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Wed Feb 14, 2024, 05:14 PM Feb 14

White House Rebuffs Johnson's Demand for Meeting [View all]

White House Rebuffs Johnson’s Demand for Meeting

February 14, 2024 at 3:49 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 33 Comments



“The White House dismissed Speaker Mike Johnson’s demand for direct talks with President Joe Biden to resolve an impasse over border security and Ukraine aid,” Bloomberg reports.

“Johnson insisted on personal negotiations with the president before he would allow a House vote on $95 billion bill in aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The White House countered that Johnson’s position on immigration and foreign aid has repeatedly shifted, and thus a meeting with the president would be unproductive.”


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He can't be trusted as far as you could throw a grand piano, Ocelot II Feb 14 #1
Johnson is an arrogant prick.... FarPoint Feb 14 #17
Johnson is an arrogant prick.... FarPoint Feb 14 #17
About time someone put him in his place peppertree Feb 14 #19
He'd negotiate something, and then COL Mustard Feb 15 #44
Good. America doesn't negotiate with weasels. The Unmitigated Gall Feb 14 #2
That comparison would be insulting to the entire Mustelidae family! lastlib Feb 14 #22
No negotiations with terrorists yankee87 Feb 14 #3
for some reason I can picture agingdem Feb 14 #4
For no reason, Arne Feb 14 #5
Please no! COL Mustard Feb 15 #45
Homer says::: keithbvadu2 Feb 15 #51
Good. Was hoping that Joe would tell him MOMFUDSKI Feb 14 #6
Pound sand? BidenRocks Feb 14 #20
My translation would be "to.... lastlib Feb 14 #24
Would his kid's phone light up for Dad's self abuse? n/t Xavier Breath Feb 14 #27
LOL SouthernDem4ever Feb 15 #43
I would like to add that Klondike Kat Feb 15 #46
Why play Calvin Ball with this loser? ThoughtCriminal Feb 14 #7
Negotiating with Johnson is equal to negotiating with TFG Raven123 Feb 14 #8
In other words... AnrothElf Feb 14 #9
He is a Johnson, isn't he? bluesbassman Feb 15 #38
Mikey, POTUS has your treasonous ass bs number. rubbersole Feb 14 #10
No point in meeting with Johnson, just talk straight to TSF world wide wally Feb 14 #11
Johnson is toast Nanuke Feb 14 #12
Go Joe! orangecrush Feb 14 #13
When your enemy is drowning, throw him an anvil. NBachers Feb 14 #14
Mikey thinks he gets to call all the shots StarryNite Feb 14 #15
Kinda like that big hat sheriff complaining the other day that Biden won't meet with all 5500+ sheriffs in the US Attilatheblond Feb 15 #50
And the elephant you rode in on. twodogsbarking Feb 14 #16
It's dj vu all over again! Johnson is holding up aid to Ukraine to hurt Biden, much like Trump's "perfect phone call" LaMouffette Feb 14 #21
Traitor mike. Bluethroughu Feb 14 #37
"Mr. Johnson, since you have no authority to negotiate anything without Mr. Trump being with you, we will be pleased to Wonder Why Feb 14 #23
Make it so! niyad Feb 14 #30
Lets reconsider that,.... Postal Grunt Feb 15 #47
A liar's word is worthless, just like KremlinKevin and traitortrump. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 14 #25
Johnson, you should be talking with Leader Jeffries. And did spooky3 Feb 14 #26
Johnson wants to divide Jefferies and Biden, and then leave Biden without a deal. NCjack Feb 15 #48
He's fishing for information to hand over to Pendejo45. n/t aggiesal Feb 14 #28
Bingo JustAnotherGen Feb 14 #33
i hope plan B gets the bill to the floor for a vote samsingh Feb 14 #29
Feelings. Nothing more than feelings. Whoa whoa whoa Feelings Tetrachloride Feb 14 #31
They have to two bills the negotiation has been completed Historic NY Feb 14 #32
Joe knows bs when he sees it. applegrove Feb 14 #34
That... appmanga Feb 14 #35
Forget that TRAITOR. Bluethroughu Feb 14 #36
Number of votes Johnson can deliver to any deal: 0 ZonkerHarris Feb 15 #40
Johnson takes his marching orders from The Fascist Grifter Martin Eden Feb 15 #41
repukes have shown ZERO RESPECT towards President Biden Skittles Feb 15 #42
Priceless... Blue Idaho Feb 15 #49
It cannot be very important if Mikey is sending his House on vacation. keithbvadu2 Feb 15 #52
Mr. Johnson thinks he's some sort of almost president? bucolic_frolic Feb 15 #53
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