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13. Ms Willis also said
Thu Feb 15, 2024, 08:30 PM
Feb 2024

And kind of tossed this out as an aside
‘The only thing Mr Wade thinks a woman is for is making a sandwich’



Kick dalton99a Feb 2024 #1
She's wonderful. SORRY there was this tension in their relationship, elleng Feb 2024 #2
She has guts, gab13by13 Feb 2024 #3
I felt what Nathan Wade stated and later Fani Willis mashed up. LiberalFighter Feb 2024 #7
Hope your right about him. Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #45
I really dont know what you women see in us... getagrip_already Feb 2024 #4
Scum by and large... Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #12
I love it when my wife hears about rotten men. Pinback Feb 2024 #25
Costanza: I really hope there are pigmen. All of a sudden Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #36
Lol Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #46
Excellently said, Fani Willi!!! 💙🇺🇸🍀🕊️🕯️ Cha Feb 2024 #5
I only caught a little bit of it today. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #8
That's what I got from Cha Feb 2024 #11
IMO, she wasn't cool. She was hot and outraged, but right on target and effective. n/t Eyeball_Kid Feb 2024 #16
Joy Reid did a clip on that. LiberalFighter Feb 2024 #6
her testimony was riveting ecstatic Feb 2024 #9
Ms Willis also said dweller Feb 2024 #13
Amen, Sheshe Hekate Feb 2024 #10
BOOM! peggysue2 Feb 2024 #14
I have been playing catch up. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #15
She is awesome. There is no wonder why republicans are afraid of her. brer cat Feb 2024 #17
Go Fani and Go Georgia! sheshe2 Feb 2024 #18
She did fine Roc2020 Feb 2024 #19
I think so too. sheshe2 Feb 2024 #20
I suspect the attack on Fani is not a good strategy from an election point of view PurgedVoter Feb 2024 #21
I REALLY like that! That's how I feel, too. calimary Feb 2024 #22
You are more gracious than one woman soldierant Feb 2024 #40
Well, I do have to put up with him... but HE also has to put up with ME! calimary Feb 2024 #43
I dont get it... Smackdown2019 Feb 2024 #23
You are right! sheshe2 Feb 2024 #24
If nothing else, trump has all but ensured the case won't start until after election. Silent Type Feb 2024 #27
Don't know how this will turn out, but that's an impressive lady. Also loved her "my daddy" stories. Silent Type Feb 2024 #26
This woman continually amazes me. llmart Feb 2024 #28
Very cool-my sentiments exactly jfz9580m Feb 2024 #29
Absolutely my belief as well. sinkingfeeling Feb 2024 #30
Put that on a t-shirt and sell millions. twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #31
Just one more thing Columbo............ twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #32
o the rhyming song lol et tu Feb 2024 #35
+1 sheshe2 Feb 2024 #33
This attitude scares the shit out of men Sanity Claws Feb 2024 #34
Not me. I find her assertiveness sexy. Kennah Feb 2024 #39
Words That Every Woman Deep State Witch Feb 2024 #37
I'm hopeful that this judge forced an uncomfortable hearing to HELP Fani, not hurt her Mr. Ected Feb 2024 #38
The "single woman with nest egg" soldierant Feb 2024 #41
She is awesome. Evolve Dammit Feb 2024 #42
Amen, sister. Joinfortmill Feb 2024 #44
Kicking back to the top. n/t ChazII Feb 2024 #47
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