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In the video, it looks like maybe 30 or so. lindysalsagal Feb 17 #1
There's no acceptable number of Nazis IMHO Nevilledog Feb 17 #2
Exactly.. TY Cha Feb 17 #7
Truth! abbeyco Feb 17 #11
Especially marching Nazis. dchill Feb 17 #27
In 1920 when the Nazi Party started there were "fewer than 60" members. By 1945 there were "8.5 million." sop Feb 17 #29
If you use KKK numbers, the membership in the 1920's to 1930;s was staggering. Watch the marches in DC and Evolve Dammit Feb 17 #45
As my HS history teacher often reminded us, "the only good nazi JoseBalow Feb 17 #31
Ha! Same here. My teacher was a survivor johnnyfins Feb 18 #47
Sounds like my dad. paleotn Feb 18 #54
If they are challenged constantly sure. LiberalFighter Feb 17 #19
Hopefully Demovictory9 Feb 17 #25
Someone told a story of a bartender about his experiences dealing with Nazis. Probatim Feb 17 #41
Say what? edisdead Feb 18 #49
Problem is, many things start small and then morph into a major thing. RKP5637 Feb 18 #51
Unfortunately, nazis are like cancer. They spread. Even low numbers are dangerous and intolerable. paleotn Feb 18 #53
Hopefully, no mass shootings so they can hate in peace 🙃 Deuxcents Feb 17 #3
It must take a tremendous amount... SergeStorms Feb 17 #35
They are probably led by this guy: dalton99a Feb 17 #4
Saw someone identify them as members of Blood Tribe Nevilledog Feb 17 #6
+1. Another group that actively trains for and seeks violence dalton99a Feb 17 #10
Yes, they are dangerous and crazy as fuck. LudwigPastorius Feb 18 #48
Those stylish balaclavas Turbineguy Feb 18 #55
Why do these "pure blood" devils.... SergeStorms Feb 18 #56
Jesus! A Fucked up Asshole likes Hitler.. Cha Feb 17 #8
Video Nevilledog Feb 17 #22
"Blood Tribe" Dave Bowman Feb 17 #24
With their white faces covered . redwitch Feb 17 #26
Amerikka and free speech.. cilla4progress Feb 17 #5
The turds in the punch bowl of humanity. Chainfire Feb 17 #9
Boy wouldn't you love to turn a fire hose on them! kimbutgar Feb 17 #12
Guys like them BigOleDummy Feb 17 #13
I'd like to know SidneyR Feb 17 #18
Red Dwarf BigOleDummy Feb 17 #23
I remember that! SidneyR Feb 17 #38
Disgusting bdamomma Feb 17 #14
Thank the Tangerine Menace for the resurgence of Fascism in trDUMP's AmeriKKKa. magicarpet Feb 18 #52
Unchallenged? Oof. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 17 #15
Easy fix: revoke the right to assembly for white supremacy groups and Nazis. jaxexpat Feb 17 #16
At least they changed their uniforms Warpy Feb 17 #17
I'm amazed they don't imitate the Nazi uniforms from WWII. SidneyR Feb 17 #20
Most of those hosers don't have the money Warpy Feb 17 #21
Saturday before a 3 day state weekend. underpants Feb 17 #28
Cowards with their faces covered. OverBurn Feb 17 #30
Maine Town Drives Out 'Blood Tribe' Nazi Encampment dalton99a Feb 17 #32
snatch those masks off and watch them run JoseBalow Feb 17 #33
They may bite off more than they can chew, Beachnutt Feb 17 #34
Jones is absolutely correct Docreed2003 Feb 17 #36
What we are witnessing... GiqueCee Feb 17 #37
Follow them and harvest some license plate numbers. After all woman are being tracked nationally to planned parenthood cbabe Feb 17 #39
Thats not alarming than they are in Congress! Smackdown2019 Feb 17 #40
Trump "emboldened" the Nazis ... Charlottesville ... correction 2017 keithbvadu2 Feb 17 #42
How about.... nickster48 Feb 17 #43
The correct course of action in this matter -- byronius Feb 17 #44
So awesome DoBW Feb 17 #46
I'm proud of that guy who followed and harassed them, spoiling their parade! 70sEraVet Feb 18 #50
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