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Now tie trump to putin to cilla4progress Feb 16 #1
How did miss Navalny's death? 1WorldHope Feb 16 #17
Navalny died only todat, 2/16. soldierant Feb 16 #34
Run this on every TV station in America Chipper Chat Feb 16 #2
I've never seen these commercials multigraincracker Feb 16 #13
They may be available on You Tube. We do not watch commercial networks yellowdogintexas Feb 16 #31
I ditched the cable but still have the internet. multigraincracker Feb 16 #32
K&R - nt Ohio Joe Feb 16 #3
Time to hammer the fuck outta Captain Pantload and his Vladdy-loving goons Blue Owl Feb 16 #4
no kidding - let's hope the DNC ties this to every down ballot race rurallib Feb 16 #8
Excellent point - sometimes you are just handed the layup. NoMoreRepugs Feb 16 #12
I want a t shirt that says "Vote The Whole Ballot" yellowdogintexas Feb 16 #33
Works for me! calimary Feb 16 #23
r&k Excellent 🫡❤️ MerryBlooms Feb 16 #5
So Trump is a traitor as are his MAGAts.... Kingofalldems Feb 16 #6
Bravo. Produce and air more like this, particularly in red state markets. Golden Raisin Feb 16 #7
Well done! ShazzieB Feb 16 #9
Killer Ad......as good as it gets......run it on a loop. nevergiveup Feb 16 #10
Who is the narrator? progressoid Feb 16 #11
He sounds like Gen. Barry McCaffrey to me Vadem Feb 16 #29
They should have included more R presidents - Reagan, at least question everything Feb 16 #14
I was also surprised Saint Ronnie wasn't there. We don't like him, but the old B-actor had some good lines. Hekate Feb 16 #22
question everything...I totally agree.. Upthevibe Feb 16 #28
Wow! That is GOOD! liberalla Feb 16 #15
This is great work. nt ramen Feb 16 #16
KICK!!! hot2na Feb 16 #18
Well thats just wrong quakerboy Feb 16 #19
Ooohhh...Excellent ad! llmart Feb 16 #20
Well done! sheshe2 Feb 16 #21
Very good & keep 'em coming Hekate Feb 16 #24
I can't wait Mr. Evil Feb 16 #25
I love this ad! liberalla Feb 16 #26
I wonder why they didn't flash Upthevibe Feb 16 #27
The add needs to be more explicit. kairos12 Feb 16 #30
Excellent ad.. TY & Team Biden! TSF Sucks Cha Feb 16 #35
Unlike Donald Trump, President Biden refuses to bow down to Vladimir Putin. LetMyPeopleVote Feb 16 #36
Bravo, great ad and so needed. n/t lark Feb 17 #37
The Biden campaign is going to use this ad LetMyPeopleVote Feb 17 #38
Oh Yes, President Biden's Digital Team... Mr. Mustard 2023 Feb 17 #39
Lawrence Tribe-Watch this ad. Spread its message. LetMyPeopleVote Feb 17 #40
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