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Golden Raisin

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26. I'm across the river in Manhattan
Tue Feb 13, 2024, 06:45 PM
Feb 13

and the snow here stopped around 1:00pm. The sun came out and the skies were blue. We only had 2 or 3 inches at most. I'm not saying the situation was identical in NY-3 (Queens and Nassau) but the storm was originally hyped as being 5-9 inches and we didn't even get anywhere close to that. I'm hoping people in NY-3 were able to get to the polls without too much difficulty.

They kept telling people and telling people. Historic NY Feb 13 #1
Mail in ballots will most likely determine the winner blm Feb 13 #2
You may be right edhopper Feb 13 #3
Here's a pic of early voting in NY3 NJCher Feb 13 #15
Good blm Feb 13 #17
the sun is now shining NJCher Feb 13 #18
When do those have to be in by? Will we even know the results tonight? W_HAMILTON Feb 13 #21
yes, watching on MSNBC now NJCher Feb 13 #32
"It will only show which people were able to come out and vote." WhiskeyGrinder Feb 13 #4
Not really edhopper Feb 13 #8
Plusses and minuses getagrip_already Feb 13 #5
ny3 being very organized NJCher Feb 13 #13
Always been that way in nassau county.... getagrip_already Feb 13 #16
Or it might mean early voting will have been crucial karynnj Feb 13 #6
Run that past me on the gut thing NJCher Feb 13 #7
I don't know why they didn't postpone the election edhopper Feb 13 #9
Why would you postpone an election, absent a natural disaster? brooklynite Feb 13 #22
Well edhopper Feb 13 #23
It was never considered... brooklynite Feb 13 #24
Free wings day at TGI Fridays? SocialDemocrat61 Feb 13 #25
Weather may not be a big issue after all. Latest Glen Cove prediction is 39F and 1-3 inches Stinky The Clown Feb 13 #10
yes NJCher Feb 13 #14
Live report on MSNBC from Farmingdale at 10am saying traffic at polls busier than expected. Stinky The Clown Feb 13 #11
Even with the influx of minorities in these suburbs Nassau County is Republican Scum hotbed. nt GuppyGal Feb 13 #12
I read the snow has stopped Cha Feb 13 #19
I hope Suozzi wins! FelineOverlord Feb 13 #20
I'm across the river in Manhattan Golden Raisin Feb 13 #26
They keep saying early voters tend to be Democratic. LiberalFighter Feb 13 #27
To be realistic edhopper Feb 13 #28
Dang it, Ed ... marble falls Feb 13 #29
No edhopper Feb 13 #30
I agree, Ed. We need to treat every election for every office as a five alrm fire. marble falls Feb 13 #31
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