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If they do kick him off will enough Emile Feb 6 #1
I think the "neo-confederates" would launch a "write-in" campaign Justice matters. Feb 6 #5
SCOTUS won't kick Trump off VMA131Marine Feb 6 #2
The conservatives will prove they are Weak on Crime and Emile Feb 7 #11
This is not a State's Rights Issue Zeitghost Feb 7 #14
The issue in the 14th amendment was not decided by a court back then. GreenWave Feb 8 #35
"Term Limits vs Thornton" Bludogdem Feb 8 #42
Only a few blue states would remove him, no effect on ECV. /nt bucolic_frolic Feb 8 #28
Not necessarily true, as IF (he won't be, SCOTUS will vote 9-0 or 8-1 against CO) Trump would lose a massively important Celerity Feb 8 #36
And yet many people here will keep saying "Biden won in a landslide" oldsoftie Feb 9 #49
If just 21,461 votes spread out in 3 states (AZ, WI, GA) had flipped from Biden to Trump in 2020, Trump would have won Celerity Feb 9 #50
I agree with your prediction. There are troublesome issues too many are ignoring. oldsoftie Feb 9 #54
The simplest minimum EV ways we lose: map stays the same except Trump flips only GA and PA, or flips only GA, WI, & AZ, Celerity Feb 9 #55
And Michigan has gotten dangerous due to the Hamas apologists. oldsoftie Feb 9 #56
Maps with a MI flip, including another 269-269 nightmare tie (easy to get to, all it takes is only MI and PA to flip) Celerity Feb 9 #58
I dont believe so. I think they'll require a highher standard oldsoftie Feb 6 #3
Ah, yes Bludogdem Feb 7 #13
Colorado held a 5 day long trial tinrobot Feb 8 #20
So why wasnt he or anyone else ever charged with insurrection? oldsoftie Feb 8 #25
It was a Hearing not a trial Bludogdem Feb 8 #45
I'm sure they will but they would be wrong to do so nuxvomica Feb 8 #19
No Kablooie Feb 6 #4
So his lawyers' argument resumes in "let the voters decide" Justice matters. Feb 6 #6
Anyone know the Vegas odds on the ruling? Emile Feb 6 #7
No way! Chainfire Feb 6 #8
They won't kick him off the ballot EnergizedLib Feb 6 #9
Should be a record number of people listening in Emile Feb 6 #10
Almost no chance Happy Hoosier Feb 7 #12
Just-Us, right, Clarence? Kid Berwyn Feb 7 #15
I vote no Kennah Feb 7 #16
What will happen when Trump loses again? Emile Feb 8 #17
Not bloody likely... Patton French Feb 8 #18
If they know what's good for them, they will. tinrobot Feb 8 #21
+1 Emile Feb 8 #22
Good Point nt GuppyGal Feb 8 #23
Justices seem skeptical Deminpenn Feb 8 #24
No. Although Clarence Thomas' buddy, Harlan Crow, Kochs, etc., have turned on trump. Silent Type Feb 8 #26
Nope. Even the liberal justices seemed skeptical. Ocelot II Feb 8 #27
Of course not PJMcK Feb 8 #29
No . obnoxiousdrunk Feb 8 #30
No claudette Feb 8 #31
I know it isn't the popular opinion but I expect TheKentuckian Feb 8 #32
We should have that conviction any year now. Emile Feb 8 #43
The Supreme Court is becoming Dan Feb 8 #33
The fix is in so... No. Blue Idaho Feb 8 #34
nope... myohmy2 Feb 8 #37
And the liberal Justices who were equally skeptical? brooklynite Feb 8 #39
No, and it'll be close to unanimous. brooklynite Feb 8 #38
Will they? No EnergizedLib Feb 8 #40
I had said up FRONT not to place any trust in these bstrds B.See Feb 8 #41
What are you going to say if, but more likely when, JJ. Sotomayor and Kagan, Seeking Serenity Feb 8 #44
I have already said it, adding B.See Feb 9 #46
Of course not. MrsCoffee Feb 9 #47
Sycophants on the Supreme Court worshipping Trump Emile Feb 9 #48
No. Not under any circumstance. n/t CousinIT Feb 9 #51
Not a chance awesomerwb1 Feb 9 #52
No and it won't be 6-3 either. May even be unanimous that he stays on the ballot. nt kelly1mm Feb 9 #53
No. His brain dead body could be propped up and running and they would find a way to keep him on the ballot. Autumn Feb 9 #57
NO EOM tiredtoo Feb 9 #59
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