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Women's health care, run by men, has always been shit. Srkdqltr Feb 22 #1
But now women won't even get substandard care. Irish_Dem Feb 22 #3
Male doctors in years past haven't ever treated women that well. Diamond_Dog Feb 22 #4
Better add a "R" or "Republican" or "Conservative" or "MAGA" to preface "women" hlthe2b Feb 22 #2
Good point edhopper Feb 22 #7
Thank you. I appreciate your taking the criticism. hlthe2b Feb 22 #9
Old white guys regulating women's health care. Baffling so many white women are on board with it. 617Blue Feb 22 #5
For a lot of women, white supremacy is more important than anything else, and they vote that way. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 22 #6
Went for a blood test Tuesday. Tech was a MOMFUDSKI Feb 22 #8
Awesome, I talk to everyone about anything to connect with. Bluethroughu Feb 22 #15
We can only hope mountain grammy Feb 22 #10
They will eventually tell you that "all Democrats want to do is kill babies" Walleye Feb 22 #11
As a woman I can say I don't care where you are or who you vote for women's healthcare is shit. Autumn Feb 22 #12
health care in general here is for shit Jerry2144 Feb 22 #19
No JustAnotherGen Feb 22 #13
The GOP are destroying everything. Bluethroughu Feb 22 #14
People vote against their own interests all the time, so I don't expect it. RockRaven Feb 22 #16
So true Farmer-Rick Feb 22 #21
There's a saying, plimsoll Feb 22 #17
Had forgotten that one! niyad Feb 22 #18
When these women have trouble getting basic women's health care, they see a daughter getting raped kimbutgar Feb 22 #20
Many of them believe it's God's will -because they weren't good enough. haele Feb 22 #27
I couldn't like your post more! kimbutgar Feb 22 #30
There will be no Republican calvary coming over any hill TheKentuckian Feb 22 #22
Luckily we don't need Republicans to come to their senses. Elessar Zappa Feb 22 #29
I remember a time when.. Joinfortmill Feb 22 #23
Right-wing Republican women may not wake up until they find out that there are few OB-GYNs left in their state. Lonestarblue Feb 22 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author wolfie001 Feb 22 #25
Woman's healthcare isn't just pregnancy related. patphil Feb 22 #26
👇 Beachnutt Feb 22 #28
Everything Trump Touches Dies bmichaelh Feb 22 #31
Not all GOP women who are surrounded by GOP men. For now, many, many GOP women are waiting to vote. ancianita Feb 22 #32
No? Voltaire2 Feb 22 #33
In the past I could have said a lot about this. MuseRider Feb 22 #34
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