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18. Porter unfortunately most probably will come in third, behind brain dead Garvey...
Sun Feb 18, 2024, 04:27 AM
Feb 18

Schiff has be on TV endlessly for weeks, hitting Garvey as the "he voted for Trump twice" guy... IMHO. this will actually help Garvey with the pugs, thus enabling Garvey to get second place in the primary.

Then Schiff will clean Garvey's clock in the general election in the fall....

IMHO Katie should have kept her seat and bid her time until....

Is there any credible fucking polling on the race? SoFlaBro Feb 14 #1
K&R for exposure. Big Katie Porter fan here!! Too bad she doesn't have the option of keeping her seat if the Senate diva77 Feb 14 #2
Never underestimate celebrity power in California ripcord Feb 14 #6
I think the race shifted to Adam Schiff pretty quickly. brooklynite Feb 14 #3
When, How & why did it shift to Schiff quickly? diva77 Feb 14 #7
I'd say Schiff has a higher national profile. brooklynite Feb 14 #8
Agreed, and . . . baklava Feb 17 #10
Rec TY Cha Feb 17 #12
Her endrosement of Nina Turner did it for me. nt DURHAM D Feb 14 #4
Exactly DURHAM... was it twice Cha Feb 17 #13
I'm pretty sure it was twice. Once was bad enough after the Biden-half-a-bowl-of-shit thing, but twice? betsuni Feb 18 #20
The group .. criticized Porter and said she "says one thing and does another." Jarqui Feb 14 #5
The PACs might just be trying to pry open the second spot. usonian Feb 14 #9
GOTV For Rep Adam Schiff 💙🌊🇺🇸🕊️🕯️ Cha Feb 17 #11
She's almost guaranteed to get the #2 slot and run vs Schiff in November. WarGamer Feb 17 #14
Don't underestimate the power of a celebrity in California.. DemocratInPa Feb 17 #17
I like Porter, but she has become a bit stale for me.. DemocratInPa Feb 17 #15
Adam the next US Senator of CA. republianmushroom Feb 17 #16
Porter unfortunately most probably will come in third, behind brain dead Garvey... winstars Feb 18 #18
I'm all in for Katie, she gets my vote. 👍 nt Raine Feb 18 #19
Good Luck to Rep Adam Schiff!!💙🌊🕯️🕊️🇺🇸 Cha Feb 18 #21
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