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1. The Informant Turned Defendant Who Took Aim at the Bidens (NYT)
Thu Feb 22, 2024, 03:52 PM
Feb 2024

How Alexander Smirnov managed to convince business partners, law enforcement agencies and politicians he had something of value to offer remains an enigma.

Kenneth P. Vogel
By Glenn Thrush and Kenneth P. Vogel
Reporting from Washington

Alexander Smirnov was, in many ways, the archetype of an informant operating in the shadowlands of the former Soviet Union — a profiteer, fixer and gossip who promoted his ability to make sense of a confusing landscape to American law enforcement agencies.

For more than a decade, he played a double game, giving the F.B.I. tantalizing visibility into a cast of oligarchs and public officials while offering himself as a consultant, with a hard-to-define skill set, to some of the same people he was keeping tabs on.

Then he stepped over the line.

In 2020, Mr. Smirnov told his F.B.I. handler what prosecutors say was a brazen lie — that the oligarch owner of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma had arranged to pay $5 million bribes to both President Biden and his son Hunter. The explosive claim was leaked to Republicans, who made Mr. Smirnov’s allegations a centerpiece of their now-stalled effort to impeach President Biden, apparently without verifying the allegation.

Last week, Mr. Smirnov, 43, was indicted on charges that he lied to investigators about the Bidens. He was arrested as he was preparing to leave for what prosecutors called “a monthslong, multicountry foreign trip” during which he claimed to have plans to meet with contacts from multiple foreign intelligence agencies.

In court filings, prosecutors working for David C. Weiss, the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden, described Mr. Smirnov as a serial liar who could not even be trusted to describe honestly his own occupation or account for his finances.'>>>


So that was even faster than I anticipated [View all] senseandsensibility Feb 2024 OP
The Informant Turned Defendant Who Took Aim at the Bidens (NYT) elleng Feb 2024 #1
Thanks for this post. MontanaMama Feb 2024 #2
Thanks for the link senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #3
Dunno, on front page sidebar, of NYT (via chrome.) elleng Feb 2024 #9
In the NYT phone app, it took me quite a while to find this story just now. Pinback Feb 2024 #24
In other words, Smirnoff is like Roger Stone... et al flying_wahini Feb 2024 #20
He was a double agent, I am pretty sure. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #28
Yes, but is Biden going to California to set up Newsom as his back-up in case Joe has to drop out?? NBachers Feb 2024 #4
Lawrence O'Donnell had a really good take down of that senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #6
Definitely listen to Laurence last night Hope22 Feb 2024 #13
Yeah, I took note of that too. n/t Hugin Feb 2024 #5
Trump raped someone and no one talks about it Johonny Feb 2024 #7
Yeah, good point. senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #8
Complicit media. Stay alert. Vote Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #10
How long until we can no longer say bad things about Russian leadership. Stay tuned. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #11
They're not lazy. They're complicit! IrishAfricanAmerican Feb 2024 #12
THIS! Think. Again. Feb 2024 #16
Well it seems that there are bigger stories now... crud Feb 2024 #14
And people on the east coast can't use their cell phones!!!! senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #15
Can we say Cherokee100 Feb 2024 #17
Once again... BaronChocula Feb 2024 #18
They are talking about it right now...on MSNBC Deadline White House. Demsrule86 Feb 2024 #19
Well that's good senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #31
It is good. And when he was rearrested all the networks that I saw carried it...I never Demsrule86 Feb 2024 #35
it's astonishing that Fox News has become the defacto VOA SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2024 #21
You just have to remember that over 90% nakocal Feb 2024 #22
Biden should go on Hannity's show. JohnnyRingo Feb 2024 #23
My opinion is senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #40
Wasn't NYT one of the media outlets that rolled real News into their Entertainment section? 4lbs Feb 2024 #25
I know it's tough times for print journalism especially senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #27
Yeah, they seem to be cutting everything except for their RW crap. 4lbs Feb 2024 #30
Page A16. Same page THEY admitted, after daily punches for MONTHS... Grins Feb 2024 #26
Yup, and all their Judith Miller crap senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #29
It is not "lazy media coverage" drmeow Feb 2024 #32
K&R spanone Feb 2024 #33
Republican owned corporate media protects its benefactors. live love laugh Feb 2024 #34
Is the press trying to elect Trump? CousinIT Feb 2024 #36
K&R, this should be its own OP. "By rebutting them, you spread and strengthen them." c-rational Feb 2024 #37
The facts don't fit their narrative dlk Feb 2024 #38
People who watch MSM get what they deserve Kaleva Feb 2024 #39
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