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34. I know this prick of a human being...
Fri Feb 16, 2024, 01:28 PM
Feb 16

He is in-laws w a family member and total scumbag of a human. He fathered EIGHT children and is a true Northeast Philly political hack and stooge. I am hoping like hell he is nailed to the cross so I can rub it into his face. If Fani is removed from the case I will be so upset b/c I know how this tool operates.

He truly is a dirtbag.

So Trump is going to do this to anyone who prosecutes him? Irish_Dem Feb 15 #1
It may be worse than that gab13by13 Feb 15 #6
I figured there was some sort of GOP set up or behind the scenes skullduggery. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #9
Expect in fact there is more wrong doing between Roman and Trump than between Willis and Wade. PufPuf23 Feb 15 #17
It is broken. The guardrails were driven through. Evolve Dammit Feb 15 #19
It doesn't matter if Trump broke laws, the damage is done to FW's reputation. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #33
I believe this is where PlutosHeart Feb 15 #15
I think he had CIA/FBI reports on all of his friends and enemies. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #16
Am certain that is how he operates. PlutosHeart Feb 15 #18
I am not sure about clinical psychosis. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #20
I think you may be too kind PlutosHeart Feb 16 #28
I am not in the least being kind. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #29
Respect that. PlutosHeart Feb 17 #35
I am trying to speak out about Trump's mental status for a number of reasons. Irish_Dem Feb 17 #36
I don't think he would PlutosHeart Feb 17 #38
I think he and his attorneys will consider every trick in the book. Irish_Dem Feb 18 #39
Makes me think about people like J.E. Hoover and Beria (Stalin period) erronis Feb 15 #22
I've always expected... 2naSalit Feb 15 #25
That's the way he controls the people around leftyladyfrommo Feb 16 #30
Yes Trump is a very dangerous man on many levels. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #32
Thanks for this information. northoftheborder Feb 15 #2
This is what money can buy....It has done so here... FarPoint Feb 15 #3
I'd like to see members of congress asked about sex, drugs and cash. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #12
And "gifts" for Supreme Court judges IcyPeas Feb 15 #24
Michael Roman had a number of extramarital affairs blm Feb 15 #4
Kick dalton99a Feb 15 #5
Harry Litman describes Roman as "a real bottom-feeder." TheBlackAdder Feb 15 #7
K & R malaise Feb 15 #8
I think my heart is in row 3, 6th over from the left. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 15 #11
Mine is on the end of yours. gab13by13 Feb 15 #27
Sounds like a Roger Stone protoge. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 15 #10
Trump is the most evil and most hated man in America world wide wally Feb 15 #13
I'm wondering if there should be a federal requirement to be certified to work at that election level? LiberalFighter Feb 15 #14
"I show my wife this all the time when we go to a hotel," Dave Bowman Feb 15 #21
It's always amusing when the absolute scum of the earth comes out and acts Holier-Than-Thou. Oneironaut Feb 15 #23
K&R 2naSalit Feb 15 #26
As a woman, I was deeply offended by the antics of the Trumpers in Georgia... Demsrule86 Feb 16 #31
Great posts malaise Feb 18 #40
I know this prick of a human being... berksdem Feb 16 #34
sleazy oppo hack prodigitalson Feb 17 #37
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