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Our grandmothers and mothers all stashed some money away. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #1
I have tried to stash money away, but I always spend it on my grandchildren so I gave up. barbaraann Feb 15 #2
It is such a joy to give grandchildren treats! redwitch Feb 16 #38
Oh, yes! barbaraann Feb 16 #49
I got the same advice. I'm glad I took that advice as it helped me a lot Deuxcents Feb 15 #3
Mom had $15K stashed in multigraincracker Feb 15 #4
Yeah my Mom never had to say it, I always did after realizing she could not get out. Bev54 Feb 15 #5
Didn't happen in my family. elleng Feb 15 #6
Neither grandmother stashed a bit of money away for a rainy day? Irish_Dem Feb 15 #14
I'm not aware of it. elleng Feb 15 #19
The whole point of the secret stash is that it was secret. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #25
I was told the same.... CousinIT Feb 15 #7
My mom always keeps about $500 stashed away in the house. Staph Feb 15 #8
my parents insisted I hide money in my home I shared agingdem Feb 15 #9
My Jewish friends tell very similar stories. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #16
A friend of my Grandma called it her Widows' Pension. Talitha Feb 15 #32
My mom was a waitress gab13by13 Feb 15 #10
Lovely story. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #18
I used to find new shiney pennies all the time, I have no idea who they're from Merlot Feb 15 #26
My depression era grandfather use to bury money. Emile Feb 15 #11
My parents always had money stashed away, badhair77 Feb 15 #12
Remember when we went on dates, we were supposed to have money to call home or call a cab. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #13
Absolutely! My dad always tucked money in my pocket or purse Greybnk48 Feb 15 #17
Or tucked in your bra. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #20
We had the same parents! I have a funny story about bra money. Greybnk48 Feb 15 #30
That's a great story! Irish_Dem Feb 16 #43
Exactly! niyad Feb 15 #33
I remember that too! We called it 'mad' money. Talitha Feb 15 #34
Exactly. It was called mad money. You made sure you had mad money when you went out on a date. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #44
I'm 75, and I ALWAYS keep at least $1000 in cash at our house, Greybnk48 Feb 15 #15
for years ive kept all my farmers market money.. samnsara Feb 15 #21
My Mother always told me to stash money away kimbutgar Feb 15 #22
About 15 years ago, a bad storm came and wiped out area power for almost two weeks. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #23
That environment needs to be considered. LiberalFighter Feb 15 #27
Yes no one realized what would happen if power is out for a long time. Irish_Dem Feb 15 #29
I had a similar situation after the 1989 earthquake in SF. All the teller machines were down. diane in sf Feb 15 #35
Yes everywhere, stores, gas stations, etc. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #37
Yikes. I'd be so screwed ecstatic Feb 15 #36
Yes $100 would be good. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #41
If all of these stories were out in public it would give people a different view. LiberalFighter Feb 15 #24
The reasons for cash are many unc70 Feb 15 #28
Yes most of our grandmothers could not legally have their own bank accounts. Irish_Dem Feb 16 #42
A very wise older friend told me that every woman should have a secret niyad Feb 15 #31
So did my mum and paternal gradma malaise Feb 16 #39
Fani is young enough to be my daughter. LeftInTX Feb 16 #40
I'm white, my father grew up poor, he always carried hundreds of dollars in his wallet Model35mech Feb 16 #45
I'm gen x and my wife and I stash away cash Buckeyeblue Feb 16 #46
I carry a penny in my wallet JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 16 #47
I'm a guy and I keep $2000 in my handgun lockbox in my car. SYFROYH Feb 16 #48
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