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6. He's preaching to selfish MAGAs who think the USA pays too much to others both in the country and without
Sat Feb 10, 2024, 04:51 PM
Feb 10

Instead they all believe they deserve more tax cuts. The actual self-interest of the USA is not understood, not a consideration.

TSF would make NATO into a Mob protection racket bucolic_frolic Feb 10 #1
Did he say this today? ms liberty Feb 10 #2
Yes, at a rally in South Carolina. highplainsdem Feb 10 #3
Good googly moogly. What a moran. ms liberty Feb 10 #20
It was all just BS spin anyway, to cover for B.See Feb 10 #4
B. See Johnny999r Feb 13 #23
He hates America. He hates poor people. He hates soldies that died for our country. bluestarone Feb 10 #5
Quid Pro Quo Johnny999r Feb 13 #24
He's preaching to selfish MAGAs who think the USA pays too much to others both in the country and without andym Feb 10 #6
Trump obviously doesn't pay enough Johnny999r Feb 13 #25
Absolutely disgusting lie. He has no understanding of history. No understanding of our national security interests. mobeau69 Feb 10 #7
Looks like a youngish audience behind him. Boomerproud Feb 10 #13
Fucking disgrace Johonny Feb 10 #8
"Well, Sir"? That's the tell the Marmalade Shartcannon is pulling it out of his ass. Brother Buzz Feb 10 #9
He left out the part where they came up to him with tears in their eyes. Autumn Feb 10 #10
At least it was a "big" country. Probably a big burly country petronius Feb 10 #12
I'm just remembering what Ann Coulter said TSF should do last week... hlthe2b Feb 10 #11
Traitor. Kid Berwyn Feb 10 #14
The mob boss still thinks NATO is nothing but a protection racket Hekate Feb 10 #15
The Orange Menace who doesn't pay his GD lawyers or contractors projects his cheapskate bullshit Comfortably_Numb Feb 10 #16
"Nice little country you have there Prime Minister. Be a shame for something to happen to it". bluesbassman Feb 10 #17
What about the cities screwed by the Trump campaign? Archae Feb 10 #18
Alright, let's get something straight... GiqueCee Feb 10 #19
NATO's contribution to their defense will be a campaign issue, especially if we are still Silent Type Feb 10 #21
Trump and NATO Johnny999r Feb 13 #22
traitortrump is providing aid and comfort to Putin, against the US and Ukraine. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 13 #26
President Biden just slammed Donald Trump's request for Russia to invade our NATO allies LetMyPeopleVote Feb 13 #27
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