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23. We got stopped by Secret Service as we were about to cross the street...
Sat Feb 17, 2024, 10:44 PM
Feb 2024

My wife and I were visiting friends in D.C. We were walking out and near the Capitol the night of President Carter's inaugural. The President Elect and Rosalynn were motoring between the various galas and balls. Suddenly, these men jumped out of a car, and told our little group to stop and stay where were we were on the corner. The new President's limousine slowed, and turned, right in front of us. We could clearly see them both in the rear seat. Rosalynn and Jimmy waved enthusiastically at us. OUR faces must've looked stunned, but I will NEVER forget the joy, and friendliness, in their happy faces.

R.I.P. Rosalynn.
Godspeed President Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter's Long Goodbye [View all] Donkees Feb 2024 OP
Simply a great man Alice Kramden Feb 2024 #1
Love you, Jimmy! senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #2
Genuine thoughts and prayers for Jimmy. keithbvadu2 Feb 2024 #3
Blessings, cilla4progress Feb 2024 #4
LOVE TO JIMMY CARTER spanone Feb 2024 #5
The most kind decent man to ever be president 💕 Raine Feb 2024 #6
My very first vote was for this man. byronius Feb 2024 #7
So was mine. I loved him then and love him more now sueh Feb 2024 #10
Also my first vote and also still proud of it. TomSlick Feb 2024 #12
So was mine. debm55 Feb 2024 #28
May he live to witness trumpisms defeat... Layzeebeaver Feb 2024 #7
Good Man From The Ashes Feb 2024 #9
Even as an atheist... Jack-o-Lantern Feb 2024 #11
It is enough that he believes. TomSlick Feb 2024 #13
Wonderful man Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #14
One of our most MustLoveBeagles Feb 2024 #15
my sentiments exactly et tu Feb 2024 #21
I love Jimmy PlutosHeart Feb 2024 #16
My 1st vote in a POTUS election Pas-de-Calais Feb 2024 #17
Same here. mn9driver Feb 2024 #19
Secret for living a long life...... Butterflylady Feb 2024 #18
He was the first President LittleGirl Feb 2024 #20
The man lived and still lives to show the world what "real grace" is all about. Guinea Worms are all .. Botany Feb 2024 #22
We got stopped by Secret Service as we were about to cross the street... FailureToCommunicate Feb 2024 #23
Jason Carter on Jimmy Carter's strength of spirit Donkees Feb 2024 #24
Lovely malaise Feb 2024 #27
I must admit, I didn't think he would live long after Rosalynn died which would not have been unusual. n/t elocs Feb 2024 #25
Was thinking about this earlier last week malaise Feb 2024 #26
So are we waiting for him to die? He isn't in a hurry. Srkdqltr Feb 2024 #29
I know it is selfish of me, but I hope he lives to be at least 100 FlyingPiggy Feb 2024 #30
We have six living Presidents if you include Dolt 45. Most in history. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #31
We're all happy to have him around for as long as he wants to stay struggle4progress Feb 2024 #32
God bless you Jimmie! bernieb Feb 2024 #33
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