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Tue Feb 20, 2024, 02:04 PM Feb 20

Jon Stewart Reacts to 'Daily Show' Backlash: "I Have Sinned Against You" [View all]

“The response to the first show last Monday was universally glowing — OK, maybe not universal,” Stewart said (video below) while showing screenshots of critical tweets. “But [the backlash was] on Twitter! Everything on Twitter gets a backlash. I’ve seen Twitter tell Labradoodles to go fuck themselves. I just think it’s better to deal head on with what’s an apparent issue to people. I mean … we’re just talking here! It was just one fucking show! It was 20 minutes! I did 20 minutes in one fucking show! But I guess as the famous saying goes: ‘Democracy dies in discussion.’ But look: I have sinned against you, I’m sorry. It was never my intention to say out loud what I saw with my eyes and then brain.”


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The commercials for this week's show are still plugging the "both guys are old" routine. TwilightZone Feb 20 #1
They are both old; it's factually true Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #3
Jon Stewart pretty much diagnosed mucifer Feb 20 #4
Not that long ago, people wanted JON STEWART to run for President FakeNoose Feb 20 #11
Well, he's not a Dr so I'm sure he did no such thing. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #22
Yeh, that's the most important thing. Not the trying to defeat the guy trying to kill democracy thing NoRethugFriends Feb 20 #30
He made it very clear Trump was horrible in that segment. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #36
And did you enjoy his non-apology also? NoRethugFriends Feb 20 #38
Yes I did. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #40
the only take away I saw was WhiteTara Feb 20 #42
That's on you, then. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #43
I didn't see the show. I was commenting WhiteTara Feb 20 #48
Geez, no need to apologize to someone who was rude to you. And that was the takeaway and the show itself. NoRethugFriends Feb 20 #52
thanks for standing up for me. WhiteTara Feb 20 #61
Very smug individual, at best NoRethugFriends Feb 20 #63
I don't have any of them for friends either WhiteTara Feb 20 #70
Exactly.. I'm not going to say anything else bc I'm Pissed at Cha Feb 20 #67
So you enjoyed angrychair Feb 20 #80
Who do you think watches Jon Stewart? All Mixed Up Feb 21 #94
+1 betsuni Feb 21 #107
Voter suppression has many forms. Just ask Ninga Feb 20 #41
Let's not pretend that's all there was to it. TwilightZone Feb 20 #6
Yes and we all know PatSeg Feb 20 #9
Perhaps he's trying to make some change beyond this election. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #19
Seems like rather poor timing PatSeg Feb 20 #29
The "save it for another time" is and old, tired tactic. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #39
Well PatSeg Feb 20 #49
+1 betsuni Feb 20 #71
Fact is... sheshe2 Feb 21 #91
Lots of voters don't like this matchup. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #20
And it's the denial of it Sympthsical Feb 20 #25
I think you've diagnosed an important part of the problem fishwax Feb 20 #51
Agree. People are trying to sell excitement Sympthsical Feb 20 #56
Name how Biden has failed angrychair Feb 20 #85
What evidence is there of "the danger of it"? betsuni Feb 21 #110
I'm speaking politically only Sympthsical Feb 21 #118
Correction: lots of "people" don't like this matchup. W_HAMILTON Feb 20 #28
So you don't want people to vote? I don't get your point Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #35
My point is that the ones that are complaining are loud in voice but few in number... W_HAMILTON Feb 21 #99
I've watched it twice now angrychair Feb 20 #82
Why would anyone think "it's just matchups like this moving forward"? betsuni Feb 21 #105
"WTF ARE WE DOING?" is actually a fair sentiment progressoid Feb 20 #31
Electing angrychair Feb 20 #83
Seriously! Prairie Gates Feb 20 #14
Yes. For real. They are both old. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #21
No, I meant "Seriously!" like "I agree!" Prairie Gates Feb 20 #23
Sorry. Cuthbert Allgood Feb 20 #26
Yeah, WE KNOW but ROB REINER knows How to Talk about that & fucking Stewart Does NOT. Cha Feb 20 #65
That's all that needs to be said! betsuni Feb 20 #68
Thank You! Cha Feb 20 #69
Boom. sheshe2 Feb 21 #93
Mahalo, she! Cha Feb 21 #98
But re: Trump, he should have said, 'old AND CRAZY!' DemocraticPatriot Feb 21 #100
They are both old, but one of them is certifiably insane. Initech Feb 20 #32
last night's show was pretty funny Fiendish Thingy Feb 20 #2
Agree with you Traildogbob Feb 20 #7
I'm not ready to totally abandon Jon Stewart PatSeg Feb 20 #8
BUT THEY ARE EQUALLY BAD! budkin Feb 20 #5
That was a pretty insulting "apology." SunSeeker Feb 20 #10
Everything you said, and if I might add... sheshe2 Feb 21 #96
Stewart is just another white male who thinks he is some type of savant truth teller Doc Sportello Feb 20 #12
That he might be wrong and actually listen to what people are saying never occurs to him. betsuni Feb 20 #44
Gen X has no time for ya bullshit anymore! Prairie Gates Feb 20 #13
Enjoy trump angrychair Feb 20 #84
What is that supposed to mean? Who the fuck enjoys that Orange bag of wet dog shit? SoFlaBro Feb 21 #106
Both sides and it's just an election seemed the sum of Steward's commentary Kennah Feb 20 #15
I'm with Stewart Bludogdem Feb 20 #16
Has that ever happened I mean in your lifetime? Walleye Feb 20 #37
Contested conventions Bludogdem Feb 20 #54
OK but the 1964R and 1968D conventions produced candidates that were losers Walleye Feb 20 #73
Is there some reason you left VP Harris off the list? This country is in crisis, niyad Feb 20 #77
Really? PatSeg Feb 20 #50
Lot of talent Bludogdem Feb 20 #55
"indecent" voters?? pray explain. niyad Feb 20 #78
I don't see VP Harris' name. GP6971 Feb 21 #89
P.S. PatSeg Feb 22 #122
He's in our court...and frankly he hasn't missed a lick over the time he was absent... NowsTheTime Feb 20 #17
Jon didn't sin against me. I'm an adult and I can handle truth and the opinions of other people Autumn Feb 20 #18
Agreed. lindysalsagal Feb 20 #47
Seconded. Caliman73 Feb 20 #64
Agreed. Sadly, a lot of people seem to want their entire political media to be nothing more than a circle jerk Midwestern Democrat Feb 20 #75
That is an absurdly wrong angrychair Feb 20 #87
What an idiotic nonpology GenThePerservering Feb 20 #24
Not enough to get me watching again. W_HAMILTON Feb 20 #27
I thought he did a good job last week and a great job this week -- love having him back fishwax Feb 20 #33
He, very much, angrychair Feb 20 #88
I didn't see it that way at all fishwax Feb 21 #90
A person angrychair Feb 21 #92
As I said before, I don't buy that characterization of Jon Stewart fishwax Feb 21 #95
The point I'm making angrychair Feb 21 #101
+1 betsuni Feb 21 #104
Stewart wasn't arguing that Biden is senile or incapable fishwax Feb 21 #109
No. betsuni Feb 21 #111
a fun artifact, I suppose, but not really relevant to anything that I said fishwax Feb 21 #112
No, same. betsuni Feb 21 #113
Again angrychair Feb 21 #117
It's interesting that at 61, Jon Stewart is a boomer. N/T lapucelle Feb 20 #34
It's interesting that at 61, Jon Stewart is a boomer. LenaBaby61 Feb 20 #45
I think a lot of his audience must have aged, too. betsuni Feb 20 #53
Just like Chris Rock... appmanga Feb 20 #46
Stewert is much better as a spokesperson (say for 9-11 first responders) than as a comedian. Earth-shine Feb 20 #57
Lest we forget pfitz59 Feb 20 #58
Jon Stewart is a comedian and a satirist. ificandream Feb 20 #59
I'm confused. I thought this was Democratic Underground SocialDemocrat61 Feb 20 #60
I disagree with Stewart being "smarter than this" (in the video). He's not. betsuni Feb 20 #66
There's no conspiracy cover up denying Biden's age. Biden's not doing that, nobody's doing that. betsuni Feb 20 #62
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Feb 20 #72
Jon is not serious, not intellectual, stubbornly both sides stupid. betsuni Feb 21 #108
Mary Trump was amused to see her comments used on this show LetMyPeopleVote Feb 21 #121
"It was inevitable that pundits would respond to Trump's nomination by pleading to Jon Stewart betsuni Feb 20 #74
Sorry Jon. Your old age jokes are old too. Lame even. LakeArenal Feb 20 #76
Wow, an amazing non-apology apology. Beginning to see KO's view. niyad Feb 20 #79
Jon is a comedian. NT Groundhawg Feb 20 #81
He's funny underpants Feb 20 #86
I guess I am confused by what you think his point is. All Mixed Up Feb 21 #97
Thank you. betsuni Feb 21 #103
Just more claudette Feb 21 #102
Some times I really like Stewart and sometimes leftyladyfrommo Feb 21 #114
You mean he's not acting like a paid asset of the DNC. SYFROYH Feb 21 #115
In this election, one is either for democracy or against it. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 21 #116
I'm not sure democracy means what you think it means SYFROYH Feb 21 #119
Glad you are here to control us ignoramuses. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 21 #120
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