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74. It's not shocking that they picked the turnpike example for MA
Thu Feb 8, 2024, 01:41 PM
Feb 8

It's completely a shit number to pull. It's like polling only the gas station right by the car return at an airport. It's a captive audience.

The turnpike is a toll road with minimal food options in a service plaza. Of course it's going to be higher. it's like how gas prices are higher at a gas station just off a highway.

I live two town over from the MA turnpike and the Mcdonalds certainly are $7.59 for a big mac. They're 40 cents more than the national average.

Shit image shit data and just useless rage baiting.

Also how about their food is crappy and over processed with chemicals! kimbutgar Feb 7 #1
I guess it depends what you order Polybius Feb 7 #16
They are crap food! pandr32 Feb 7 #20
Had a Big Mac yesterday BannonsLiver Feb 7 #27
It's all the grease. LeftInTX Feb 7 #33
Chemicals Added? ProfessorGAC Feb 7 #37
I remember reading this article and I stay away from fast food restaurants and try to only eat local kimbutgar Feb 7 #43
Sorry, But... ProfessorGAC Feb 7 #45
We rarely eat out anymore MagickMuffin Feb 7 #2
Same here Rebl2 Feb 7 #14
We rarely eat out or get take out, but when we do, Sky Jewels Feb 7 #50
Average price is 1.81. Voltaire2 Feb 7 #3
Average doesn't mean a thing when it is you paying the higher price Stargazer99 Feb 7 #5
I think averages are older than that! dpibel Feb 7 #39
Yes if you are living in Maine, apparently they are very expensive. Voltaire2 Feb 7 #41
I haven't been in a MCD's in about 15 years after drive-thru shortings bucolic_frolic Feb 7 #4
Imagine if Traildogbob Feb 7 #6
and the homeless by definition cannot cook their own food in a kitchen... CTyankee Feb 7 #11
I don't care what you say! I Big Mac would taste pretty good right now. And two hours later. And six hours later! brewens Feb 7 #7
No pushback necessary. Just remove it from the list of places to go. Buns_of_Fire Feb 7 #8
I have friends that eat out two to three times a week at least CountAllVotes Feb 7 #9
Nephews asked for McDonald's last week Sympthsical Feb 7 #10
+1. Idaho Spuds, 50 servings for $9.49 dalton99a Feb 7 #18
Will not buy anything from McDonald's, period. No more B.S. from them. republianmushroom Feb 7 #12
Haven't Rebl2 Feb 7 #13
Dining out has gone up way more than groceries Johnny2X2X Feb 7 #15
My solution is to avoid restaurant food Marthe48 Feb 7 #17
What I see is that they are sticking it to... S/V Loner Feb 7 #19
walked into a McDs close to the house onethatcares Feb 7 #21
Yeah, those kiosks suck. Arthur_Frain Feb 7 #59
I was running some errands recently and happened to be in the small town where I used to live. Xavier Breath Feb 8 #72
I don't eat there anymore. Too expensive now. Owl Feb 7 #22
The pricing variations reflect the cost of doing business in different places Bonx Feb 7 #23
Typical responses here MichMan Feb 7 #24
Food snobbery is a DU tradition BannonsLiver Feb 7 #28
at least since the big Olive Garden fight here DBoon Feb 7 #51
Damn I must have missed that one BannonsLiver Feb 7 #52
Because price gouging is what is creating the impression of the "bad economy" Biden is being blamed for. meadowlander Feb 7 #40
Which is being perpetuated and amplified by people in the thread BannonsLiver Feb 7 #44
Spot on. Captain Stern Feb 8 #71
They are seriously going to have to cut back on executive compensation. Aristus Feb 7 #25
McDonalds is always the case study. If they're too expensive Scrivener7 Feb 7 #26
They'll have to figure out how to make food service less labor intensive. David__77 Feb 7 #29
Can't really blame McD's. They realize they found the tipping point for some items and will reduce prices accordingly Freethinker65 Feb 7 #30
Chicken breast (skinless/boneless) was $11.99/lb. at the store yesterday CountAllVotes Feb 7 #32
Yikes! I buy conventional at the local chain grocery stores. Freethinker65 Feb 7 #34
It was not organic! CountAllVotes Feb 7 #46
You can get an entire roast chicken Mossfern Feb 7 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Feb 7 #35
I paid 1.99 per pound for skinless boneless chicken breast...where do you live? Demsrule86 Feb 7 #60
I don't get out much any more CountAllVotes Feb 8 #62
Good fafo nt XanaDUer2 Feb 7 #31
People should boycott fast food chains for a week. LiberalFighter Feb 7 #36
Seems like everyone posting here already does MichMan Feb 7 #48
I haven't been to a McDonald's in over five years. I do Emile Feb 7 #56
Yeah it's pretty insane Mad_Machine76 Feb 7 #38
Eating at home has always been a lot more affordable than fast food. meadowlander Feb 7 #42
So is changing your own oil, and doing basic auto maintenance like brakes, filters and spark plugs vs. a mechanic MichMan Feb 7 #47
Yes, fine. You do you. meadowlander Feb 7 #49
"Fast Food Nation," MorbidButterflyTat Feb 7 #61
And "Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us" betsuni Feb 8 #64
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 8 #66
Neither does having someone cook your food MichMan Feb 8 #67
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 8 #69
Have you gone to the library to learn about all this diet stuff? marble falls Feb 8 #70
I use to buy $5.00 McDOnald gift cards to hand out to the homeless that often are outside my church. lynintenn Feb 7 #54
BK is much better - can still get decent deals radius777 Feb 7 #55
This is an election-year issue served up on a silver platter for Biden that he's just not taking Trekologer Feb 7 #57
He has blamed it on "corporate greed.". Google it. This is well known. betsuni Feb 8 #63
But that message isn't breaking through Trekologer Feb 8 #73
Haven't eaten fast food in years Ritabert Feb 7 #58
How can they stay in business if they lower prices? Takket Feb 8 #65
always seems like they have Faux fake news on in the dining rooms pstokely Feb 8 #68
It's not shocking that they picked the turnpike example for MA Blue_Adept Feb 8 #74
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