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44. Yikes! Thank you so much, my friend, and to everyone here!
Tue Feb 20, 2024, 07:33 AM
Feb 2024

As I said earlier, I'm a bit embarrassed by having such a high post count since I'm not all that chatty, but I have been here since 2003 (DU.1) and served as a DU.2 mod, a DU.3 host and on MIRT numerous times since 2013 and it does add up...

And I do appreciate all the kind replies - not to mention the abundance of hearts that I received this time around and I can't really object since it was all to benefit DU. And I did try to pay it forward since I value DU, not only for how much I've learned and continue to learn here, each and every day - from those who post important news and those who rec threads so they get noticed. Thank you so much!

And I also appreciate the number of those I consider friends here. I've often said that DU is the friendliest site on the internets, not to mention the great amount of information provided. I learned about DU from a friend in 2003 and one of my IRL BFFs joined DU as a surprise for me on my birthday in 2005.

We've been through good times and bad here - from the 2004 and 2016 elections to the invasion of Iraq, to the election of Barack Obama and (thankfully!) Joe Biden which we have to repeat - and while we may not solve all the world's problems here, we're here to share information and provide support in the tough times and I consider DU to be my online home. Thank you for all you do, each and every day.


Honored to be the first Rec. PCIntern Feb 2024 #1
Amazing underpants Feb 2024 #2
Congrats Ohio Joe Feb 2024 #3
Congrats! Alliepoo Feb 2024 #4
Yay, Rhiannon! brer cat Feb 2024 #5
Congrats! ProfessorGAC Feb 2024 #6
Wow. I had no idea anyone was that high. Renew Deal Feb 2024 #7
Some are nearing 300,000! GreenWave Feb 2024 #29
Happy, Happy, Happy Day! Congratulations! hlthe2b Feb 2024 #8
Thank you. We all care. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #9
Congratulations RHIANNON! Irish_Dem Feb 2024 #10
K & R malaise Feb 2024 #11
Congratulations and thank you democrank Feb 2024 #12
Congratulations Rhiannon MiHale Feb 2024 #13
Thank you, Rhiannon!! AmBlue Feb 2024 #14
Congratulations 🎈 live love laugh Feb 2024 #15
RHIANNON is one of the best! Layzeebeaver Feb 2024 #16
Amazing accomplishment! OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #17
Congratulations! Goddessartist Feb 2024 #18
K&R PatSeg Feb 2024 #19
Unbelievable. Any carpal tunnel problems?? Congrats. NoMoreRepugs Feb 2024 #20
Yayyyyyyy. Congratulations! niyad Feb 2024 #21
Congratulations, RHIANNON12866, and thanks! tblue37 Feb 2024 #22
Fantastic Accomplishment. Congrats Rhiannon!!! Fla Dem Feb 2024 #23
K&R BootinUp Feb 2024 #24
Pure dedication. Thanks for your outstanding work. usaf-vet Feb 2024 #25
Thanks to you, Rhiannon ! BigmanPigman Feb 2024 #26
Well done, Rhiannon12866! calimary Feb 2024 #27
🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽 blm Feb 2024 #28
WooHoo! quaint Feb 2024 #30
Huzzah! Vinnie From Indy Feb 2024 #31
Wow wendyb-NC Feb 2024 #32
Thank you for these contributions! Hope22 Feb 2024 #33
Many, many thanks for your efforts. They're soooo appreciated. Auggie Feb 2024 #34
Rhiannon is the best! JoeOtterbein Feb 2024 #35
Thanks for all your great posts and congrats on 200,000! jalan48 Feb 2024 #36
Thank you! PortTack Feb 2024 #37
Thanks you, Rhiannon Jarqui Feb 2024 #38
Congratulations! This place will not be the same without you question everything Feb 2024 #39
Congratulations LetMyPeopleVote Feb 2024 #40
Very impressive & inspiring! Nevilledog Feb 2024 #41
Congratulations! and a big THANK YOU! For all you do with videos!!! liberalla Feb 2024 #42
Our best cheerleader. applegrove Feb 2024 #43
Yikes! Thank you so much, my friend, and to everyone here! Rhiannon12866 Feb 2024 #44
Adding an additional Congratulations to this thread too! Niagara Feb 2024 #45
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