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13. As a lapsed Methodist, it's good to hear of your pastor.
Fri Feb 23, 2024, 01:57 AM
Feb 23

The pastor I went through my confirmation with (early 1960's) was your kind of pastor -- he gave a sermon on Mother's Day about the need to be supportive and loving to unwed mothers. He was replaced by that other kind of Methodist, whereupon I, around age 15, left. I did love going to that church -- it was the oldest Methodist church on Long Island: late 18th century, I still remember the little rectangles of hand blown pale pastel glass in the windows.

Very powerful message! GreenWave Feb 23 #1
Good for him! Delphinus Feb 23 #2
i used that "line" on my very catholic MIL... ret5hd Feb 23 #3
love thy neighbor tends to confound them. so does not reacting to them. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #16
My M-I-L is very Catholic, too DFW Feb 23 #23
I would say less worrying about the invisible cloud being liking us, and more.. NoRethugFriends Feb 23 #4
But for those who value the opinion of the invisible cloud being, this approach could be effective with some of them. ShazzieB Feb 23 #17
Good for your pastor!!! So far we have had none of that in my church yellowdogintexas Feb 23 #5
We too have had no need to vote and are definitely staying with The United Methodist Church. summer_in_TX Feb 23 #11
We have already had a vote, changed the name of our church and will be leaving the UMC. SlimJimmy Feb 23 #24
We are getting a number of people who's church have left ripcord Feb 23 #28
I imagine you're not the only ones Random Boomer Feb 23 #40
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 23 #6
I'm bad with names too sometimes after 50 years JoseBalow Feb 23 #8
I suspect that H2O Man Feb 23 #19
wth! Celerity Feb 23 #20
I humored them. H2O Man Feb 23 #29
Recommended and thank you for sharing. Your pastor is one of the good ones, and I'll remember him... Hekate Feb 23 #7
Our church just broke away. Very disappointed. marble falls Feb 23 #9
Hopefully you can find a new one that is actually following the doctrine of love and tolerance. Celerity Feb 23 #21
We interviewed three local churches, two Lutheran, one Presbyterian ... marble falls Feb 23 #25
In my rural Virginia county . . . AverageOldGuy Feb 23 #10
Dont hide your light under a basket. The nature of ones soul is what counts, not Karadeniz Feb 23 #12
I like the esoteric tenor of your post. So many have died as a result of exoteric Christianity (and other religions) PatrickforB Feb 23 #30
Thanks for the suggestions !!! Karadeniz Feb 23 #35
As a lapsed Methodist, it's good to hear of your pastor. fierywoman Feb 23 #13
Fellow lapsed Methodist here. Aristus Feb 23 #34
ding . love thy neighbor . no exceptions !!!!!!. your pastor does the walk. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #14
time for renewlal of baptismal vows too also. AllaN01Bear Feb 23 #15
I've been there, too RainCaster Feb 23 #18
That's some inspiration, right there. JudyM Feb 23 #22
Good for your pastor! Joinfortmill Feb 23 #26
Now that's taking names and kicking butt. Kudos. NoMoreRepugs Feb 23 #27
My Mother in laws attends a Lutheran church in Sun City West Arizona and the choir director was a gay man and the newer kimbutgar Feb 23 #31
good for your pastor gopiscrap Feb 23 #32
Thank you for posting and for being human BaronChocula Feb 23 #33
Well said. Duppers Feb 24 #49
I certainly agree with everything you said and want your church said. chouchou Feb 23 #36
Good for your pastor Clash City Rocker Feb 23 #37
Love that meme Demovictory9 Feb 23 #38
My church choir has a straight director, SleeplessinSoCal Feb 23 #39
My local church and 85% of my AC is staying inclusive and welcoming. The rest left with the Bishop. Marcuse Feb 23 #41
Good for your pastor. appleannie1 Feb 23 #42
Intense Ripcord Duncanpup Feb 23 #43
Putin must be giddy watching even religious institutions fractured in the US. Evolve Dammit Feb 23 #44
MAN, what a GREAT message! WORLD-CLASS. calimary Feb 23 #45
That is so wonderfully different from the fire and brimstone limbicnuminousity Feb 23 #46
K&R spanone Feb 23 #47
the evolution of religious belief is about 2000 to 4000 years behind scientific discovery Layzeebeaver Feb 23 #48
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