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21. He needs to say it out loud.
Wed Feb 21, 2024, 02:35 PM
Feb 21

Why he won't hold to account those who are clearly trying to break the country on behalf of a self-proclaimed dictator. Why isn't he indicting them? Fear of mass violence?

The Republicans threw in the towel on upholding their oaths long ago. Now they and we are living with the consequences. The fourth estate is largely AWOL and responsible for our drift towards Fascism. Maybe Garland's fairness is better than mass incarceration of Congressional Putin puppets. But relying on the electorate is not an option. At least 1/3 of us have tuned out. The rest of us split the vote so the feeling of helplessness is our new reality.

Paging merick garland. [View all] onecaliberal Feb 21 OP
Don't expect any action. Doing anything about the traitors in Congress would be so very unpleasant Autumn Feb 21 #1
Charles Pierce: Merrick Garland Needs to Be Thanked For His Service and Shown the Door Celerity Feb 21 #2
Charlie Pierce speaks for me. (nt) Paladin Feb 21 #22
Garland is useless and needs to be gone. n/t SheilaAnn Feb 21 #3
If Garland has some time he might start prosecuting the J6 congressional traitors. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #4
He's busy. It's just he's busy trying to make ANYTHING stick to Hunter Biden Takket Feb 21 #5
Garland tries so hard to be fair that he is one of the most unfair people around. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #7
"God save us from the fair-minded. They'll kill the country and wonder how they did it." BeyondGeography Feb 21 #15
Excellent article. Irish_Dem Feb 21 #47
Indeed, Sir: Fair Play Is A Spectator's Virtue, Not A Participant's.... The Magistrate Feb 21 #46
Was not in favor of his choice from the beginning. cilla4progress Feb 21 #6
I could never have imagined an American AG sitting on his hands while congressmen and women onecaliberal Feb 21 #8
Just keep him the fuck away from Blue Idaho Feb 21 #12
Damn shame TakeItEasy Feb 21 #9
Could have edited that BS out of the Hur/Biden document report but didn't Bengus81 Feb 21 #10
Mine as well. n/t The Unmitigated Gall Feb 21 #33
That Fucking Guy Blue Idaho Feb 21 #11
He doesn't seem to do much. He loves to appoint special counsels to do his job. brush Feb 21 #13
All the Merrick Garland apologists on DU have stopped defending him. Sky Jewels Feb 21 #14
Long fucking past due. Give us the unredacted Mueller Report,... magicarpet Feb 21 #52
"TOO POLITICAL" budkin Feb 21 #17
As Stephen Colbert observed: sop Feb 21 #18
Justice delayed is justice denied markodochartaigh Feb 21 #20
I said at the beginning that we needed a tough and aggressive AG Kablooie Feb 21 #19
I was too. I wanted a woman. triron Feb 21 #30
He needs to say it out loud. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 21 #21
The electorate already said NO. By a historic margin. onecaliberal Feb 21 #27
When it's time to pick a new AG we need to look at younger AGGRESSIVE options. In my opinion. usaf-vet Feb 21 #23
Adhering to "the way things used to be" rules just doesn't cut it in this climate democrank Feb 21 #36
He needed a Republican, Cheney, to embarrass him into beginning an investigation into Jan 6 LiberalLovinLug Feb 21 #24
Not just congressmen but DOJ prosecutors and FBI agents. Clean them out. Weiss for sure needs to be fired. Bev54 Feb 21 #25
Joe Biden is one of the greatest presidents in my lifetime. Koinos Feb 21 #26
Sad to say claudette Feb 21 #28
Where are all you genius DUers who.... capechacon Feb 21 #29
I haven't said anything negative about Garland until now senseandsensibility Feb 21 #31
McConnel and 19 other Republicans voted to confirm Garland. Maybe they knew what they were getting. jalan48 Feb 21 #32
Congressmen also have free speech, even reprehensible speech Warpy Feb 21 #34
Good luck with this. republianmushroom Feb 21 #35
Oh, and Mr. garland?.... Think. Again. Feb 21 #37
👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 You think trying to find a would be assassin of the VP elect would be important for the DOJ. onecaliberal Feb 21 #38
There are more Ohio Joe Feb 21 #39
And somehow none of the released footage... Think. Again. Feb 21 #40
So... Ohio Joe Feb 21 #41
It would have been easy enough to... Think. Again. Feb 21 #42
Who? Ohio Joe Feb 21 #43
I didn't realize investigations ended when AG's change.... Think. Again. Feb 21 #45
"These congressmen are openly using Putin talking points".... brooklynite Feb 21 #44
Welcome to the 21st Century! Seeking Serenity Feb 21 #48
What admissible evidence do you have? brooklynite Feb 21 #49
An experienced prosecutor will find it. Seeking Serenity Feb 21 #50
Start with the accusation and then look for the evidence? brooklynite Feb 21 #57
No Seeking Serenity Feb 22 #59
If they're not on the floor, but on fox or neswmax, etc... MerryBlooms Feb 21 #54
To begin with....lying (other than to a Government official or when under oath) is not a crime... brooklynite Feb 22 #58
I knew if I waited long enough my opinion would become common place. Eliot Rosewater Feb 21 #51
I have the hide receipts to prove it as well. onecaliberal Feb 21 #53
I didnt want to use that word. Yeah, once I said repubs would kill us if they could...sigh Eliot Rosewater Feb 21 #56
Sorry, Mr. Garland is out to lunch NoRethugFriends Feb 21 #55
Garland is too busy cowering to answer the call. lark Feb 22 #60
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