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36. I lived in Northwest Georgia for many years and I know what its like
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 11:54 PM
Feb 2024

(not far from Chattanooga) people kept their politics to themselves mostly until the last 10-15 years. At least that is how I saw things.

OH GOODNESS!!! elleng Feb 2024 #1
Or.... ya know.... Happy Hoosier Feb 2024 #2
Like that better Rebl2 Feb 2024 #13
If I do, qwlauren35 Feb 2024 #6
You're right, of course. elleng Feb 2024 #8
I'd have to call or pretend call someone and tell them about the idiots ms liberty Feb 2024 #16
Ugh 😑 sorry you had to endure that. Thank you for your service. live love laugh Feb 2024 #3
With all the negative publicity Tennessee has gotten lately as to it's blatant racism... brush Feb 2024 #4
She thinks I'm safe. qwlauren35 Feb 2024 #5
Blending in is smart, underneath maga radar. brush Feb 2024 #7
Isn't that an airport security no-no, having someone you don't know watch your stuff? CrispyQ Feb 2024 #23
The time i was in Tennessee was in the early 2000's before this country became more ignorant and insane in politics! kimbutgar Feb 2024 #9
You need to be one toke over the line. leftyladyfrommo Feb 2024 #10
Interesting idea. qwlauren35 Feb 2024 #12
.. BlueWaveNeverEnd Feb 2024 #11
I live. in Tennessee. lynintenn Feb 2024 #14
I expect to see those gold shoes any day. lynintenn Feb 2024 #15
Last night, Joy Reid tosh Feb 2024 #32
Condolences. I'm from there. paleotn Feb 2024 #18
Tennessee went for Clinton/Gore and Phil Bredeson. John Tanner lynintenn Feb 2024 #28
We have to find an effective counter to the propaganda. Reality needs a come-back. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #17
Did you ask if she pre ordered gold shoes cate94 Feb 2024 #19
I'd probably would have stated KS Toronado Feb 2024 #20
Ignorant people think all A/H/N bombs are like Hiroshima Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2024 #21
You can not fix stupid, and I would look right at her, then smile and bat your eyes. Bluethroughu Feb 2024 #22
If people are rude enough to start ranting RW bullshit at me in a random situation Warpy Feb 2024 #24
I just get up and move. Loud mouth ppl like that like an unwilling audience. PortTack Feb 2024 #25
Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. madamesilverspurs Feb 2024 #26
Was this at the Nashville airport? videohead5 Feb 2024 #27
Blue cities are not 100% blue. July Feb 2024 #29
Nope. qwlauren35 Feb 2024 #31
Chattanooga is MAGA videohead5 Feb 2024 #33
I lived in Northwest Georgia for many years and I know what its like BootinUp Feb 2024 #36
Tennessee is my home state. I left in 1980.. Laffy Kat Feb 2024 #30
Nashville videohead5 Feb 2024 #34
No kidding? I didn't know about never having a Repub. mayor. Laffy Kat Feb 2024 #37
We have to cream them at the polls and they will slither back BootinUp Feb 2024 #35
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