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Fauni Willis isn't having it [View all] wryter2000 Feb 15 OP
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 15 #1
Of course shithole cronies are lying............................. Lovie777 Feb 15 #2
Inmate No. P01135809 (and all of his flunkies that did not take the plea deal) TheBlackAdder Feb 15 #40
She ain't taking shit from the Trump related attorneys. LiberalFighter Feb 15 #3
She has my complete cilla4progress Feb 15 #4
I want to go on vacation with her DaBronx Feb 15 #6
No kidding wryter2000 Feb 15 #7
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 15 #12
Lol. Enjoy your stay. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #17
Later hater. :rolleyes: SoFlaBro Feb 15 #24
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 15 #30
Thank you sir, may I have another? AZSkiffyGeek Feb 15 #31
Oh, look! Whack-a-mole! I'll play! Scrivener7 Feb 15 #36
I'm no lawyer, but as an experienced juror she is kicking ass! Emile Feb 15 #5
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 15 #16
You kids. You're so slick. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #19
LOLOLOL you blew your cover for this. Emile Feb 15 #20
You won't last. Get all your fuckery in now before gone. SoFlaBro Feb 15 #21
You racists are so weird -- I cannot imagine judging someone for the color of their skin obamanut2012 Feb 15 #22
Post removed Post removed Feb 15 #34
No you aren't. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #37
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 15 #39
Nope. You aren't Puerto Rican either. You're just a troll. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #41
Is there a town in Russia named Puerto Rican? Emile Feb 15 #43
new puerto rico lol nt et tu Feb 15 #59
Trolls Emile Feb 15 #38
I don't know what the troll said. LiberalFighter Feb 15 #54
And at all times she remained cool as a cucumber. calimary Feb 15 #60
It's easy to claim statements are a lie but proving that is harder. elocs Feb 15 #8
It is the other side that needs to provide proof for their accusations. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #25
Rooting for her all the way MadameButterfly Feb 15 #9
Letting them have it wryter2000 Feb 15 #10
"that is a lie! that's a lie!" (and i missed the minute before that. sad panda) orleans Feb 15 #11
Post removed Post removed Feb 15 #14
What is your favorite pizza topping? obamanut2012 Feb 15 #18
I like watching them disappear. I imagine a sucking sound. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #23
LOL Republicans acting like they know what the truth is. Emile Feb 15 #26
It's like when cows try to be all philosophical. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #28
I'm not on trial. These people are on trial" underpants Feb 15 #13
THIS has not one fuck to do with the RICO charges associated with the SLobfather and his coup plotters malaise Feb 15 #15
ma'am, I don't have checks. bigtree Feb 15 #27
Kickin' ass -- Grammy23 Feb 15 #29
Recommended. H2O Man Feb 15 #32
she really is. i'm so impressed with her after listening to this orleans Feb 15 #50
In all my years, H2O Man Feb 15 #52
In all my years, H2O Man Feb 15 #53
She's doing great! Bonx Feb 15 #33
Doing much fucking better than I expected. SoFlaBro Feb 15 #35
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 15 #42
Aww, another little shitty MAGA troll gonna be shown the door. Time to bust out a shiny new shit troll. SoFlaBro Feb 15 #44
Looks like they have been shown the door. ShazzieB Feb 15 #46
Whack-A-MAGA shitstain. Love it! SoFlaBro Feb 15 #51
Is "Name Removed" all the same person? Or is it that many trolls pouncing on this thread? Hekate Feb 15 #45
My guess is it's the same troll who came back under two different names. Scrivener7 Feb 15 #47
I'm impressed Hekate Feb 15 #48
nice sherlock scrivener 7 et tu Feb 15 #61
I was for Dan Goldman to replace Garland as Attorney General... W_HAMILTON Feb 15 #49
I agree DaBronx Feb 15 #56
Kudos to our MIRT team for being on the ball, being alert to remove these pathetic scumbags who try and disrupt SWBTATTReg Feb 15 #55
I keep missing them wryter2000 Feb 15 #57
I can't understand what Fauni's sex life has to do with Trump committing election fraud Ohioboy Feb 15 #58
She's a badass alfredo Feb 15 #62
I would love to know what the judge said to the MAGA crowd when he called for that 5 minute break with them. appleannie1 Feb 15 #63
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