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Wed Feb 14, 2024, 03:22 PM Feb 14

Boy, the biggest mistake these motherfuckers made was [View all]

to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Last night in the Bucks County, PA special election, the Democrat won with 67% of the vote. Democrats do not win elections in Bucks County with 67% of the vote and they normally wouldn’t even if they guaranteed that every household would receive $5000, per annum gratis. Well….that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you can tell that I’m on a roll.

If this is not an example of the dog chasing the car and catching it, I don’t know what is. They awakened the sleeping giant of Americans who care deeply about issues if and only if it pertains to them or to their immediate families. What a giant fuck-up , and coupled with their arrant stupidity, I’m telling you that it’s going to be a bloodbath for these pricks in the fall.

We are going to get out the vote and we’re going to wipe the floor with these bastards and make them eat their words.

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Let 'em blow their own brains out -- they're dumb enough to do it Blue Owl Feb 14 #1
It's a certainty Meadowoak Feb 14 #4
Its the RapeubliKKKcon Party. RocRizzo55 Feb 14 #15
Oooooooooh I LIKE that! calimary Feb 14 #26
They could try, but they'd miss . . . hatrack Feb 14 #19
So true Katcat Feb 14 #24
Couldn't agree more with you, my dear PCIntern! Every word is TRUE. Thank you! ♥ nt CaliforniaPeggy Feb 14 #2
What I don't understand is after defeating Roe and being able to do what they want MadameButterfly Feb 14 #3
because that is what they wanted all along Skittles Feb 14 #40
yes, apparently, but why do they want this? MadameButterfly Feb 15 #63
there's always exemptions for wealthy white people and their kin Skittles Feb 21 #64
yes, of course MadameButterfly Feb 21 #65
I don't share the magnitide of the enthusiasm bucolic_frolic Feb 14 #5
From what I've read, it wasn't a bad snow "storm" after all. Think. Again. Feb 15 #52
And the fact that these psycho forced birthers don't know when to call it a day is going to make it even worse for them. madaboutharry Feb 14 #6
No disagreement there.... PCIntern Feb 14 #7
Great News. spanone Feb 14 #8
"...we're going to wipe the floor with these bastards and make them eat their words." Mr. Evil Feb 14 #9
they are- the name of that plate is "Trump" RainCaster Feb 14 #10
Thank you. bluboid Feb 14 #11
Was talking to a friend last night BaronChocula Feb 14 #12
I was So Happy to see that the Dems Won the seat in the PA Special Cha Feb 14 #13
Does this mean that Dems previously held that seat? LAS14 Feb 21 #66
Well done, Bucks County! Jean Genie Feb 14 #14
I work in Bucks JustAnotherGen Feb 14 #16
Yeeeessss. BootinUp Feb 14 #17
"...make them eat their words". Then they will surely die, for their words are deadly poison. jaxexpat Feb 14 #18
I hope to see the day when two thirds of the Senate Mr.Bill Feb 14 #20
since when do Dems hold repukes accountable Skittles Feb 14 #44
The insidous "Democrat" plan of "Operation just let the motherfuckers speak" is working perfectly. AZLD4Candidate Feb 14 #21
Suozzi (not Susie) also hit immigration hard Bobstandard Feb 14 #22
Was so pleased to wake up to this news. And your perspective, as always, is on point. GoneOffShore Feb 14 #23
Hopefully people are finally seeing the cruelty mountain grammy Feb 14 #25
". . .the dog chasing the car and catching it. . ." DinahMoeHum Feb 14 #27
Blue TSUNAMIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yankee87 Feb 14 #28
Trump could have had it all if he'd even tried. He would have had to have been smarter though. I had this faint hope brewens Feb 14 #29
I have been saying this. johnnyfins Feb 14 #35
Trump is his base. Once shut down and not working, they pushed back, and Trump went with them. They should have brewens Feb 14 #39
we need to beat them so badly that they're howling in the wilderness for at least a generation. mopinko Feb 14 #30
Prokopiak WarGamer Feb 14 #31
This was hardly unexpected. I wouldn't be all that excited about the numbers whopis01 Feb 14 #32
Thanks! LAS14 Feb 21 #67
You made me laugh out loud and feel better. Still. It is insane that it took this. Also we need to be ready for the next mahina Feb 14 #33
I could not possibly agree more! birdographer Feb 14 #34
They will johnnyfins Feb 14 #36
Not much will happen. Sky Jewels Feb 14 #41
I'm with him! Joinfortmill Feb 14 #37
MAGAs live DownriverDem Feb 14 #38
We need to win so big they can't cheat us out of it ZonkerHarris Feb 14 #42
Bucks County is where that MAGA cut his own dad's head off..... wolfie001 Feb 14 #43
I'm letting everybody know: I will drive them to the polls. marble falls Feb 14 #45
Agree and think they've awakened everyone who likes to have sex without risking their or their partners life! MLAA Feb 14 #46
Yes, women Roar! Bluethroughu Feb 15 #47
LOVE WINS. First DU Reply. FinnOceanDog Feb 15 #48
I agree that was stupid, but please don't believe that the GOP is going down. We've been hearing that for decades... C Moon Feb 15 #49
Did I say that? PCIntern Feb 15 #50
If you do unpopular things Aussie105 Feb 15 #51
When I got to the polls, just a bit after 7:00am DemMedic Feb 15 #53
K & R Emile Feb 15 #54
It will be interesting to see what happens in Texas Buckeyeblue Feb 15 #55
Bucks County twice voted for the (D) for Congress (Patrick Murphy) in 2006 & 2008 BumRushDaShow Feb 15 #56
I keep telling people to look at the election results and not the polls. malthaussen Feb 15 #57
I grew up just across the Delaware from there IbogaProject Feb 15 #58
A lot of those are former cops BumRushDaShow Feb 15 #60
Yes. Somerton and lower Bucks near Bensalem off Knights Rd PCIntern Feb 21 #69
The biggest mistake was getting exactly what they wanted Grins Feb 15 #59
I will be canvassing as much as I can next fall riversedge Feb 15 #61
I'm sure the GOP is nervous as hell. They should be. nt TeamProg Feb 15 #62
Amazing how they continue to persue the most extreme levels of this issue..n/t NowsTheTime Feb 21 #68
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