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22. Same as here in El Paso.
Mon Feb 5, 2024, 03:04 PM
Feb 5

On a typical Sunday as many as 30,000 cross the border to visit or shop. There are many who cross the border daily to work. Some are US ciitizens who reside in Juarez. Others are "green card" workers. Many Mexican shoppers come across to shop in the US duty free zone. About 2/3 of the population has roots and Mexico. On the Dia de las Muertas I get 400-500 trixk or treaters of which a lot are from Juarez. The media just makes shit up because they are to cheap to send real journalist instead of talking heads. Our crime rate hasn't gone up and is still one of the lowest in the USA. We do have an increase in homelessness because of the influx but that has been going down to the point the converted school shelter was closed last month. I was just thinking about going shopping for new shoes in Juarez this afternoon. Maybe manana. 65 and Sunny this afternoon.

I love it when NJCher Feb 5 #1
k&r for visibility alwaysinasnit Feb 5 #2
Haven't seen any of that reported. Thank you. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 5 #3
Much appreciated! Easterncedar Feb 5 #4
Thank you for this. murielm99 Feb 5 #5
KnRnThanks Hekate Feb 5 #6
Thank you for the on the ground facts. nt SunSeeker Feb 5 #7
With a little help bobnicewander Feb 5 #8
I've been told by a friend that Haggard Celine Feb 5 #9
Great OP malaise Feb 5 #10
Thank you so much for this eye-opening information. I think about niyad Feb 5 #11
It's so refreshing to finally receive the truth. Talitha Feb 5 #12
This message was self-deleted by its author AllaN01Bear Feb 5 #13
Abbott knows the area. Incidentally his wife is Mexican-American. dalton99a Feb 5 #16
thanks for the iformation. AllaN01Bear Feb 5 #17
Call up the media and tell them. oldmanlynn Feb 5 #14
Thanks for putting this into prospective. patphil Feb 5 #15
Very well moniss Feb 5 #18
Most of the border towns are like this... Caliman73 Feb 5 #32
But hype and hate is the Republicans' stock in trade. It's all they've got. Beartracks Feb 6 #38
Hype and hate are two of the major planks in their party platform. patphil Feb 6 #40
Like many places in the southwest central scrutinizer Feb 5 #19
Right you are and moniss Feb 5 #20
thank you for your information. AllaN01Bear Feb 5 #21
Same as here in El Paso. Scruffy1 Feb 5 #22
Thank you for this information. h2ebits Feb 5 #23
Hello EarlG Feb 5 #26
Thanks for pointing out the Share button RussBLib Feb 5 #34
Wow! Thanks for letting me know. h2ebits Feb 5 #36
Local perspective is always needed senseandsensibility Feb 5 #24
Nogales AZ and Nogales, Sonora, MX dobleremolque Feb 5 #25
Thanks for posting this. nt thucythucy Feb 5 #27
Thank you for posting this. brer cat Feb 5 #28
How do they cross the border Tickle Feb 5 #29
By the bridge BigOleDummy Feb 5 #31
FWIW - my neighbor across the street was from Eagle Pass - great guy rurallib Feb 5 #30
Lol...I was the only white kid on my Little League baseball team in a town near the border. pecosbob Feb 5 #33
Thanks for putting the racist stunt in context. pandr32 Feb 5 #35
Thank you. ificandream Feb 5 #37
This is exactly right AmBlue Feb 6 #39
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