23 #95
There is a mystical branch of Islam Richard D Feb 24 #100
Your "under oath" question is irrelevant. Scruffy1 Feb 23 #76
Sure, but exaggerating, embellishing are common. Under oath narrows those possibilities. You are making severe claims so TeamProg Feb 23 #88
Totally agree that Netanyahu is a murderer and a thug. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 22 #15
I am sicken by the genocidal killing of children and their parents. Fla Dem Feb 22 #16
" It makes them no better than Hamas and, in the end, Israel will become a pariah." The world's judgement will not be TeamProg Feb 22 #18
They are at pariah status now. Netanyahu fucked Israel's future over for decades. Sky Jewels Feb 22 #19
This. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #24
Thank you! Goddessartist Feb 23 #68
"Did Hamas bring this on the citizens of Gaza? " I think that's debatable. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #21
What was the alternative? TheKentuckian Feb 22 #27
Too many to list. It is however clear, that Bibi wanted nothing more than to use any means to complete his forced TeamProg Feb 22 #28
So nothing. TheKentuckian Feb 22 #45
History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #48
Still nothing. TheKentuckian Feb 22 #51
History will not be kind. TeamProg Feb 22 #52
Very well stated Evolve Dammit Feb 22 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author TeamProg Feb 22 #17
This is the Warsaw Ghetto all over again. Shame on Netanyahu and all the extremists who sail in him. Ford_Prefect Feb 22 #22
The irony is thick, the plot is thin, the history will be rich in sadness. nt TeamProg Feb 22 #32
I get the sense you have no idea TexasDem69 Feb 22 #46
I beg very much to differ. Ford_Prefect Feb 23 #63
The information that you cite does not support your claim. N/T lapucelle Feb 23 #81
I agree with you 100%. Two wrongs do not make anything right. flashman13 Feb 22 #31
We've been seeing it. onecaliberal Feb 22 #33
This is creating a split in the democratic party. Mosby Feb 22 #35
It isn't. This will be old news by late summer. Some other fucking crisis will supplant this. SoFlaBro Feb 22 #42
I'm with you. It's why my time here is limited. sellitman Feb 23 #90
Genocide is a strong word. WarGamer Feb 22 #43
No we are not seeing genocide in Gaza TexasDem69 Feb 22 #47
Agreed!!! sellitman Feb 23 #94
No, not genocide. It's a war started by Hamas. Patton French Feb 22 #54
You really can't blame EndlessWire Feb 22 #56
I agree Hamas and bibi can both be genocidal JT45242 Feb 22 #57
Not just netanyahu redqueen Feb 23 #71
Agreed...but if he was removed would that faction shrink JT45242 Feb 23 #83
I am not consuming tons of news on it BootinUp Feb 22 #58
DURec leftstreet Feb 22 #60
It's not a genocide. It's war Arazi Feb 22 #61
Those are not exclusive. But carry on. NT. Voltaire2 Feb 23 #65
"30,000 dead Palestinians is just plain inexcusable." EX500rider Feb 23 #62
Just a thought... Roy Rolling Feb 23 #67
100% Goddessartist Feb 23 #69
I agree Stinky Be The Light Feb 23 #73
Netanyahu bdamomma Feb 23 #75
This is what Hamas wants. They don't call it genocide, they call it jihad martyrdom. LeftInTX Feb 23 #77
Governing is too hard. nt BootinUp Feb 23 #84
Governing is too hard, just let Putin handle it. Nt BootinUp Feb 23 #85
No Mountainguy Feb 23 #87
So here we are. the_sly_pig Feb 23 #89
Putin is clapping. Nothing. I mean nothing will distract me from the election. themaguffin Feb 23 #93
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